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Love Finds You in Paradise, Pennsylvania By Loree Lough,

  • Title: Love Finds You in Paradise, Pennsylvania
  • Author: Loree Lough
  • ISBN: 9781934770665
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
  • For as long as anyone can remember, tourists have flocked to the quaint town of Paradise, Pennsylvania, where Amish buggies are as common as shops selling handcrafted goods But to attorney Julia Spencer this town is anything but a paradise Raised in foster homes, Julia has succeeded in life only through steely determination and independence The close knit Amish people aFor as long as anyone can remember, tourists have flocked to the quaint town of Paradise, Pennsylvania, where Amish buggies are as common as shops selling handcrafted goods But to attorney Julia Spencer this town is anything but a paradise Raised in foster homes, Julia has succeeded in life only through steely determination and independence The close knit Amish people are a mystery to her, but local veterinarian Simon Thomas knows them well and is fiercely protective of their simple ways, which are increasingly threatened by the outside world When Julia agrees to defend a local teenager charged in a case involving an Amish boy, she and Simon find themselves on opposite sides of an intense and emotional legal battle Just when it seems they will never understand one another, God has something to teach them both about the power of forgivenessand the joys to be found in Paradise.
    Love Finds You in Paradise Pennsylvania For as long as anyone can remember tourists have flocked to the quaint town of Paradise Pennsylvania where Amish buggies are as common as shops selling handcrafted goods But to attorney Julia Spenc

    One thought on “Love Finds You in Paradise, Pennsylvania”

    1. I really enjoyed this book Loree Lough has a great style that s easy and fun to read Even though her books are inspirational Christian fiction, her style isn t overbearing and doesn t appear to be proselytizing When I first read one of her inspirational books, I was nervous because I didn t expect to like it, but while religion is an important part of her stories, there is still a story beyond that which is intriguing and captivating.I can t wait for Loree s next book to come out.

    2. IMHO this was the best Love Finds You that I have read so far The storyline even though it was somewhat predictable was very well done, and there were some very poignant moments The interplay between the Amish Grunden family and Englishers Julia and Simon emphasized their commonalities even through their differences The emphasis on grace, mercy and second chances for all of the characters threaded itself throughout the story.

    3. Overall, I thought this was a really cute book It s not amazing by any means, but it kept me entertained My only real complaint is that I found countless grammar errors and typos It got a bit annoying at times, but I get the impression that this is from an author who writes books incredibly quickly she has 60 listed on I ve come to expect that from those types of books.It is a Christian book, but it was much less preachy than most of the Christian fiction I ve read in the past Religion is a big [...]

    4. Julia and Simon are both trying to over come things from their past in order to move forward with a retlationship I was suprised at all the drama and action in this romance I was moved to tears twice as I read, once so hard I had to put it down The characters are people you like and you want everything to work out.

    5. I m sad to report that this is the only Love Finds You book that I ve had to force myself to finish The love story was contrived, the Amish element was forced, and the dialogue was amazingly sappy I ve read and enjoyed almost all of the books from this series, and this is the only one I d advise people to avoid.

    6. This was a VERY WONDERFUL book Couldn t put it down and wanted to know how it all happens Just when you think the book was going to wrap up some new twist came in Can t wait to read from this series.

    7. I am with Christina s comment I enjoyed reading this book For Loree is such sweet author does writes a good heartsong, love inspired books I recommend to christians should read it even for the teens too

    8. The first time I read this book, I found it very slow to get through, which is saying something, since I have enjoyed many of the books in this series Much of this book felt like a getting to know you stage , in the form of small talk between Julia and Simon, but never progressing beyond that point It didn t seem like they were building a relationship, like they see each other and are instantly in love with one another.The Amish story line felt like it was thrown in there, as there were really [...]

    9. I have really liked the Love Finds You seriesbut not this book Almost the whole book is small talk between the two main characters Julia and Simon I really saw no building in their relationshipey see each other and are instantly in love No real relationship development except the small talk jr high relationship development you hang up you hang upok on the count of three we ll both hang upe you still there, yeah The Amish story line was sort of thereif you count the visits to their friendsbut rea [...]

    10. Whenever I get a book by Loree Lough, I know it s going to be good This story about a young woman attorney and a widowed veterinarian, both heart wounded and unwilling to take a chance on love, is typical for Loree well written and engrossing Julia Spencer loves going to the wolf refuge and communing with the friendlier wolves That s where Simon Thomas first encounters the prettiest woman he s seen since his wife died While visiting his four legged patients, he introduces himself The rest should [...]

    11. I loved this book Love Finds You in Paradise, Pennsylvania was a first read for me that was written by Loree Lough.I loved it because Loree Lough detail with words drew her readers into the book no matter the emotion that was happening in the book.

    12. I enjoyed love finds you in paradise quite a lot I thought Lorre did a good job meshing the Englisher characters with the local Amish and created a heart touching love story Each character has endured heartache and loss, and struggle to see if a relationship will work I thought that this was going to be an average love story where something happens to put their love at risk, and then they eventually have their happy ending, but, the event that took place I never expected and left me in tears I f [...]

    13. Attorney Julia Spencer finds herself in the heart of Amish country where she meets a local veterinarian who has many friends among the Amish Through him she is introduced to them and their lifestyle Just as she is beginning to feel comfortable and a sense of belonging, she must take a case involving an Amish child that challenges her beliefs about justice and could affect her future This is an emotional and heartrending story that will touch your soul.

    14. I m really torn between a 4 star rating and a 5 star rating Even though there was a sad part to the book it had a happy ending I suppose the only reason I didn t give it a 5 star rating was a lack of chemistry between Simon and Julia Not sure chemistry is the right word, but there was something missing Don t misunderstand my comment It s a really good book especially the last 60 70 pages.

    15. great book Finished it today I like how it explored different levels of forgiveness Forgiving others is easy Forgiving ourselves and learning to accept that the past is the past is really the hardest thing to do We all deal with that dilemma at some point in our lives I am not normally an Amish fiction reader type This one was contemporary because the Amish part wasn t the complete center of the story Still worth the read.

    16. It isn t often that I find a novel that completely blindsides me but this one did I was not prepared for a plot twist that completely stunned me It turned this light hearted romance into something much serious I can t say anything without giving it away, but have a box of tissues handy when you start reading

    17. This is the last of the books from this series from my Mom I think this is one of my favorites The young woman in this story is friends with an Amish family and falls in love with the local vet Her job as a defense attorney brings her to a bad case involving an accident in which the young son of her Amish friends is killed The story is a quick read.

    18. A romance with unrealistic Amish secondary characters The court scenario was implausible At least the setting was well researched.

    19. Not your typical Amish book but I really liked the book and thought Loree brought out the real human side of all of us.

    20. This was a good book too You definitely will need a tissue at one point but it is a very heart touching story.

    21. Great read, I cried and cried Living in carrollton and having many Amish friends I could really relate with the characters Christian romance.

    22. LOVE IS PATIENTMany transgressions attempt to separate or shred Simon and Julia.God, friends and a relative bring them back together in spite of tragedy and conflict.

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