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Women in the Background By Barry Humphries,

  • Title: Women in the Background
  • Author: Barry Humphries
  • ISBN: 9780141020938
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
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    Women in the Background None

    One thought on “Women in the Background”

    1. Barry is one of my favorite Australians so I was fairly open minded to recieve and persist here One of the most entertaining features is that on almost every page Barry drops a word that is not really in everyday usage This became a real part of the books structure and although character development and plot weren t really treated with the same finicky obsession, his intelligence and wit shines and is quite endearing especially for a fan Although they appear in different guises, Barry slips in a [...]

    2. This book looked fairly promising but in the end I just found it disappointing I was particularly annoyed at the constant referrals to Kiwi women New Zealanders having a name ending in wyn and saying wee all the time This might have been funny if it was typical but it isn t so it wasn t I didn t see the point It was lame Some of the book was mildly amusing but on the whole, it left me feeling a little disgruntled.

    3. It was funny, of course, although I didn t laugh out loud too often It was a tragi comedy which managed to build tension very skillfully right up to the end I had a lot of empathy for the likeable and flawed main character and I actually found it quite sad and poignant It was a really well crafted novel and fun to read quickly.

    4. An interesting but flawed tale, owing much to Barry s complicated personal life, I suspect He clearly had a bit to get off his chest His memoirs are a much better read.

    5. This book was awful, beyond belief It just shows what happens when a talented stage comedian tries to switch medias Definitely one of the worst books I ve ever read, and I ve read my share.

    6. Sadly slipped into predictable farce but otherwise was shaping up as an entertaining read about female impersonator s troubled financial situation and relationships.

    7. An amusing book It was easy to relate to the characters, and while the story line was fairly predictable especially from the blurb on the back it was well written.

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