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Chasing Smoke By K.A. Mitchell,

  • Title: Chasing Smoke
  • Author: K.A. Mitchell
  • ISBN: 9781605045788
  • Page: 389
  • Format: ebook
  • An old mystery brought them together Solving it could tear them apart.In the best of times, Daniel Gardner hates visiting his family With his boyfriend pressuring him for a mortgage serious commitment, Christmas in Easton, PA sounds, for once, like a welcome escape His old house holds than memories of a miserable adolescence, though It has Trey Eriksson.At seventeAn old mystery brought them together Solving it could tear them apart.In the best of times, Daniel Gardner hates visiting his family With his boyfriend pressuring him for a mortgage serious commitment, Christmas in Easton, PA sounds, for once, like a welcome escape His old house holds than memories of a miserable adolescence, though It has Trey Eriksson.At seventeen, Trey was taken in by the wealthy Gardner family after his father was jailed for his mother s murder Until he left for the Army, he fought a double edged battle for proof of his father s innocence and against his attraction to Daniel.Fifteen years later, things haven t changed Trey is still looking for the real killer And Daniel has never forgotten how Trey used to sneak into his room at night.Now new clues to the murder are resurfacing and so is Trey and Daniel s sexual chemistry Except this time, Trey has come to terms with his orientation.But their connection may not be enough to overcome the mistakes of the past Not while a murderer still walks free Product WarningsAnyone who would rather not read about hooking back up with someone who broke your heart, minor suspense, hot guys who can handle guns and each other, and lots of steamy gay sex probably isn t reading this warning anyway, but if you are, back away slowly and keep your hands where I can see them.
    Chasing Smoke An old mystery brought them together Solving it could tear them apart In the best of times Daniel Gardner hates visiting his family With his boyfriend pressuring him for a mortgage serious commitment

    One thought on “Chasing Smoke”

    1. You know what Okay.This book is seriously you know existing and that s great.I do like this Maybe even 3.25 stars like it It was nice, and entertaining Fun characters.Did I lose some interest Sure It s a habit of mine But it sure is pretty a okay.How do I rate this I once ate this relatively dry piece of cake that was just plain chocolate, and I love chocolate, but it didn t have anything that amazing about it But I ate it And I m pretty okay with the fact that I did.This book cake.

    2. 2.5 stars rounding up because I really liked these guys.The good Daniel and Trey Both strong and likable characters Daniel and Trey messed around as teenagers, ended up going their separate ways and then unexpectedly reunited 15 years later They had a ton of chemistry together and I m a sucker for a story about long lost love.The Bad Mystery Plot It was weak and stretched the boundaries into the land of the illogical If you want a good mystery full of suspense, this is not a book for you.

    3. Oh hell, I d give it a gillion stars if possible It s a K.A Mitchell book and it s the best Christmas present ever Trey and Daniel have baggage than a passenger plane headed for Europe I want to hug and them slap them all in the breath Review to be continued This is the story or reunited lovers When they parted they where both in high school, with Trey denying that he was gay in spite of the feelings he has long had for Daniel.Daniel returns to his hometown, when his Mom is selling his old home [...]

    4. see end of review for prequel info KA Mitchell writes very compelling characters that have realistic baggage and issues that must be overcome That is pretty standard for her books that I have read This one is no different She also writes very well with fantastic imagery and some great lines of thought The relationship is complicated and realistic but is the dreaded to me long lost love plot among other things The interaction between the men and the boys they were is interestingbut somehow I didn [...]

    5. Loved this, as I have all of K.A.Mitchell s books She writes great characters and great sex scenes, Makes me want to throw my laptop against the wall and give up as an author, then I say, nah Look at what she has done and learn.Great characters, great conflict and great emotional arcs Good one.

    6. I enjoyed the hell out of this book Trey and Daniel were secret lovers in high school, and 15 years later they are thrust back together as a mystery unfolds in their hometown Nice angst and hurt comfort, and super hot love scenes as the characters break down their barriers and grow closer Great mix of romance, characterization and plot Very satisfying read.

