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Folly By Marthe Jocelyn,

  • Title: Folly
  • Author: Marthe Jocelyn
  • ISBN: 9780385738460
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Three fates intertwine in this moving and passionate love story set in Victorian London Mary Finn country girl, maid to a lord in LondonCaden Tucker liar, scoundrel, and heart s delightJames Nelligan age six, tossed into a herd of boysWhen Mary Finn falls into the arms of handsome Caden Tucker, their frolic changes the course of her life What possesses her She s beenThree fates intertwine in this moving and passionate love story set in Victorian London Mary Finn country girl, maid to a lord in LondonCaden Tucker liar, scoundrel, and heart s delightJames Nelligan age six, tossed into a herd of boysWhen Mary Finn falls into the arms of handsome Caden Tucker, their frolic changes the course of her life What possesses her She s been a girl of common sense until now Mary s tale alternates with that of young James Nelligan, a new boy in an enormous foundling home.In Folly, Marthe Jocelyn s breathtaking command of language, detail, and character brings Victorian London to life on every page, while the deep emotions that illuminate this fascinating novel about life changing moments are as current as today s news.
    Folly Three fates intertwine in this moving and passionate love story set in Victorian London Mary Finn country girl maid to a lord in LondonCaden Tucker liar scoundrel and heart s delightJames Nelligan

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    1. I honestly don t know why I didn t like this book I mean, yes I picked it up because the cover looked all fantasy ish and I thought I d get a fantasy and fairies out of it, but when I read the blurb I knew that wasn t going to happen If I d been looking for a book like this, I would have been satisfied, but I wasn t.Why did I finish it, then Well, it s pretty well written And it seemed well researched, though I m not sure whether or not it is The voices of the characters are distinct and interes [...]

    2. Want to see bookish things from me Check out my Youtube channel youtube channel UCfer2.5 Stars This book is set in Victorian London, told in four alternating perspectives 14 year old Mary Finn is sent away from her family to begin working as a servant at Allyn House At the age of 16, she meets a boy named Caden Tucker who she falls for James Nelligan is being sent off to live in the Foundling Hospital after being a foster child for 6 years I found it very obvious how James and Mary s stories wo [...]

    3. The Good Stuff Beautifully written Written so eloquently and real that you feel you are back in the late 1800 s Heartbreakingly sad Great story for convincing kids to use birth control Impossible to put down, you care so much for EVERYONE in the story James I must adopt that boy and give him a great big hug Extremely impressed with authors attention to detail and a truly remarkable gift for storytelling in all era s I look forward to reading of her works I have also reviewed her other book Woul [...]

    4. Have you read Folly yet If not then you have no idea that you are missing out on This historical fiction by Marthe Jocelyn has all the elements of a great story a strong cast of characters, great story line and plot that is not to obvious and the story is really well paced But importantly, it has a real message behind the story By the time you get into this book, you would not want this story to end.Folly is about a young woman Mary, who leaves her comfort zone in the country side to work in Lo [...]

    5. Folly is an historical novel set in Victorian London, told in alternating voices Mary Finn is a Lincolnshire country girl who is sent into service as a maid to an aristocratic family Her mother has died giving birth and Mary is now a surrogate mother to her siblings, until her father re marries a woman who has no interest in caring for her step children Mary, a thorn in her side, is sent away to learn to be a maid James has spent his first six years as a foster child, but now has to return to th [...]

    6. Okay You got me I shop by cover sometimes Who doesn t The cover catches your eye and you think I ve got to have that The same with shopping for clothes only for me it s books Well, that s what happened with Folly I had to know why the girl looked that way I still don t know why, but it was a good book.I started the book a little disappointed because it was written in 19th century vernacular It was hard to understand at first Then I don t know if the author stopped writing that way or I just got [...]

    7. What I expected from Folly and what I got were two very different things Constantly alternating points of view do little to keep hold of your interest, but create a nice surprise when coming full circle in the end.The alternating perspectives throughout the novel really irked me Out of the four that take place Mary, James, Eliza and Oliver only two really had reason to I felt that Eliza s point of view was completely unecessary, and were often short and abrupt, and Oliver s just felt out of plac [...]

