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Vamphyri! By Brian Lumley,

  • Title: Vamphyri!
  • Author: Brian Lumley
  • ISBN: 9780812521269
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Not the end of life, Harry Keogh discovered and not the end of his battle against he terrible evil of vampires In a secluded English village, Yulian Bodescu plots his takeover of the world Imbued with a vampire s powers before his birth, Bodescu rules men s minds and bodies with supernatural ease He is secretly creating an army of vampiric monsters, things that onceNot the end of life, Harry Keogh discovered and not the end of his battle against he terrible evil of vampires In a secluded English village, Yulian Bodescu plots his takeover of the world Imbued with a vampire s powers before his birth, Bodescu rules men s minds and bodies with supernatural ease He is secretly creating an army of vampiric monsters, things that once were men but were now walking masses of destructive hunger Harry Keogh, Necroscope, thought that the war with the vampires had ended with the destruction of Boris Dragasani and of Harry s body But the man who talks to the dead lives on, powerful than ever, able to transport himself instantly to any spot on the globe and to speak mind to mind with both the living and the dead.Are Harry s new powers enough to defeat Yulian Bodescu and his legion of monsters or will the vampire army overrun the living earth
    Vamphyri Not the end of life Harry Keogh discovered and not the end of his battle against he terrible evil of vampires In a secluded English village Yulian Bodescu plots his takeover of the world Imbued with

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    1. If you think what you ve seen so far is unpleasant, what you re about to see is far worse This is a longish review, because, frankly, it can hardly be anything but As the very title of this novel suggests, this is where the Vampire theme of the Necroscope series starts coming into its own The first novel dealt with many themes, but not so very prominently with the theme of the Vamphyri or, rather, Wamphyri.The old Thing in the ground had lived for five hundred years, and as long again had lain u [...]

    2. 3.5 to 4.0 stars The second book in the Necroscope Trilogy, this is a series that deserves a lot attention then it gets probably because they have some of the WORST COVERS I have ever seen Set during the Cold War and somewhat similar to the Laundry Series of Charles Stross as it deals with a secret branch of British Intelligence that recruits and employs people with paranormal talents in a battle against Russia s similiarly constituted E branch The star of the series is Harry Keogh the Necrosco [...]

    3. Harry Keough saved the world with the help of the dead when he destroyed Boris Dragosani Now the world is free from vampiresor is it You see, vampires are a cunning lot They don t survive for over a thousand years by giving up their secrets freely and, even in death, Thibor Ferenczy still has a few tricks up his sleeve It s up to the British top secret E Branch and Necroscope Harry Keough to free the world once again.Necroscope II Vamphyri begins where Necroscope left off and ratchets the tensio [...]

    4. Vampires, the rising of the dead, espers, the mobius continuum, Yulian Bodescu, Harry Keogh, what can you ask for in a book I really enjoyed this book, much better than the first Harry Keogh is an awesome character, it is worth the read just to learn about him.It took me a while to start reading this book after reading the first, because I wasn t sure if I would like it, as I had a hard time getting into the first one I am so glad I read it and am sure looking forward to the next one 4 out of [...]

    5. As I read this, I wondered why I had waited so long to continue on with this series I really liked the first book I remembered just how much as I read this one The second book picks up right where book one ended As I read this one, I was already wondering how I would rate it Very different than the first book Lots of the history of the past Wamphyris There are parts of this book that felt very gothic Other parts felt very spy vs spy with all of the espionageI really wasn t sure how I would rate [...]

    6. As I said in my review of the first book in the series, Necroscope, I first read these books in middle and high school They are dated, but once you think of them as historical fiction and are able to overlook the politics and technology, they are well worth the read Lumley had a wonderful story here, and excellent characters, not to mention a mind blowing plot line The books are a bit a slow to read, but only because they make you think and figure out what s going on Details, intrigue, tensionsi [...]

    7. I think I ve become a huge Brian Lumley fan Utterly devoured this one Maybe not as great as the first book but hey, it s a middle book of a trilogy Plunging right into The Source, book three

    8. What a spectacular read Lumley took the story in a wholly unexpected direction Giving the reader the entire history of both Thibor and Faethor was smart When these creatures have lived for so long, there are nearly unlimited stories to tell.One thing I wonder is how the ESP organizations of both England and the USSR will evolve as the Soviet Union collapses Will Lumley bring in the American E branch The French The German The Chinese Limitless possibilities.The highlight of the book was the story [...]

    9. There was promise in the first book, but this one was bogged down with backstory, slow pace and not a particularly engaging plot There was very little suspense in the book and the horror effect was mainly a gore effect This felt like a transition book Star Wars Episode I II, anyone , so perhaps there is still hope in the series.

    10. Lumley returns with Harry Keogh and his esper warriors in one of the most terrifying episodes of the Necroscope series Thick with deaths a plenty, Whamphyri takes you back to where it all began Harry, before E branch, before Boris Dragosani The brilliance of this book is that it picks up from the last seconds of where Necroscope left off and doesn t fail to please The horror is twice as gruesome, the double talk is twice as deceitful, the action is twice as exciting A sequel that outdoes its pre [...]

    11. Rereading this series is like coming home to old friends Not for the faint of heart, the Necroscope volumes are intense, scary, and extremely gory In this second book, the KGB makes big moves against the British and a dirty fight begins in earnest with big consequences for all players involved, including the Wamphyri.