    7. 4 StarsBut for that sort of abrupt and completely unsatisfying ending this would have been 4.5 Stars I liked it that much It s totally a me kind of book.Of course, honestly, had I read this the year it came out I might not have been as irritatedbut now Eff all that best interest of the country BS Now I say, a conspiracy like that, involving someone so highly placed in the government Slash and burn it all down.

    8. When Daniel Gardner returns to his hometown to help his Mother prepare her home for sale he does so gladly in order to escape a boyfriend pushing for a formal commitment What he never expects is to meet up with his old high school friend crush, Trey Eriksson, again But when his Mother s house is broken into, it s Trey, now a Police Detective, who is assigned to investigate.Daniel and Trey are interesting and well developed characters and the writing style is solid and enjoyable, especially durin [...]

    9. When he was 17, Trey Eriksson s father was accused of murdering his mother and then attempting suicide When he had no where to go, the rich Gardner family took him in That s where his relationship with Daniel Gardner began Fifteen years later, Trey is still seeking the truth about what happened to his parents and he crosses paths with Daniel once again.Once again, K.A Mitchell has done an excellent job of characterization Her characters a fleshed out and realistic They have flaws and aren t cook [...]

    10. I liked the premise of friends become lovers I am a fan of that theme I also appreciate the struggle Trey has an I think that KA does a great job allowing the ready to feel it I also love the fact that he is so into Danny that it is easier for him when he s asleep you will have to read it, but there is a line about Danny being overwhelming awake, or something His attraction to Danny hits him hard and he has a lot to internally deal with I also like how Danny doesn t give up and seems to know Tre [...]

    11. This didn t rock me off my socks but I liked it just fine So, it s official K.A Mitchell is a favourite author She scratches all my itches.

    12. I have a love hate relationship with this author s work yet I keep going back to her books This one started out well Daniel Gardner returns to his hometown to help his mother move That is the excuse he gave anyway The main reason for the trip was to escape his boyfriend of two years for awhile because said boyfriend Scott was pressuring him to to finally make a commitment Daniel is a federal agent working for the Department of Homeland Security Not long after returning to his mother s home, ther [...]

    13. 3.5 Apparently I can t remember how to post because my review is gone.So I ll do the short version this time.It was okay, better than average but yes I am having trouble rustling up any real enthusiasm.As the blurb states Danny has a boyfriend when all this starts My Marco Warning view spoiler Danny does kiss Trey while still with Scott but it wasn t particularly passionate or anything It was angry and awkward imo hide spoiler Danny was my problem He justexhausted me He infuriated me He would t [...]

    14. It is no secret I am a bit of a fan girl for K.A Mitchell and this new book was a gem.The novel had a great hook with a return home, first love and a tightly scripted mystery that in no way detracted from the central theme of two men falling in love again The novel has a slow, sexy burn to it and the tension between Daniel and Trey made my toes curl The flashes back to when they re younger feels a little illicit as you read about their burgeoning love, but it s sensual and beautifully written an [...]

    15. I started reading this book partly due to the comments I read on the site But together with the summary I m glad I picked up this book.One of the replies here described Danny as too clingy to the past and winning about unchangeable things I sort of agree But it wasn t that annoying to me I felt that both characters were pushed in opposite direction by teenage emotions and a troubled past And that time spent apart defined their personalities But even different and separated for so long, they mana [...]

    16. Trying to rate this book was hard for me The stroy itself was not bad and the characters were okay For me that s the problem not bad and okay are not what I enjoy in a book Both Danny and Trey were asses in my opinion It was hard for me to fall in love with either of them, I could not decide whether I liked either of them so I will just say they were okay characters The most interesting part for me was trying to find out who killed Trey s mother, not the romance or their relationship That part o [...]

    17. Honestly, I have not had a lot of luck with this author but I would say it just turned around I liked this one a lot.

    18. Chasing Smoke is about how you never forget your first love and about a little spoiled teenager Daniel and Trey were friends as teenager They were not exactly best friends, their parents were and the kids went along when the parents did Daniel was the son of a wealthy doctor, living in the best neighborhood of the town Trey was the son of a police officer, with an comfortable house in an average neighborhood But it was Daniel who envied Trey he envied his house, his parents, his life, and desiri [...]

