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Let Me Stand Alone: The Journals of Rachel Corrie By Rachel Corrie,

  • Title: Let Me Stand Alone: The Journals of Rachel Corrie
  • Author: Rachel Corrie
  • ISBN: 9780393333909
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • One young woman s voice intense and poetic grapples with universal ideas as it chronicles a personal journey cut short.How do we find our way in the world How do our actions affect others What do we owe the rest of humanity These are the timeless questions so eloquently posed by Rachel Corrie, a young American activist killed on March 16, 2003, as she tried to blockOne young woman s voice intense and poetic grapples with universal ideas as it chronicles a personal journey cut short.How do we find our way in the world How do our actions affect others What do we owe the rest of humanity These are the timeless questions so eloquently posed by Rachel Corrie, a young American activist killed on March 16, 2003, as she tried to block the demolition of a Palestinian family s home in the Gaza Strip She was twenty three years old.Let Me Stand Alone reveals Corrie s striking gifts as a poet and writer while telling her story in her own words, from her earliest reflections to her final e mails Her writing brings to life all that it means to come of age a dawning sense of self, a thirst for one s own ideals, and an evolving connection to others, near and far Corrie writes about the looming issues of her time as well as the ordinary angst of an American teen, all with breathtaking passion, compassion, insight, and humor Her writing reverberates with conviction and echoes her long held belief in the oneness of humanity We have got to understand that they dream our dreams, and we dream theirs.
    Let Me Stand Alone The Journals of Rachel Corrie One young woman s voice intense and poetic grapples with universal ideas as it chronicles a personal journey cut short How do we find our way in the world How do our actions affect others What do we o

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    1. On March 16 2003, Rachel Corrie, a 23 year old American peace activist from Olympia in the US state of Washington, was killed by an Israeli bulldozer while attempting to protect a Palestinian house in Gaza The exact circumstances are disputed The Israeli Defense Forces have claimed that the driver did not see her Friends of Corrie who were present claimed that he must have done Either way, it would be easy for Corrie to be forever defined by her death I wonder if her parents put Let Me Stand Alo [...]

    2. Oh, I am so glad I read this, but it was so hard Rachel Corrie was a deeply caring young woman who was also a brilliant writer and an amazing activist Huge heart, lots of angst and anger, super smart, mostly loving And now she s dead Run down by a bulldozer in Palestine Messed up She was from Olympia, and this book is as much a love letter to her hometown as it is an honest display of her perspective on her experiences as a daughter, sister, girlfriend, bus rider, world traveler, writer, sketche [...]

    3. The heart wrenching journals, letters and poems of Rachel Corrie, the most courageous American of the new century Her voice in this volume speaks out in an immortal call for justice, a voice that can t be silenced by the blade of any bulldozer Perhaps one day soon her parents, Craig and Cindy, will get a measure of justice for the unspeakable crime done to their daughter A beautiful and bittersweet volume.

    4. For those who don t know her story, Corrie was a college student from Olympia, Washington who joined a group called the International Solidarity Movement and worked with other volunteers as human shields in Palestine, protecting civilian homes and water wells Then she got ran over twice by a bulldozer driven by the Israeli military This story was minimally reported in the U.S media instead they were focusing on the so called dual sided coin of Lyndie England the poster girl for jovial torture pr [...]

    5. i found this book really hard to read, for two reasons 1 it s really hard to read a book full of writing by someone who died in such a horrible manner rachel was a young american activist who got involved with the international solidarity movement was helping to protect homes in palestine when she was crushed to death by an israeli bulldozer at the age of 23 , especially once she actually gets to palestine is writing all kinds of stuff about how weird it is that american privilege enables her to [...]

    6. Beautiful Just gorgeous If the words I use buzz away from my lips meaninglessly, then we ll let them hang in the air for a while We ll let those silly words sit and make fools of themselves until other words come and crowd around them I need to flutter and hover and look at the diamond ripples through six swirled insect eyes Just don t touch me for a moment let me sit and stare at everything though my own eyes for a while Let me dance in the lily petals and skim the trembling water and buzz like [...]

    7. Rachel Corrie was a young American human rights activist who volunteered to work for one of the peace movement organisations in Palestine She was killed at the age of 23 when an Israeli bulldozer refused to stop as she stood in front of a home which was about to be demolished Her selfless act and commitment to human rights until the end, have inspired and educated many about the ongoing plight of the Palestinians under Israeli occupation Let Me Stand Alone is a collection of Rachel s childhood a [...]

