[☆ The Usborne Book of World History || ☆ PDF Read by ☆ Anne Millard Patricia Vanags Jenny Tyler]

The Usborne Book of World History By Anne Millard Patricia Vanags Jenny Tyler,

  • Title: The Usborne Book of World History
  • Author: Anne Millard Patricia Vanags Jenny Tyler
  • ISBN: 9780794524784
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Includes Empires, Civilizations, Age of Revolutions, Crusaders, Warriors, Exploration and .
    The Usborne Book of World History Includes Empires Civilizations Age of Revolutions Crusaders Warriors Exploration and

    One thought on “The Usborne Book of World History”

    1. Great introductory text to build on for elementary age good review for high school students or adults who want to reconnect with some dates or expand their horizons into cultures they haven t studied Lots of cultures I was never introduced to in school, anyhow although most of them were somewhat familiar from other reading I didn t get World History until High School prior to that it was Geography or some other name, and mostly on modern day cultures , and only a year or so of it at that which w [...]

    2. I think this book is a great resource for discussing world history with children It is definitely a resource book as you wouldn t want to read it all at once there is a LOT of information to take in , but it has wonderful information and vivid illustrations that make it interesting for kids to read than a textbook There are even comic book style boxes that are numbered for children to read in sequential order to get the full story of a myth, a cultural tradition, etc A very engaging book, even [...]

    3. I think the pics info in this book is great But my 8 yr old was not a huge fan of it I think it depends on the kid my 6 yr old would frequently listen in and loved it and flipping thru the pics himself.

    4. This is one of the books that forever instilled my love of history It has really stimulating and effective illustrations on every page In short, it was a home schooled ADHD kid s dream come true for a book.

    5. This simple world history book is great for providing the reader with an overview of, yes, world history The illustrations are helpful in capturing the attention of young readers and drawing them into the material I have used this book with my children than once through the years.

    6. Nice reference book on world history for young children Every page is covered with colorful illustrations and fascinating details of different civilizations throughout the ages.

    7. This book was a good introduction to History at a young age There is a lot of information in it I read it many times.

    8. Great information gets slightly busy on some pages which is distracting, but all in all a worthwhile book to have.

    9. We love the amount of detail in Usborne books A great resource for teaching or supplementing world history Note We have only completed half of this book, but will be finishing it next year.

    10. The pictures were really good There was a lot of history covered in a very concise manner It s a real pleasure to read.

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