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Find Your Strongest Life: What the Happiest and Most Successful Women Do Differently By Marcus Buckingham,

  • Title: Find Your Strongest Life: What the Happiest and Most Successful Women Do Differently
  • Author: Marcus Buckingham
  • ISBN: 9781400202362
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Read Find Your Strongest Life and discover How to make the most of the role you were born to play, How to get others to understand who you really are, The successful strategies of other women like you Check out what women are already saying about Find Your Strongest Life Brooke When I read the Ten Myths that opened the book, I was completely hooked The statistics arRead Find Your Strongest Life and discover How to make the most of the role you were born to play, How to get others to understand who you really are, The successful strategies of other women like you Check out what women are already saying about Find Your Strongest Life Brooke When I read the Ten Myths that opened the book, I was completely hooked The statistics are interesting and fresh I also related to the problem that sets up the book Which parts of me should I cut out As I read, I could see myself in the Marcus s big picture analysis and statistics The early part of the book made me anticipate a breakthrough And Marcus delivered Overall, he explains a woman s dilemma perfectly in fresh terms with a unique spin The main ideas in each chapter were so engaging Chapter 6 in particular is worth the price of the book I have already started looking for strong moments in my life, and I want to tell every woman I know to do the same It is definitely life changing Rebecca It was really good It was awesome And to be honest, perfect timing for my life I m REALLY in that place I can t tell you how badly I ve been depressed for the last several months just trying to figure out what to do differently so I m not so miserable On one hand, I m grateful I have a job still I have a mortgage and bills and all that But on the other handI can t continue to work at a job that gets me nowhere, is not rewarding, not challenging, and mentally drains me I really have started avoiding my family because I ve become so rude and snippy It s a bad cycle BUTGod willing this year sooner than later I will be able to put this behind me and do what I love Even if it s making half as much money Thanks for thinking of me to read this I needed it Delaney I was on a plane as I finished reading the manuscript I was going to be with my daughter who is a law student As I finished the pages, Marcus helped me gain a new understanding of myself that stood out like a neon sign I am the person who helps others build infrastructure, get through situations ,and set everything right It goes beyond motherhood I am an event planner by birth I see big pictures and the components necessary to get from vision to execution The content helped me to reframe my own thinking Very helpful I m excited to take the online test and see which role I m born to play Jennifer As a working mother, I found the concept of the book fascinating There are daily struggles of trying to balance being the perfect wife, mother, and employee, and the book helped me truly understand how to navigate all those demands.
    Find Your Strongest Life What the Happiest and Most Successful Women Do Differently Read Find Your Strongest Life and discover How to make the most of the role you were born to play How to get others to understand who you really are The successful strategies of other women like you

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    1. The book is written for women on how to be happier by finding your strongest life, which Buckingham describes as living your life for and through your strengths rather than dwelling on your weaknesses He explains that everyone basically falls into one of nine categories you can find out which category you fall into by taking this test and that we should be using that part of ourselves in all categories of our lives or we re always going to be wanting something else.I read through the first few c [...]

    2. will be honest I am struggling with this review There is wisdom in this book that I believe every woman can glean from I believe it is beneficial to take The Strong Life Test because it does give you a great idea where your strengths lie Marcus Buckingham has been a Women of Faith guest speaker and you can find this book sold in Christians books stores.But this is not a Christian book.I am not a feminist, so when Buckingham began in the introduction talking about Gloria Steinem and how the phras [...]

    3. Another great book by Marcus Buckingham I d probably give it 4.5 stars It was a fast read, too Some highlights passages from his book Take the Strong Life test online Don t do to feel You will wind up feeling less To find the right career, look backward There are not thousands of possible right choices Look closely and you ll see that only a very few choices actually honor your truth Acceptance of who you are cures you of excess choice There s nothing inherently fulfilling about balance When y [...]

    4. Tive um caso de amor dio com este livro Sinto que aprendi poderosas dicas e conselhos que irei guardar comigo para sempre, mas ao mesmo tempo senti que a escrita do mesmo era demasiado repetitiva e longa em alguns cap tulos Mesmo assim, acho que ser um livro que guardarei para ter m o sempre que precise de um bom conselho ou orienta o.

    5. I m usually skeptical when a man writes a book telling women how to be happier and successful, but this was a very good read There were a lot of helpful tips what you focus on amplifies I even took the strong life test to find out my lead and supporting roles, then reread the parts of the books that describe what those roles mean I am definitely interest in adding this to my collection.

    6. I originally published this on my work blog heidirettig blog This year, I m giving all my girlfriends a copy of Marcus Buckingham s book, Find Your Strongest Life What the Happiest and Most Successful Women Do Differently.I first heard about this book from Danielle LaPorte I had purchased a digital copy of Danielle s Firestarter program for entrepreneurs, believing that the language of entrepreneurship is the most helpful approach for what professionals in the arts community do Before I pass any [...]