    8. This book is like a memoir in journal style written by Rachel via her poems, letters, email, etc that were collected after her way too early death First, we meet Rachel when she is young and growing up in Olympia, WA She ends up joining volunteer human rights activists and heads to Rafah, in occupied Gaza It is here where her well written words become even powerful as she becomes involved as an activist and as she observes tremendous human suffering Knowing what was to happen to her, it was of [...]

    9. It seems crass to give it a bad review, but Rachel Corrie seems to have a very frightening zealotry, even as a young child She seems almost frightening, with a zeal that comes across as lacking innocence She seems consumed with the world s problems to an unhealthy degree and quotes come across as very strange Death smells like homemade apple sauce as it cooks on the stove It is not the strangling sense of illness It is not fear It is freedom Scary Still, I wish she would have lived and gotten he [...]

    10. Very powerful It s a real shame that she was killed, as she would have made an amazing writer She s definitely one of the most inspirational women I ve read about, and she definitely makes me question my own achievements I m the same age she was when she died, and am stuck inside my room finishing my literature and creative writing degree Obviously the ethics of this book can be questioned, as journals are such a personal thing But overall, it s definitely a book people should read.

    11. For those who are not familiar with the backstoryRachel Corrie was a young activist from Olympia, WA who went to Palestine with the ISM International Solidarity Movement to help Palestinians defend their homes from demolition by the occupying Israeli Army in Rafah ISM volunteers attempted to provide human shields against Israeli tanks and bulldozers Corrie was killed when a bulldozer ran over her twice as she attempted to stop the destruction of a Palestinian home The story got limited coverage [...]

    12. I listened to this audiobook mostly while I was biking with my dog, so now I find that I miss Rachel Corrie when I go biking with a different audiobook This makes it even heartbreaking that my missing this book is only the most miniscule fraction of what her family and friends felt when she died suddenly and senselessly while doing activist work in Palestine I love reading published journals, no matter the subject matter or the author, meaning that I ll read the diaries of famous people who I d [...]

    13. Salah satu kapal yang akan mengirim bantuan ke Gaza itu bernama Rachel Corrie tadinya aku pikir Rachel Corrie adalah si pemilik kapal, aku pikir ia orang kaya narsis yang ingin memberitahukan kepada dunia bahwa ia pemilik kapal Tetapi aku salah, alih alih nama seorang jutawan, Rachel Corrie ternyata aktivis kemanusiaan yang tewas di Gaza palestina karena terlindas buldozer saat mencegah buldozer milik Israel menghancurkan rumah penduduk Gaza Hal menarik dari buku ini adalah memahami pola pikir s [...]

    14. Let Me Stand Alone is a powerful first hand account of Rachel Corrie, a young American activist who questioned her own privilege and was subsequently killed in 2003 by the Israeli military during an international non violent protest against the violent transfer of Palestinian civilians out of Gaza It is told through a collection of Rachel s poetry, letters, and journal entries as compiled and edited by her family after her death While it doesn t always flow some entries seem redundant or out of [...]

    15. Karena novel ini diambil dari kisah nyata, maka saya beli buku ini Apalagi ada kaitannya dengan kekejaman Israel Menarik sekali karena sudut pandang diambil dari seorang bule, American lagi yang selama ini konflik Israel Palestina dipandang sebagai kegiatan teroris terhadap negara Israel Sebuah pencatatan jujur dari American yang melihat langsung bahwa konflik Palestina semata mata adalah karena kerakusan dan kelicikan Israel yang mendapat persetujuan dan uang dari pembayar pajak Amerika Benar b [...]

    16. I have been waiting to read this for over a year but just got around to ordering it I wish I could have rated it 5 stars just for who she was and her principles alone but the book was a hard read for me I m sure there are people who would enjoy this from start to finish but I honestly I skimmed the first half and started truly reading once she was older There is a lot of poetry and I am not a poetry person so I just couldn t get into that part The emails and letters were great but there were tim [...]

    17. I listened tot he first third of this book poetry, journal and diary entries from a brave young activist who died in front of bulldozers that were knocking down homes of Gaza settlers homes with families still in them Her intentions were excellent, and her death tragic and her poetry and journal entries show what a good and committed person, full of hope and art, Rachel Corrie was until her untimely death.And, all that truth still makes it difficult for me to listen to this book and drive The se [...]

