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The Last Precinct By Patricia Cornwell,

  • Title: The Last Precinct
  • Author: Patricia Cornwell
  • ISBN: 9780739412619
  • Page: 231
  • Format: None
  • Thwarting an attack by a suspected serial killer puts Virginia s Chief Medial Examiner Kay Scarpetta in the harsh glare of the spotlight As her personal and professional lives come under suspicion, she discovers that the so called Werewolf murders may have extended to New York City and into the darkest corners of her past A formidable prosecutor, a female assistant distrThwarting an attack by a suspected serial killer puts Virginia s Chief Medial Examiner Kay Scarpetta in the harsh glare of the spotlight As her personal and professional lives come under suspicion, she discovers that the so called Werewolf murders may have extended to New York City and into the darkest corners of her past A formidable prosecutor, a female assistant district attorney from New York, is brought into the case and Scarpetta must struggle to make what she knows to be the truth prevail against mounting and unnerving evidence to the contrary Tested in every way, she turns inward to ask, Where do you go when there is nowhere left
    The Last Precinct Thwarting an attack by a suspected serial killer puts Virginia s Chief Medial Examiner Kay Scarpetta in the harsh glare of the spotlight As her personal and professional lives come under suspicion sh

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    1. Book Review4 out of 5 stars to The Last Precinct, the 11th book in the Kay Scarpetta mystery thriller series, written in 2000 by Patricia Cornwell I really enjoyed this book as the complexity and the psychology of the killer was top notch Each chapter builds on the last, and in some ways, these books keep revisiting decisions and clues from previous book so it gets quite explosive and intense In this one, Scarpetta needs a break from the last case where she was batterd and bruised But when she r [...]

    2. Current rating 3.5, but may change after re read.I can t say much about how I liked the novel, since I read pre GR times It was a Bookcrossing book I found where I live, which I then took with me while I traveled, so that copy was left on Heathrow Airport as I came back from my trip A pretty thick read, which I stubbornly got through fast enough, so I could leave it far away enough XDI will probably reread it when I ll read the series in order, so proper review then

    3. kay was attacked in her own home in richmond by the werewolf jean baptiste chandonne but managed to escape after throwing formalin in his face she then had to persuade her niece not to shoot him when she arrived at the scene unable to live in the house she moves in with an old friend anna who helped her come to terms with the loss of her partner, benton fast forward lucy is on admin leave after a disastrous shooting but she decides to leave and sets up in business with a friend the last precinct [...]

    4. ETA I spoiler for the end at the end for good reason IS IS THE LAST ONE, I won t read Southern Cross for at least a year, and this is the last one I had bought way back than Sadly it s also 120 pages longer, without narrowing of text or white pages, and already on the second one dear Kay proclaims that she could handle crashed planes but nobody could handle her death, and then how that giant ugly Marino lusts after her in her bedroom he s never been in except he saved her life in her bedroom in [...]

    5. Overall 1 5 Dog catching its tail again Plot 0 5 Complicated everything Continuing from Black Notice the previous chapter, this book tells nothing, but the dark and gore thoughts of Kay No logic in the plot Suddenly kay is a suspect, and everything once again turns around Benton, Marino is doing nothing but just comes and drinks beer, too much unbeleivable emotion, Lucy suddenly is richI stop here Writting 4 5 Still strong in Forsenic and pathologic details.Heroine 2 5 Kay Scarpetta Irritating m [...]

    6. In her most explosive novel in the series to date, Cornwell picks up the story where her previous novel ends, literally hours thereafter With Scarpetta incapacitated and the killer recently handled, Cornwell begins spinning the story and her characters into a deeper and daunting web than she d tried in novels past Taking the reader into the deeper layers of Scarpetta s psyche and the pains of her life and past pitfalls, Scarpetta at her most vulnerable brings out great layers to a story that wo [...]

