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What My Mother Doesn't Know By Sonya Sones,

  • Title: What My Mother Doesn't Know
  • Author: Sonya Sones
  • ISBN: 9780689871146
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • My name is Sophie This book is about me It tells the heart stoppingly riveting story of my first love And also of my second And, okay, my third love too It s not that I m boy crazy It s just that even though I m almost fifteen it s like my mind and my body and my heart just don t seem to be able to agree on anything.
    What My Mother Doesn t Know My name is Sophie This book is about me It tells the heart stoppingly riveting story of my first love And also of my second And okay my third love too It s not that I m boy crazy It s just that even

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    1. another rewrite I found Sonya Sones in our library on one bored snowy day and I won t lie the titles of the books caught my eye And now I m lost I love her writing and her style and her voice and at the same time envy all of that too I just re read this book because the sequel came out and I wasn t surprised that I loved it even the second time around It s a quick read, no longer than an hour if you re not interrupted The main character, Sophie is a 14 year old, high school freshman whose intel [...]

    2. This book wasn t horrid, I just think it was too immature for me This narrator is so immature and I didn t really enjoy reading from her POV The story was easy to follow since it was written in verse, but it just stood kinda meh with me It wasn t bad, just not anything special Only took me about an hour to read.

    3. This book is such a good book It is about this girl named Sophie whose Mom and Dad are totally missing out on her life She talks about her first love, and second, and third Sophie is kind of going through an emotional metamorphosis in her life, and she has quite a ride during it I learned in this book that you dont have to think that someone is who they are by the way that they look, or how they talk or walk or anything like this, and when you really think about it you have than one flaw, and t [...]

    4. First off, I didn t get to finish this book But I severley doubt that I would have changed the rating even if somewhere in the last fifty pages the story got any better or even mildly interesting.And dont even get me started on the creepy sluttiness of the main character, because I may not stop talking.Honsetly, I m kind of insulted that this is what people think a typical teenager is like We are not all stupid and vapid and obsessed by boys Well mostly I m sorry if this seems a little harsh But [...]

    5. I loved this book For me, it was one of those books that somewhere along the line turns into music in your head and you don t even realize that you re reading any It s about a girl a high school freshman figuring out who she is and what s really important to her Thinking about how she sees others, and how they see her Learning about being and staying true to herself, which is probably one of the most important things you can do in high school.I picked it up today and didn t put it down until I w [...]

    6. Audio How do I feel about this story Hmmmm let me find the right word I got it BBBBLLLLEEEEHHH Okay, was it meant to be annoying Mind you I did the audio, so maybe the narrator k lled it for me, but luckily I give most audios about 2 CDs before I decide to continue or toss it Since this story WAS only 2 CDs I almost changed my approach and tossed it within the first 15 minutes The main character Sophie was probably too young for my taste, both age wise and maturity wise She s a fifteen year old, [...]

    7. After reluctantly giving my first novel in verse a try Impulse by Ellen Hopkins and falling in love with it, I decided to continue exploring the genre What My Mother Doesn t Know is a novel composed of a series of poems about a life of Sophie, a 15 year old boy crazed popular girl Sophie has great friends and a cute boyfriend, she is attractive, artistic and funny, but her relationship with her parents and especially mother is complicated and strained The novel takes us through Sophie s dating h [...]

    8. Original post at One More PageI heard about What My Mother Doesn t Know by Sonya Sones from Angie, but since she wrote about it for Retro Friday, I didn t think it would be easily available here Imagine my surprise when I spotted this during one of my book hunts I shouldn t have bought much then, but I m easily swayed.What does Sophie s mother doesn t know A lot, actually, especially the ones about her love life Sophie is in high school and while she says she s not boy crazy, she can t stop thin [...]

    9. I love, love, love this book I read it for the fifth or sixth or seventh time over the weekend, and I fell in love with it all over again It captures the feelings of first love or rather the process of discovering love perfectly It also perfectly captures those tense moments of a mother daughter relationship.And let the record show that this book has never let me down I have recommended it to dozens of girls who are non readers and all of them have read it and loved it It s just so good.

    10. this is a book about a girl called sophie it covers all the important aspects of her life love,mates,etc But it is mostly about her love life Her 1st love is the dribbling Lou Sophie is really depressed when he dumped her for Alison Creely but her besties Rachel and Grace helped her get through it Her next love seems to be her soulmate Dylan, who is Rachel s big sisters friends younger brother He also goes to their school He is gorgeous and everyone thinks so Everything seems perfect but then th [...]

    11. Oh, how I love Sonya Sones Curling up with one of her books is just such an awesome way to spend an afternoon I love verse novels and hers are just so easy to slip into and I think anyone who is an inpsiring writer can learn a lot from reading quality verse novels like this.The way she uses words to so powerfully and succinctly encapsulate emotions and events is just gorgeous I adore her characters and the events in the novel and truly feel all those intense and beautiful emotions of being a tee [...]

    12. Rating 2You see, I found this book lying around on the shelf while I was in a thrift shop Having a close relationship with my mom, the title really caught my eye What My Mother Doesn t Know It had an interesting synopsis that s easily relatable, the book was in decent condition, and as a plus it only cost me a dollar I was really looking forward to this read But once I actually got to picked it up, I honestly did not like it I really resented reading through the book s protagonist is point of vi [...]