    18. I felt a strong connection to Rachel through this book I do agree that the digression of her life through the stories about her relationship with Colin distract from the progress of the story and I put the book down for a little while during that narrative Tying together the writing from Rachel s early years, her maturation as an activist and her technical political press releases is a great way to humanize her and explain her motivations I definitely understand her convictions after reading th [...]

    19. I read this book slowly while reading a slew of other books It was a good book to put down and pick up again since it mainly consisted of journal entries I really enjoyed reading Corrie s journals it was well written and I empathized with her feelings The majority of the book doesn t revolve around her activist work Palestineats only about the last fourth of the book.I thought the letter to her mother from Palestine from pages 278 284 were particularly moving and thought provoking in terms of wh [...]

    20. This book really surprised me Rachel Corrie was the young American woman who was killed in 2003 by an Israeli bulldozer while trying to stop the demolition of a Palestinian home This is a collection of her journals, written from the time she was a young girl up until days before her death Not only did I learn quite a bit about a subject I know shamefully little about the Palestinian Israeli conflict but I was blown away at what an amazingly talented writer and artist Rachel was And also by how p [...]

    21. Corrie, who was mowed down by an Israeli military bulldozer while serving as a human shield to Palestinians homes from destruction in the Gaza Strip, may have been young, but she was mature enough to live her beliefs Her intelligence, passion and sense of self come through in even her earliest journal entries It s interesting to watch her writing talent and her ability to craft an argument develop through her adolescence and into young adulthood Her death came too soon she had much to give but [...]

    22. gw tertarik membeli buku ni karena didalamnya akan tertulis ttg rachel corrie sang pahlawan dari amerika di jalur gaza n ya sih dalemnya menceritakan diatapi berupa tulisan2 diayah puisi lah.rhatan dia tulisan2 yg gw sendiri gangerti maksudna apdah gitu tahunnya ga urut gitujadi yah ribet aj bacanyan most of that writing i didnt get 2 stars enough for this booktapi 5 bintangklo perlu 10 bintang untuk rachel corrie

    23. Rachel Corrie had incredible writing ability from the time she was a young girl until her death I thoroughly enjoyed reading her journals entries, letters and sketch drawings She had sincere and strong convictions about making a difference in the world and in her community of Olympia, WA Unfortunately her life came to a tragic end trying to defeat a power bigger than herself I m glad her family knew enough to bring her writing to life and honor her for her determination and bravery.

    24. this is an immensely rich collection, abounding with emotion, humility, and grace i found myself reading early entries written while still in her mid teens entranced by both her insight and sophistication one of the most authentic, exceptional, beautiful pieces of writing i have read in some time d this is what terrifies us they are us and we could as easily be them.

    25. It was a fascinating read Rachel would have been a kindred spirit had we ever crossed paths, this I am certain of A prolific writer, her skill shone through, even at a very young age Though so young when she educated herself on what was happening in Palestine, she had courage and strength and a desire to do good Definitely someone I would look up to and be inspired by.

    26. The maturity she shows at such a young age is admirable, yet I also saw that she was a normal child growing up being loved by her family, a normal teenage girl wanting to fit in and an extraordinary woman who went out in the world to fight for what she believed in I m a teenager now and my journals look nothing like hers when she was a teenager I wish I had her sense of righteousness

    27. This book blew my mind It was one I would put down for stretches and pick up again, as it s written like a journal, but I always felt absorbed when I was reading it I knew virtually nothing of Rachel Corrie prior to reading this book, and by the end of it, I was heartbroken that the world had lost such a soul Her poetry, her way with words, her ideas and her passion were mesmerizing.

    28. I loved it Honestly I didn t like much of the poetry but it was sort of amazing it read her writing as she grew up Her parents did an amazing job organizing all her writing and there were very few pieces that I did not actively enjoy Only the last 60 or so pages deals directly with Palestine so I would not recommend it if that is all you d be interested in.

    29. Beautiful to read, yet desperately sad all at the same time Thought maybe we don t want to acknowledge the brutality the Israelis continue to visit upon the Palestinians because it so mirrors our treatment of our own native peoples A copy should be in every house and every school, and especially on the shelf of every young girl Yes you can Achingly beautiful A must read.

    30. It is incredible to read Rachel s poetry and then notice the date realize she s 10 or 12 or 14 in this piece If you know the story of Rachel Corrie, I encourage you to read about how she came to be in Palestine on that fateful day She seemed to know this would be her fate since she was a child.

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