    7. As the book opens Dr Kay Scarpetta, Virginia s Chief Medical Examiner, has maimed the deformed serial killer Jean Baptiste Chandonne the werewolf in self defense Kay believes Chandonne killed the corrupt former police chief Diane Bray but in a twist Kay herself is being investigated for Bray s death As usual in the Scarpetta novels Kay is the target of various malevolent individuals who wish her harm in Cornwell s books being a medical examiner is a very high risk job Kay is depressed and fed u [...]

    8. 3 1 2 stars My 1st Patricia Cornwell novel and I m an instant fan When I picked it up I didn t realize it was 11 in a series not a problem at all I guess she writes each novel so they work as stand alones The main character in the series is Kay Scarpetta, a highly competent medical forensic specialist The Last Precinct finds her hot on the trail of a truly dastardly villain by the name of The French Werewolf It s got a terrific supporting cast including her gay niece Julie, the slovenly detectiv [...]

    9. Virginia s Chief Medical Examiner, Kay Scarpetta, becomes the victim of the very legal system she works for When a serial killer attempts to murder her she is caught up in a web of circunstancial evidence that implicates her in murder and complicity in various rather henos crimes.She is asked to confront what is an all too common reality, that the burden of proof is on the victim to establish that she is not guilty As we are carefully led through an intricate web of evidence, including a good de [...]

    10. I m going to be fare and I m NOT going to rate it because I m not reading the full book I m choosing to put this down due to personal preference I will share my experience with it to this point.From what I read up to page 178 The writing was fine Not as exciting or full of suspense the previous book book 10, this is book 11 There was a lot of recap Seeing as to how I d read the previous book and this being book 11, again not sure why there was so much extensive recap I wanted books within the my [...]

    11. Ok, I m annoyed because I wrote a review, the the GR site went down for service while I was typing and my review is gone So this is the lazy version which means mostly spoilers, sorry.What I can say is that this book starts immediately after the last one, with only a 12 hour turn around I think this books is a bit tedious I m really tired of Kay mourning Benton I cant believe how many chapters that Jean Baptiste Chardonne interview went on I can t believe how much time we spent talking about Kay [...]

    12. 11 in the Kay Scarpetta series The final series entry with Scarpetta in the position of Virginia s chief medical examiner is firmly starting the decline from a readable series of medico legal thrillers to a morass of melodrama.Kay Scarpetta, Virginia s chief medical examiner has plenty of reason to be upset She s standing in a room in a shabby motel where a body has been found, severely tortured She s under official suspicion of having murdered maleficent cyber cop Diane Bray Black Notice 1999 S [...]

    13. For a book where nothing happens this is a riveting read I suppose no one is likely to come this book without having read a significant proportion of the previous 10 books in the Scarpetta series and as such basing the novel looking back at previous events is not a problem provided it is well written which it is without a doubt Also the characters seem a little less abrasive than usual though Marino is perhaps becoming a bit of a caricature It will be interesting to see where she goes from here [...]

    14. This was a page turner, as have been most of her other books, for me There definitely is a gruesome and grisly factor because she is a medical examiner and is always dealing with murders and murderers Many times serial killers I like this character, Kay Scarpetta, because she is a strong, intelligent woman who is real and flawed She makes mistakes, as do we all, but she is always able to figure it out in the end This particular story had many twists and turns that kept you guessing until it s al [...]

    15. I ve never read any Patricia Cornwell before I picked this one up, hoping it was a nice alternative to a Karin Slaughter Authors can only write so fast, and you need to keep your queue filled.I was really disappointed I didn t realize must have been living under a crime drama rock , when I picked it up, that the book was one in a series, but I got lots of reminders throughout the book that impactful events had occurred before And there was plenty of sturm und drang of the endless mental sort, wi [...]

    16. This book picks up immediately after Black Notice which is much better than some of the previous books I have been disappointed by many of the events that took place off the page between volumes Unfortunately though that means this book centers around Chandonne and Talley I hated these villains in Black Notice and I still do I do not find them compelling or intriguing In fact I see Chandonne as pathetic and sad.There are some big positives which warrant 3 stars versus the 1 I gave to Black Notic [...]