    13. I first read WHAT MY MOTHER DOESN T KNOW a few years ago and it was my first Sonya Sones book It was thanks to Meg Cabot s glowing recommendation that I picked this one up in the first place I had never heard of Ms Sones before and I did not, at the time, realize it was a novel in verse But I had actually recently read and loved Lisa Ann Sandell s Song of the Sparrow and so it only seemed a natural thing to continue on to another novel in verse, this time a very contemporary book as opposed to S [...]

    14. Unexpectedly sweet and easy to get through I ve recently started getting a bit into poetry and books written in verse and I m still trying to find a story that really captivates me Sadly, even with this one, I keep having the same problems The poems hardly feel like actual poetry, but rather like prose,written like this, so it has pagesand can pass as a bookand not as a short story I ve read a review for this book that said the actual content of the plot could be put into 50 pages and I totall [...]

    15. I remember when I first read this book, I was 13 and in the 8th grade I had bought the book from one of those scholastic book orders I read What My Mother Doesn t Know in one night and immediately passed it on to one of my friends My copy made rounds through most of my friends and I never got it back If that doesn t speak for this book, I don t know what will.Sophie s story is one that rings truth among us all I think everyone has a little bit of her inside them honestly, when I first read it, I [...]

    16. Sophie Stein, is a 14 year old girl, who just got her heart broken by her boyfriend Lou On the way home from a party, her two best friends, Rachel and Grace, get a ride from Rachel s big sister In the car, there is this boy whose name is Dylan He is Rachel s big sister s friend s younger brother He is absolutely gorgeous and goes to the same school as Sophie Sophie sits on his lap on the way home, for there was no room, and they instantaneously click They become boyfriend and girlfriend Sophie, [...]

    17. Kalau mau jujur, udah berapa lama ya, gue melihat buku ini terpajang di rak buku teen lit setiap kali gue bolak balik hunting ke toko buku Tapi sampai selama itu, gue ngga pernah tertarik untuk menyentuh, membeli ataupun membaca buku ini Buku ini baru gue beli dan baca kemarin, pas ada bazaar buku di Citiwalk Sudirman yang dengan segera gue masukkan ke dalam tas belanjaan bertuliskan Gramedia, dengan gaya seorang kalap shopper baca tukang belanja gila yang pengen lompat lompat kegirangan sambil [...]

    18. summary this book is the funniest book i have ever readz about this girl named sophie but poeple give her a whole mess of nicknames for her that sHe caNt kEep traCke tells about her krazy life where she lifes with her familye tells about crazy things that only true best friends can do togetheronce when it was raniing her friends out on a rainroat and took off eberything elsewierde tells about her realastionships with her boyfiends that she has had bef0ree saids that she knows everything that is [...]

    19. This was a cute story, though at 200 and some odd pages, I would say that there is maybe 50 pages worth of content in this book therefore, it is a short story than anything else There wasn t much to glean from the narrator other than the fact that she is a boy crazy teenager with a messed up homelife She is typical in everyway down to the way she treats others and in the way she views the world I would say that Murphey Robin is by far the best and most interesting character and I would have enj [...]

    20. What my mother doesn t know ,is a great book and it is ultimately the best girl book ever.It demonstrates how to escape drama you might go through in middle school.I believe this book is for middle school girls and you should be mature to read it.The intended audience is mostly middle school girls but any age above could read it.It is about a girl named Sofie who does not know which boy to date and like about 6 boys like her.Through out the book she faces problems from this issue.Once again this [...]

    21. I really enjoyed this book I believe that I like it because I was really able to connect with sophia She felt like her mom didn t understand her, her friends make her choice bad things,and her crush I mostly connected to this book because of her mom and her dad I feel as if my mom and dad don t understand me either I would recommend this book to mature readers This writing was inspirational because Sophia lady her friends for the guy she likes even if they did approve.

    22. A quick read I wish it had focused on Sophie s relationship with her mother I felt like those were the really heartfelt moments I read Saving Red by this author first and I can tell she has really grown as an author.

    23. This verse novel is one of my absolute favorites It follows ninth grader Sophie as she navigates her freshman year and personal life I really love this book as an example of poetry because it is simple free verse that really packs a punch Verse novels are fundamental in helping students understand the impact of poetry and concise writing methods This particular book stuck with me because it focuses on Sophie finding herself This is obviously very appropriate for a concept like identity How does [...]

    24. Most books in verse have a complex plot with lots of meaning I feel like this book lacked the complexity, but had a lot of meaning Quick, cute, and romantic, I can t wait to read by this author

    25. This book was very inappropriate at times but overall I really liked it This book is written in a poetic format It is an easy read and I recommend this book to anyone

    26. It s not hard to see why What My Mother Doesn t Know falls into slot 8 on the banned books list this year It talks about divorce OMG , kissing scandalous , even GASP sex And what s , it talks a lot about Sophie keeping these things from her mother Parents tend to want to keep books like these away from their kids because they don t want them to get the idea that they should be doing things like lying to their parents or kissing boys for that matter And don t even get me started on the sex Parent [...]

    27. I first heard about WHAT MY MOTHER DOESN T KNOW by Sonya Sones through Angie I liked the premise but since I d never read a novel in verse before I wasn t sure if it was for me And I say I like to try new things A few months later when someone happened to have an extra copy, I thought I may as well take it on the off chance that I d have the desire to read it someday That someday turned out to be just around the corner when I needed a light, quick, and undemanding read one night This novel consi [...]

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