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Ounce Dice Trice By Alastair Reid Ben Shahn,

  • Title: Ounce Dice Trice
  • Author: Alastair Reid Ben Shahn
  • ISBN: 9781590173206
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What can words be, or rather, what can t they be Poet Alastair Reid introduces children and adults to the wondrous waywardness of words in Ounce Dice Trice, a delicious confection and a wildly unexpected exploration of sound and sense and nonsense that is like nothing else Reid offers light words willow, whirr, spinnaker and heavy words galoshes, mugwump, crumb , wordWhat can words be, or rather, what can t they be Poet Alastair Reid introduces children and adults to the wondrous waywardness of words in Ounce Dice Trice, a delicious confection and a wildly unexpected exploration of sound and sense and nonsense that is like nothing else Reid offers light words willow, whirr, spinnaker and heavy words galoshes, mugwump, crumb , words on the move and odd words, words that read both ways and words that read the wrong way around rezagrats , along with much else Accompanied by Ben Shahn s glorious drawings, Ounce Dice Trice is a book of endless delights, not to mention the only place where you can find the answer to the question What is a gongoozler Well, all I can say is quoz.
    Ounce Dice Trice What can words be or rather what can t they be Poet Alastair Reid introduces children and adults to the wondrous waywardness of words in Ounce Dice Trice a delicious confection and a wildly unexpec

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    1. Ounce Dice Trice is the second in my B Day trilogy that I mailed to my niece the other day the first being Supposing, by the same author, the third, The Terrible Troll bird.This book is a romp exploring the magic fun of words and their power.Below is a short compilation of some of my favorite words or phrases A consternation of mothers or a tribulation of children Sounds people things make MRRAAOWL a accurate transliteration of a cat s meow HARROWOLLOWORRAH a yawn KINKLUNK a car going over a ma [...]

    2. One of my favorite books, all about words some real, taken out of context, and listed by categories, like Light Words lissom, sibilant, nimble , Names for Elephants Wilbur, Bendigo, Wendell Tubb, Deuteronomy , etc Other words are completely invented and defined such as a GONGOZZLER is an idle person who is always stopping in the street and starting at a curious object like a TINGLE AIREY The illustrations by Ben Shahn are also wonderful O.P but find it at the library great fun to read aloud, and [...]

    3. This is a glorious book to savor and read again and again just for the chance to revel in the beauty of words It s not just a kids book, though it is sold in that department and though kids would love to have it read to them The words speak for themselves, are arranged as artfully as poetry on a page, and are accompanied by the most beautiful and skillful illustrations by Ben Shahn What a collaboration I recommend it for everyone, and hope, even if you don t add it to your library, that you take [...]

    4. I loved, loved, loved this book Did I say I love this book This is a book for all you long winded, locquacious, verbose lovers of our fine language It was really funny and words used I never ever heard of It just left me feeling Ram Tam Gee Pickagee Feeling good In it he gives names to everything I loved the part where he names twins like Wishy and Washy for fish, Higgledy Piggledy good names for pigs or Shilly and Shally or Dilly and Dally or Knick and Knack Namby and Pamby are better names for [...]

    5. What a fun book This book lists cooky words in the English language, using categories that range from names for your twin cats to alternate sets of words to help you count one through ten hence the title My personal favorite lists The heavy and light words weigh them as you say them only a poet could make these observations Could ignite an interest in linguistics for children and adults It s not a dictionary, but it makes you want to dig into one

    6. Delightful book about words, meanings and the art of writing Good for a laugh and very inspirational for budding writers.

    7. Hilarious wordplay for all ages, excellent black and white caricatures pair and enhance silliness Side splitting rhythms, frolicking repetitions and slick shenanigans create a must read work of art

    8. Hurray It s back in print Now I can give this book to my friends Because to my mind every writer needs a dictionary, a thesaurus, The Elements of Style illustrated , and this OUNCE DICE TRICE.