    17. I ve been plowing through a re read of the Kay Scarpetta mysteries over the last month and remembered what I liked and hated about the books Black Notice was the first new read in the series for me and now The Last Precinct, I noticed that reading the books right after each other without any time between them gives you a different perspective on the series When I first read the books years ago as they came out I was very frustrated with the apparent lack of closure at the end of each book but no [...]

    18. In the book preceding this one, Black Notice, I thought that the werewolf serial killer was the creepiest thing ever In The Last Precinct, the werewolf killer is back, but seems much pathetic this time Maybe because we get to hear him make lengthy speeches He has lost his mystery.There are so many double crosses and false identities in this book, that it is hard to keep them all straight It is also hard to believe all of them Has Dr Scarpetta really made so many enemies, that they can create in [...]

    19. Probably smart to read the book that comes before this one, Black Notice It picks up from there, but events are explained throughout the book so you may not have to read Black Notice if you don t want to, but it was a great book This book was not as good, but I still gave it five stars because I couldn t put it down Slow to start but so much changes for the characters in this book that I could not wait to start the next Scarpetta novel Through out the book I couldn t help but feel sorry for Scar [...]

    20. I found this book very fascinating I don t really like reading thrillers or horror books or crime books but I enjoy Kay Scarpetta novels a lot They always have something different in them than the usual crime scenes they have something different.This book was once again about one maniac person it seems to be like that in every Kay Scarpetta book which makes them interesting, the maniacs are always different This was still a great book because this was strongly linked to some earlier Kay Scarpett [...]

    21. Not one of my favorites from Patricia Cornwell but still a good thriller I will admit that I did skip right to the last 50 or so pages once i got through the first 350 or so because it was getting very boring and there was no action to it It was all about Kay whining about how crazy everything in the book was making her and how she was trying to control her feelings over Benton s death I kinda wanted to say grow up Kay You aren t the first person who has lost someone they love But the last 50 pa [...]

    22. This book starts out fast but at times it dragged in places Overall, I liked the book Drop the couple slow parts and it is a very fascinating story without giving any spoiler info Unfortunately, I did not read this one in chronological order I read her next book when I realize some important things happened in Scarpetta s life that I did know happened Actually, pretty crucial events which is when I realized I hadn t read this book After the first several Scapetta books, one really has to read th [...]

    23. Men kan er echt niet onderuit Dit boek kan je niet begrijpen zonder de vorige in de Kay Scarpetta reeks gelezen te hebben In feite is geen enkel boek van deze serie losstaand te lezen Gelukkig ben ik braaf aan boek 1 begonnen om nu al tot hier te komen Wat ik tof vind, is dat je op den duur een band krijgt met de personages Je kan ze als het ware zo visualiseren Wat me stoort, is de ietwat langdradige schrijfstijl Toch blijft het spannend genoeg om verder te lezen dus op naar boek 12

    24. This is the first Kay Scarpetta book I haven t really liked She comes across as petty, self centered and well, bitchy I understand that the plot line has her out of her element, so those qualities that are not what s expected fit the circumstance, but by the end of the book I was kind of done with her, and wished she would get her comeuppance Bit of a disappointment.

    25. As always a Great Read, Love the Scarpetta series Full of was it this person or that, and no they couldn t of done it, it must be the other person or was it, sometimes getting who is quicker than others I very often get into my own little argument with me telling me what s what and why.

    26. I really have come to despise Cornwell s Lucy character This book does nothing to dissuade my desire to kick the crap out of this immature, whiny, unlikeable personification of Cornwell s alter ego.

    27. A continuation of the Loup Garou storyline, but with less action Getting a little tired of Kay Scarpetta s moaning and groaning about her lot in life Seemed like this one took me forever to read.

    28. This is the second book that I read by this author I got this book at the free book exchange at the store I have coffee at I enjoyed reading it It had a good story to it It would make a good pay tv movie.

    29. An interesting crime thriller Patricia Cornwell held my attention throughout Great suspense, good plot and interesting characters.

    30. Das Ende war gut berraschend schade, dass nur die letzten 70 Seiten spannend waren und die ganze Geschichte entscheidend weiter gebracht hat

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