    7. Very rarely am I caught off guard by a book Before I received a message from Thomas Nelson, as one of their book review bloggers, that this book would be made available to those who were already reading something usually it s one at a time I had already decided that this wasn t a book I wanted to read I had looked through the selections available and something about the title perhaps it s the editor in me that doesn t like the combination of strongest and life mething about that irks men t reall [...]

    8. But he also has good news every woman can surmount her challenges and live a full life by listening to, living in, and being led by her strengths This is Buckingham s latest book on the subject of strengths, and it is directly targeted towards women He starts out by spewing out a slew of sad statistics He points out how women, as a population, are sadder than men, sadder as they grow older, and sadder now than they were 40 years ago They are also stressed and far likely to suffer clinical depr [...]

    9. I read Find Your Strongest Life by Marcus Buckingham as a member of the Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers program.This book was insightful and had many helpful suggestions on how to find my strengths and ignore my weaknesses Mr Buckingham has created an online test to help find your strengths and when I took it I was pleased to see how right on it was While I found this book helpful, it is lacking in a few important areas This book was an inspiration but it was not Inspirational or Christ focus [...]

    10. Last Friday evening while waiting for a girlfriend to join me for happy hour, I sent her the following text Retiring to back patio with Marcus and vino C U soon Vino, she knew but who is Marcus The only man in the world who understands me And it s true to any woman out there who is inclined to be put out because yet another man has written yet another book for women I say This is Marcus Buckingham He gets it Plus, he has tons and tons of survey data backing up his conclusions The Buckingham form [...]

    11. I took the quiz that accompanies this book, and when I saw my result, I burst into tears Caretaker Noooooo Apparently, the author realizes how much this sucks, because he says, Don t fight your caregiver role you ll never shake it Instead learn to locate your own satisfaction in how the other person comes to view you a consistently supportive presence p 105 Sounds like it sucks to me Notesp 54 Signs you re living a strong life successful, instinctively looking forward to tomorrow, growing and le [...]

    12. In his latest non fiction book, Marcus Buckingham shares some good old common sense advice and maybe some not so common sense secrets about as the subtitle declares what the happiest and most successful women do differently He advices his readers not to seek perfection or balance or even a happiness rating of 10 but instead, he illustrates ways to find what your real strengths are and how you can capitalize them in the workplace, in your home, and in your life.And who doesn t want to be one of t [...]

    13. Excellent book really synthesizes its message without being preachy or overly cliched Buckingham is a dynamic speaker in person, and the book manages to capture his passion, intelligence, knowledge, and charismatic motivation Buckingham CARES he really, truly wants people to find and focus on their STRENGTHS, building upon those rather than focusing on shoring up weakness.He redefines strength and weakness, too, in an eye opening, catchy way Even if you have a skill or talent in a particular are [...]

    14. In Find Your Strongest Life What the Happiest and Most Successful Women Do Differently, Marcus Buckingham argues convincingly that instead of chasing after some elusive idea of balance, we should identify our strengths and be discriminating, selective, and intentional in how we spend our time in our various roles to make sure that we re bringing our best to every aspect of our lives.Buckingham defines strong moments as those activities that make you feel effective and capable, where you feel flo [...]

    15. I had to read it with all of the rumblings about women s happiness and after finishing it, I felt like much of the media hype had nothing to do with the real content of focus of the book and that it s discussion of strengths in relation to your work and life as a whole has the potential to be useful and productive for women though I do wish he and others were also addressing men s need to discover what their strongest life looks and feels like The author does note the influence of factors mostly [...]

    16. Having read and enjoyed other titles by this author, I wanted to give this one a try too He starts with some interesting data on women and happiness, but it goes downhill IMHO from there The reader is directed to stronglifetest to take a brief, free online instrument His argument with this test is that it s an integrator, where the strengthsfinder s purpose was to dissect I can appreciate that I found the test very frustrating I m not 100% sure I believe my results but there were some insights t [...]

    17. I was inclined to rate this book at 3 stars because of the genre alone But that is likely because I am a little embarrassed that this one is on my list at all In all fairness, this was a pretty decent book A few months back, while I was online, I happened across the author s Strongest Life Quiz I was looking for a diversion from what I was doing and so decided to take it When the results came in I was a little surprise The feedback was pretty accurate and not at all how I would have traditionall [...]

    18. It s a pretty good book I read First, break all the rules before this and liked it so much I thought this would help in a similar way The method of determining roles were a little too women oriented I know that sounds weird being that this is a women s book, but he discussed applying the same principles to your children in trying to develop their strengths I couldn t tell if I d be trying to help my husband or son find their role from a list that s intended for a woman Plus I told my husband abo [...]