    9. I was delighted that my Mom still possessed this book from my childhood It s a playful, fun celebration of both the meaning and sound of words both real and made up , accompanied by great illustrations by Ben Shahn.I ll give two representative examples, a list of animal groups A BOOING OF BUFFALOESA DULE OF DOVESAN EXALTATION OF LARKSA NYE OF PHEASANTSA PIOLING OF PELICANSA SKEIN OF GEESEA SKULK OF FOXESA SMOTHER OF SPIDERSA SNUTTERING OF MONKEYSA TREMBLING OF GOLDFISH And from a series of linke [...]

    10. Ehhh I wasn t really into this book of wordplay It might be fun with an older kid or in a different mood.

    11. full review at Deseret NewsAuthor Alastair Reid has a fascination with words that he d like to share with you And not just any words, although those are interesting, too, but also curiosities, old words no longer used and words he thinks should exist.Paired with black and white illustrations, these tongue twisting collections of letters may just make you want to create your own concoction of words Ounce Dice Trice is quirky and unconventional With poetry and illustrations reminiscent of Shel Sil [...]

    12. I had bought this book for a gift, but I m finding it so nice, I might have trouble giving it up.It is a lovely book celebrating words and the sounds they make From words that sound like what they describe to words the give you certain feelings, you really look at words closely There are some lovely circular garlands that lead you through several interesting words back to the beginning There are lists of words to name different things and different lists of counting words.This is a great book f [...]

    13. If you love language, words and pronouncing things, you will fall in love with this book It may have been intended for children, but I keep reading it to myself over and over again Reid describes his book as a collection of words and names to amuse and amaze you This book is than just lists, however Reid s sorting, categories, descriptions and definitions are poetic, funny, and wonderfully clever Reviewed on NPR.

    14. This is one of the NYRB s fabulous series of reprints In this one, poet Alistair Reid explores words Big words, little words, words that should rhyme but don t, words that rhyme but shouldn t Simple illustrations and clever combinations make this an excellent book for introducing younger readers to complicated but fun words.

    15. A book that explores and seeks to share a love of words, from palindromes to words that are airy or heavy, squishy or buggy, names for houses and names for whales, words becoming lost, like dimity and gloaming and frangipani, gnurr and oosse, dayligone, tantony smallest piglet in a litter or worg plant that won t grow , jiggery pokery and thrumbled Very fun.

    16. Booktalked this by asking listeners to translate the following list of words ounce, dice, trice, quartz, quince, sago, serpent, oxygen, nitrogen, denim They got it right away Such is the nature of this fun book about words both real and imagined Great for a unit on poetry or wordplay.

    17. A great way to introduce children to the joy of words, both read and spoken Possibly a little too advanced for the six year old, but she seemed to enjoy it anyway, for the most part I can see this being a book we ll return to often.

    18. Words for times of day to be used where there are no clocks is my favorite Shahn s line drawings are delightful, especially the roller skaters on the page for light words and the odd looking wee fellow who illustrates feeling good, or ram tam gee pickagee.

    19. A clever celebration of words, but real and made up There is no narrative, just lists of words and words about words I was hooked by the list of names for elephants The text is amusing, but I liked the illustrations even .

    20. Age range 5 8Literacy skill Phonological awareness, vocabularyFun,unique rhymes and charming wordplay A little too ornate for the youngest, but this would be a good book to share with a few older children For the older ones, this is also a great book to expand vocabulary awareness.

    21. Acreage, Brokerage, Cribbage, Carthage, Cage, Sink, Sentiment, Ointment, Nutmeg, Doom.WAH And Ben Shahn s inky sketches, with those wonderfully furrowed brow men and babies.Word play given the royal treatment.

    22. This one will only be appreciated by children and adults who really enjoy words, but for those of us who do, this one is a splendid treasure

    23. Bought this book at a used book sale It s a great playing with words book written for children but it s one of those books adults love to read to children because it s so fun.

    24. My dad gave this to me for christmas on year, and I just saw it again, so I decided to read it, finally Sorry dad.

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