    8. Product Details Pub Date May 11, 2010 Publisher Random House Children s Books Format Hardcover, 256pp Sales Rank 432,074 Age Range Young Adult ISBN 13 9780385738460 ISBN 0385738463 Folly by Marthe Jocelyn is a historical fiction journey through Victorian England told through the eyes of four separate characters The first character that we meet is Mary Mary s mother died and she was forced to take care of her younger siblings until her father remarried The woman he remarried did not care for Mary [...]

    9. I often feel my reviews for books that I didn t like are informative than those for books I did like Sometimes it s difficult to describe exactly why you liked a particular book so much, this might be one of those times I will tell you I loved the character, James Nelligan, who s had a foster home with Mr and Mrs Peevey for the first six years of his life and now must return to the Foundling Hospital where he will learn to be useful and thankful that he was spared a life in the gutter or worse [...]

    10. Folly is a superbly written piece of YA historical fiction from Canadian author Marthe Jocelyn Following the intertwined stories of a spirited boy living at a dickensian orphanage and a naive countrified tweeny a housemaid who is between belowstairs and upstairs, doing jobs in the kitchen and in the house , Folly serves as a beautiful testimony for the oppressed women and children of victorian England who didn t have voices of their own My only dislike was that I felt things tied up just a tiny [...]

    11. I ended up finishing Folly only because it had gigantic print and was a quick read but that is literally the only reason There wasn t a single interesting character, the plot was extremely convoluted and horrendously boring and it kept switching narratives between two different characters who were pretty much unrelated The synopsis of the book was completely irrelevant to the actual story I think the cover art is gorgeous but I can t even for one minute figure out how that relates to the story e [...]

    12. This moving historical novel tells the story of a young country girl who becomes pregnant in 19th c London and cannot care for herself or her baby The Foundling Hospital accepts the infant and sends the mother on her way In alternating chapters, the baby s story and the mother s show a picture of desperate times.

    13. I very much enjoyed this book I felt for Mary and James and the end brought tears to my eyes It was predictable, but I don t really think the author meant anything to really be a surprise.

    14. Folly is a book that I discovered entirely through book blogs, and I was excited to land a spot on a tour for it Despite the kind of unusual looking cover and the strange expression on the cover model s face, this book isn t paranormal in the slightest rather, it s extremely vivid, detailed historical fiction that combines the brutality of life for working people in this time period with an effervescent hope and desire for a better life.Mary Finn starts her life living in the country but, upon h [...]

    15. I took a break from my regular fantasy sci fi paranormal and decided to read a bit of historical fiction I am so glad I did FOLLY tells the story of four people living in the 1800s who are all connected in some way It s a brilliant fictional look into that era, and keeps it s basis in historical fact.The characters are done wonderfully, and are very distinct Not only are their voices easy to keep separate, their personalities are very apparent Each one has had a different upbringing, and Jocelyn [...]

    16. I ve had Folly for years, waiting patiently on my bookshelf to be read Finally it seemed like the right time to pick it up While this historical fiction novel is not my favorite, I do think that it was very interesting and know lots of people would enjoy it I m actually surprised that it isn t well known I don t know anyone who s had the chance to read this book Folly follows several different characters in Victorian London Through all of their lives I gained a greater understanding of the sett [...]

    17. Ahhh, here s a book set in the 19th century No Jack the Ripper wannabe ghosts in this here book.When Mary s mother dies, Mary assumes all the responsibilities of keeping their poor, rural household together and caring for her younger siblings It is a hard life, but Mary loves her brothers and especially her baby sister When her father remarries, her mean spirited stepmother sends her away to work at her sister s inn While at the inn, Mary meets a young, upper class mother who has no idea what to [...]

    18. This lady really knows how to tell a story I love it when you just fall between the pages This had just the right touch of familiarity, for someone who reads Victorian fiction, either the original or the modern historical And this is very Dickens we know he visited the setting of the Foundling Home in the story, according to one of the teachers What I mean is, it doesn t take place in the parlors, but belowstairs, where the falls from grace were shorter, but the landing was much, much harder.The [...]