    19. I have been on a bit of a podcast binge recently, and I stumbled upon Buckinham s series on Oprah s podcast wherein he talked to a group of woman about how to make their jobs better Buckingham has this unique philisophy called strengths wherein he says that in order to be happy at your job, you have to do things that strengthen you, or give you that natural high I mean, that is way oversimplified, but overall that is what he is saying I thought the podcast was great so I bought this book to list [...]

    20. An interesting and challenging read Buckingham uses research and statistics to show that women in general are less happy than say 40 years ago, and that they get les happy as they get older, in contrast to men It s not about having too much to do or about stress in general, it seems to be about having too many different things to do, having too many balls that need to stay in the air The key concept is to look back at moments that truly inspired you, made you feel strong, to find your unique goa [...]

    21. This is an amazing book, could not keep it off, once I started The concepts around catch and cradle unbalancing life, leaning it towards the things one is strong at seemed to make perfect practical sense.I typically liked the way he delves into the case studies of two ladies to isolate patterns decisions and what if something would have been done differently Finally giving us a perspective on what were their strong and weak moments and importantly how does one get into concluding so The latter [...]

    22. I really, really liked the things he had to say in this book, and I took the free test on his web site Discovering my strengths, though, was a bit of a journey I had to take the test a few times in order to realize how I would REALLY react to the situations presented After reading what he said in the book, I soon found what really represented my true self That was the first step.Then, I went back and reread the book with my information results of the test My only complaint with the book was that [...]

    23. Marcus Buckingham seems to really understand the struggles that women face By understanding what struggles women face he is able to give us a plan on how to make our lives stronger He gives advice on how to make every aspect of your life stronger work, relationships, raising children, and personal life I think the ideas make sense to some extent, but the ideas he presents go against all popular ideals But I think that s the point, obviously what we ve been told to do isn t working so a different [...]

    24. I suspect I liked this book mostly because it was in alignment with his previous work I ve been a big Marcus Buckingham fan, and have read everything he has written It is highly likely that I expect because I crave , and thus this book was good, and I relished what it contained, but I was left wanting and not quite sure of what I still wanted I am continuing to study it Have now read it and listened to it on audio.My recommendation to others would be to plan on reading Go Put Your Strengths to [...]

    25. Generally, this book has good advice But, Marcus Buckingham is not a woman and I d like to tell him to shove a lot of his woman specific comments where the sun doesn t shine He doesn t know what it s like to be a woman, with no control over your body or emotions for no reason other than hormone imbalance He will always and forever be an outside observer and his insight into the female psyche is bunk But I do agree with focusing on the strong moments I just wish I had of them lately to focus on [...]

    26. The title is misleading, I wasn t impressed with the cover, and even though I didn t agree with the results of the strong life test I loved the book I wished I read it when I was a teenager It s one of the very, very few self help books that gives you practical and easy tools to make a decision His perspective on strengths and weaknesses shed a whole new light on things for me as well as how I direct and encourage my kids I ve continued to refer to it and it continues to uplift me Every woman sh [...]

    27. I have read and firmly believe in now,discover your strengths and can say I have gotten a lot out of that book I finally made it through this book and I don t feel the same way I think this book was too repetitive of the same ideas in discover your strengths If I hadn t read that book I think I would have enjoyed this one I also wonder if it would be helpful for someone who wasn t living a strong life or felt unfulfilled in their current job relationship I think the premise is good, but I d re [...]

    28. Great book on finding your strengths It is not a Christian book by any means and the ideas should be viewed through a Christian lens though It gave me a great new perspective on strengths vs weaknesses, how to tackle problems and how to guide by kids in their search for meaning passion occupation Overall I would recommend this to any woman that is searching for happiness or her unique fulfilling purpose Big ideas that I took away Live in the moment, be aware of your feelings, focus on the positi [...]

    29. I was cynical picking this book up Not another American and a man telling me how to fix run move on with my life This book gave me some practical tools to help me understand how to work out what are my real strengths, how I can use them, and how it will help me make good decisions that will continue to only make me stronger I don t give 5 s out very often, but I really thank my work for putting this forward as a book to read I also really thank Marcus and his team for using their strengths to he [...]

    30. Buckingham puts a interesting twist on building a strong life He offers a thought provoking quote with each chapter along with informative take alongs at the conclusion of every chapter The case studies, examples and answers to real questions that women have submitted over time help give understanding and practical application of the strategies presented Perhaps I read this book at the right time or God has opened my heart at the exact time but this was eye opening and well written Must read for [...]

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