    12. Wow, I didn t really believe book 2 could top book 1, but dang was I wrong Much like in book 1, the story has a slow drawl and then quickly picks up pace, especially toward the end with Vamphyri While there wasn t much vampire action in book 1, it had it in spades in book 2 I really enjoyed how deep in went in mythology and history of how Thibor was created I was curious as to the fate of Harry his story here was very gratifying sorry, no spoilers The ending came with a bang sad at times and sat [...]

    13. About the Book The UK E branch had thought all of the vampire menace was eradicated Boy were they mistaken Not only is there still vampire spawn in the world, but it s in their very own country Harry Keogh, nercoscope, finds this out when he learns of Thibor s past and that Thibor has planted a bit of himself in a pregnant woman, resulting in the dreaded Yulian Bodescu Meanwhile, they have the KGB getting in their way as they try to take out the source, causing danger for our heroes.Review Bef [...]

    14. While I managed to shy my eyes from the dull, political parts of the first book, I found it riveting Eagerly digging into the second, I was confronted with unwanted changes from the start Harry in another form I think the author rushed this a bit, but have no idea what he plans with the rest of the series I preferred him as a person like he was, even if he jumped ahead in time a lot with age.The Wamphyri is still the most fascinating part We learn a lot surrounding the mythos, how Thibor Ferenc [...]

    15. So that s how the series will continue.Basically, we get a bit of Harry who is now sharing bodies with his infant son it s about that weird and communicating with the now dead main characters from the first book.The world building continues to be one of the stronger parts of these books This time around, we have a fair chunk of the book from the view point of two of the old vampires Thibor and Faethor Ferenczy , including a look at how they were turned and what they did over their centuries of [...]

    16. The first entry into the Necroscope series has it s slow moments, but had me glued to the pages and I read it in a few days It s like a movie that is kind of slow but you love it The first book was enough to spur me to purchase the first 5 books of the series from a used bookstore before I finished reading.Vamphyri is engrossing I love the backstories and the world is amazing These vampires are closer to what a Vampire is supposed to be evil, grotesque, lustful, powerful and greedy This is horro [...]

    17. Harry is dead, but he learns that his so , is also a Necroscope While his son sleeps Harry can use his mind to go into the Mobius Continuum But as Harry Jr gets familiar with this he subconciously is kicking Harry out of his mind Harry has a limited timeframe to track down what he has learned in the spirit world 1 A formidable vampire Thibor Ferenczy has created another Yulian Bodescu to kill Harry Jr Harry contacts Thibor s maker, Faethor Ferenczy who is a spirit and learns the story of Thibor [...]

    18. A la vez, metaf sica y chapoteo en hemoglobina G nero Narrativa fant stica.Lo que nos cuenta El asalto de guerreros t rtaros muertos hace mucho tiempo al ch teau Bronnitsy, con Harry Keogh comand ndolo, ha dejado muchos cad veres y la Organizaci n E pr cticamente descabezada El jefe de gobierno de la URSS llama a uno de los supervivientes, Felix Krakovitch, para que comience a reorganizar inmediatamente la organizaci n y busque nuevos miembros En Gran Breta a, la INTPES decide proteger al hijo r [...]

    19. Very good series Imagine any knowledge that you needed at the ready for your asking Enter Harry Very well designed story, with a main character that is easily identified with, Harry Koegh The imagination that came up with these characters must have experienced some truly awful things Lumley, being an ex SAS officer, surely did The vampires in this series are not nice They are not warm and fuzzy They re not cute well, the women can be and they know one primal rule Anything to remain alive so to s [...]

    20. This was a pretty good book I liked it better than the first book Its a different story line with vampires, but it does keep to the traditions I like and will continue reading the Harry Keogh series.

    21. This is the continuation of Necroscope duh It was pretty good but the Mobius loop got a little tiresome However, if you liked the first one, you d likely enjoy this This series gets much better with the next book

    22. The first one was better This story didn t surprise me, many similarities with the previous book, the story was linear and already known The reader doesn t guess It s already given Finally, the repetitions of the story of the first book were too many.

    23. This book had some really fantastic elements and I certainly don t regret reading it atypical of my 3 star ratings , but it had enough problems that I couldn t bring myself to justify rating it any higher MILD SPOILERS AHEAD Lumley strangely chose this book to give us Thibor s Dragosani s vampire daddy backstory, even though he died in the last book At one point we re led to believe he might have an impact on the plot of Vamphyri, but that possibility fizzles almost immediately It felt downright [...]

    24. Wamphyri is written in a similar mould to the original Necroscope novel, in that there is extensive character exploration, then the chase, and finally an explosive finale The sequel is best enjoyed after having read the original Necroscope, which paves the way for events contained in this second chapter Wamphyri is a slow burner for the first 200 pages, which follows the historical adventures of the Wamphyri introduced in the first book After that, the plot shifts up a gear in to modern times P [...]

    25. 3.5 5 I love vampire lore and Lumley puts a twist on things, breathing new life into the genre.These books aren t deep by any means But they are FUN Very action packed and filled with plot twists every step of the way I am enjoying them for what they are My biggest gripe, honestly, is the shoddy editing work in my editions I mean SERIOUSLY I almost wanted to take a red pen to it so I could count up how many spelling errors there were Hopefully the three remaining books aren t as bad, that s real [...]

    26. necroscope is a brilliant read so far am realy enjoying the series so far can t believe I haven t picked them up sooner would highly recommend to any horror fans or vampire lovers Harry Keogh is a great character look forward to reading the source

    27. Somehow I didn t connect with this book in the same way I did the first The overall plot didn t hold my interest, and the characters weren t distinct enough for me to keep straight I liked the gore, and there were some moments of excitement, but overall a pretty tepid book.

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