    19. 3.5 starsThis book just never really clicked for me I m not really sure why the writing was good and the story was really interesting I guess the characters just never gelled Usually when that happens it s because they weren t well drawn, but that s not the case here Mitchell did a good job with the story and characters as always I just never felt connected to them They were both hard and cold and I never felt any kind of warmth for or from them And I felt like their motivations were a little un [...]

    20. Daniel Danny Gardner goes back to Easton, PA, visiting his family and ends up welcoming ghost from the past , Trey Eriksson Danny hold a crush over Trey during his adolescence years and well, fifteen years later, it doesn t seem to change I m a sucker for the one who got away theme So when my friend rec d this to me and told me that this also involves a mystery, I m pretty much intrigued The story is really good I can feel the tension and buried attraction between Danny and Trey Sometimes it s j [...]

    21. Damn this was good Quote He d suffered agony as he tried not to stare when Trey dressed in their room, tried to ignore the smell of him fresh and soapy or full of summer Nights of knowing all Daniel had to do was roll over to see Trey s eyes glitter in the dark, to reach into the space between their beds to touch him.Daniel could jerk off every hour for a year and not make for spending that summer with an almost constant hard on.He ignored the way the Ghosts of Erections Past had his twitching.

    22. Very good m m romantic suspense about a Homeland Security Agent who s back in town helping get his mom s house ready to sell, when he runs into his high school crush Will an mystery from their pasts bring them closer together or drive them further apart

    23. Hmmmm I need to mull over my rating for a bit I am leaning toward 3 or 3.25 mayyybe a bit higher stars, because there WERE aspects in this book that I DID like and holy shit the sex was SCORCHING, but I remain to unsatisfied by the ending HFN to go much higher I need to think a little bit though I will say that this was a much better reading experience than the other books I ve read that were written by this author Alright, so I had a VERY bad experience with two of this author s books, but I ow [...]

    24. I m an avid K.A Mitchell fan and did overall enjoy this solid effort from one of the most talented writers we have in this genre It certainly kept my attention and I would definitely recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a little mystery and intrigue with their intense m m romance WARNING Possible slight spoilers nothing severe The subplot of the mystery surrounding Trey s mother s death I always consider the romantic plot the main one was complex and interesting enough, making for some exci [...]

    25. Originally reviewed on my blogDaniel Gardner has just returned to his parents home for Christmas He could have done without this visit though He had sworn when he was a teenager that he would leave this shit hole of a town and never come back What makes his visit a bit interesting and panicky is that a his parents house is broken into b his boyfriend is pushing him to think about buying a house together and c the detective who shows up for the break in report is Trey Eriksson the guy who was th [...]

    26. I think I have to say that K A Mitchell did it again for me Trey and Danny he tries to say he prefers Daniel but there is something about the way Trey says Danny that is irresistable and even as the reader it s unmistakable knew each other as teenagers They fumbled around, including with each other, and their lives separated suddenly, no closure, and were left with just the mutual hurt and assumptions, magnified through the exaggerated lens of a teenager Fifteen years later and they are thrown t [...]

    27. Homeland Security Agent, Daniel heads home to pack up his mother and get her house in order to sell While there a break in occurs and when the local police arrive he comes face to face with his 1st love, detective, Trey Trey has spent the last decade trying to clear his fathers name of his mothers murder Daniel inserts himself into the investigation and things get hairy for the men Not only are there break in s, but the two can no longer deny the attraction they still feel for one another This [...]

    28. 2.5 stars.The mystery suspense part was plain awful A letter, written 16 years ago and stuck in the drawer of the table.nveniently found in time to make a break in years long search for answers A photo of the villain taken while he is dealing with a drug lord With their names written at the back of the photo So freakin contrivedAdd to that the abrupt ending and the book lost most of the points it gained because of the romance I usually love the stories where the hero returns to hometown and meet [...]

    29. I read the reviews before reading this book I know how some folks can be overly negative but for the most part reviewers hit the nail on the head on this story.I found myself being so annoyed with both characters The YoYo back and forth interaction was well written, but my gosh it was annoying after a while I know at one point I said aloud, Shut the f k up already in regards to Daniel CONSTANTLY bringing on the past Would i suggest others read it Of course It was a good story Will I read it agai [...]

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