    19. What drew me to this book when I first saw it, was the cover It looks so haunting and tragic Then on to the summary and it sounds so simple, yet I was curious about this Caden Tucker and what exactly made him a liar and a scoundrel I also love the whole Victorian London setting which was probably the biggest factor as to why I chose to read this book It really sounded like something I would thoroughly enjoy Unfortunately, it wasn t what I hoped it would be.The whole story is really predictable w [...]

    20. Folly is an amazing book and the author mangaes to squeeze in countles emotions in to less then 300 pages Folly is written in two perspectives, one in 15 year old Mary s perspective and the other in a young child named James Mary is sort of like your typical cinderella Her mother dies and her stepmother decides to send her away from the family and become a maid in London James on the other hand is a child that was abandoned by birth Living through the foster care, his foster parents must send hi [...]

    21. Mary Finn is an honest and hardworking country who loves her family, particularly all her little siblings She cares for them when her mother dies and would have until each grew up had it not been for her stepmother who insists Mary be sent away to work Always the obedient girl, Mary goes to work When she changes hobs to be a maid in London, the entire course of her life is changed because it s in London that Mary meets Caden Tucker and meeting Caden Tucker is the start of her problems Suddenly M [...]

    22. Mary Finn is a girl from the country, sent away after her mother died and her father remarried She gets a job as a maid in London, but soon some of her choices threaten her job and her virtue.James Nelligan is an orphan who was taken in by a nice family until he was six When he turned six he had to return to a home for foundlings There he learns many things as he comes of age though the one thing he really wants to know who his parents are my soon be closer than he realizes.This was a nice histo [...]

    23. It took me a while to get into this story It s a bit slow paced, but I thought Mary was such a great character in this novel, that she prevented the story from becoming dry and boring The descriptions of Victorian London was well written and well done, especially done through the eyes of James, who has never before been to London, and seeing things through a child s eyes makes the descriptions clear and very easy to picture Eliza, as a character was such a mean spiteful harpy you almost wanted t [...]

    24. I knew very little about this book going into it All I knew was that it was historical fiction And honestly, I m not the biggest fan of historical fiction I like my stories with a bit of the impossible mixed in.I was not expecting the emotional reaction that I had to this book.I got absolutely sucked into Mary s story And for the four hours that I spent reading this book I shared in her happiness, vulnerability, and intense sadness Marthe Jocelyn has created a masterpiece of historical fiction t [...]

    25. Reviewed by Cat for TeensReadTooMary Finn is only fourteen years old when she s forced out of her home in rural Lincolnshire at the behest of her new stepmother to act as a servant for the woman s sister at her roadside inn Sixty seven days later, Mary flees to London as nanny to Lucilla Allyn s infant son, only to discover the position is unavailable upon arrival.Despite her lack of domestic skills, Mary is able to secure employment as maid in the Allyn household and soon becomes ensconced in h [...]

    26. I love historical fiction I have to admit that I m not a fan of every era, but if a book is set in one of my favorite eras as Folly is, I ll give it a good look When I first heard of Folly, I filed it away on my to be read list, and when it arrived in the mail I devoured it within a day, which is pretty quick for me I have to admit that this story is not an uplifting one, but I m okay with that There are snippets of hope admist the dismal days that Mary, James, Eliza and Oliver spend their life [...]

    27. This historical fiction novel set in Victorian England is short and sweet but misses the boat when it comes to developed characters The chapters alternate between four different narrators with the most time being spent on the two central characters Mary Finn a fourteen year old girl who moves to the city to become a nanny for a wealthy family and James Nelligan a young orphan boy who is adjusting to his new life in a boy s home Mary finds herself in trouble when she falls in love with a solider [...]

    28. Told in an authentic voice, Folly is an eye opening look at not only the ramifications of our choices, but also 19th Century English society Jocelyn immediately captured my attention with her eye for detail The setting, the language, the personality were all fantastic It was like I was given a glimpse into the heart of this society.Folly is a novel that, for some, may be a bit difficult to get into As I said previously, Jocelyn uses fairly authentic language Using the language in this way, both [...]

    29. This was a could not put it down read I had to find out what would happen to Mary and James, good or bad There are no pretty picture in this story and it was quite heart breaking But Jocelyn writes in a way that the reader is left with vivid images and a lingering feeling that despite what the world gives, we can make it work somehow.

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