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The Sculptor By Gregory Funaro,

  • Title: The Sculptor
  • Author: Gregory Funaro
  • ISBN: 9780786022120
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Killing Is An ArtIn life, they were flawed In death, they are perfect works of art killed, preserved, and carefully molded into replicas of Michelangelo s most celebrated creations Only The Sculptor can bring forth their true beauty and teach the world to appreciate his gift.He Is The MasterFBI Special Agent Sam Markham has a reputation for tracking serial killers, butKilling Is An ArtIn life, they were flawed In death, they are perfect works of art killed, preserved, and carefully molded into replicas of Michelangelo s most celebrated creations Only The Sculptor can bring forth their true beauty and teach the world to appreciate his gift.He Is The MasterFBI Special Agent Sam Markham has a reputation for tracking serial killers, but this artful adversary is meticulous, disciplined, and ruthless than any he s encountered The only clue is a note dedicating the latest statue to Cathy Hildebrant, an art historian who shares Sam s fear that the killing has just begun.And She Is The Perfect SubjectIn a quiet Rhode Island town, The Sculptor shapes his latest macabre creation, waiting for Cathy to draw nearer so that his message can be understood at last And the only way to save her is for Sam to unlock a psychopath s twisted mind before his final, terrifying masterpiece is revealed Funaro provides clever plotting and plenty of suspense John Lutz, New York Times bestselling author Fast paced, exciting.Funaro delivers gasp out loud terror and relentless suspense A genuine page turner Kevin O Brien, New York Times bestselling author It reminded me of why I loved Silence of the Lambs so much Gregg Olsen A stone cold thrill ride Unique and unexpected twists make this one a keeper Lisa Jackson, New York Times bestselling author
    The Sculptor Killing Is An ArtIn life they were flawed In death they are perfect works of art killed preserved and carefully molded into replicas of Michelangelo s most celebrated creations Only The Sculptor c

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    2. The Sculptor by Gregory Funaro is an I can t put it down serial killer page turner book It is filled with all of the elements that would make it a good thriller movie It has romance, terror, twisted relationships, art history and a bit of science A fanatic and psychopathic serial killer is inspired by Brown University Art History Professor Cathy Hildebrant s book on Michelangelo In the killers own demented way he makes mental connections to his own fantasies, desires and obsessions and creates h [...]

    3. This book was AWESOME I couldn t put it down, but forced myself to take it slow since there were a lot of clues and references to Michelangelo The Sculptor provided me with suspense, mystery, light romance, and information on Michelangelo I never knew It caught my eye when I was at Borders I checked the reviews out on both 5 star , then I finally bought it It was worth the money To provide a brief summary, Dr Cathy Hildebrandt, local professor, art historian, and author of Slumbering in the Ston [...]

    4. A hunt for a deranged killer begins when a replica of Michelangelo s Bacchus, formed from human corpses, is discovered in a topiary garden FBI Special Agent Sam Markham contacts art historian Cathy Hildebrant for two reasons she published a book on Michelangelo s work and the killer dedicated the sculpture to her Hildebrant is brought into the investigation as a consultant, working closely with Markham Both grieving the loss of their spouses Hildebrant through divorce and Markham through death a [...]

    5. I m really glad I read the author s 2nd Markham thriller, The Impaler, before this one, because this was nowhere near as good Don t get me wrong, the premise was great, and the background material exhaustively researched and intriguingly presented, but the conversations were oddly wooden i.e the characters didn t seem so much to talk to as to lecture one another, the romantic relationships seemed perfunctory, and certain phrases were beaten to pulps If I had to read the pretty art history profes [...]

    6. Usually I read urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels However, when I read the book description for The Sculptor I was somewhat intrigued Initially, I feared that the plot would mimic the classic Vincent Price movie, The Wax Museum Boy, was I wrong Gregory Funaro manages to write an eerie murder mystery that leaves the reader on the edge of their seat.Recently separated, Dr Cathy Hildebrant is visited by FBI agent, Sam Markham It seems two bodies were staged to mimic Michelangelo s marble s [...]

    7. Okay, I m having to amend my original 2 star rating and move it up to 3 simply because this book has stayed with me I originally gave it that rating because I m not a fan of thrillers generally But in retrospect, and in good conscience, I had to give Mr Funaro his due because the book is well written He definitely did his homework in regard to art history and the biology of plastination I m very intrigued by the Body Worlds exhibits.While The Sculptor was, indeed, a sick and twisted individual p [...]

    8. Originally from Dread Central Serial killers have long held the fascination of horror fans, with names like Hannibal Lecter and Norman Bates topping the list But unlike those icons of madness, there are others, like John Doe from Seven, whose brutality is about something than death and the unbridled need for carnage in that it is intended to send a message In Gregory Funaro s debut novel, The Sculptor, the killer has a message, and his way of sending it is chilling.The Sculptor centers on art h [...]

    9. Here is a novel firmly rooted in that element of crime fiction where one finds Silence of the Lambs and other darkly shining noir novels of dread This is a novel of almost unrelenting dread and horror It is heavy on psychological introspection, not just among FBI members searching for the Michelangelo killer, but visited upon every important member of the cast on both sides of the contest The author demonstrates a high level of ability to feed the reader a carefully orchestrated menu of informat [...]

    10. This story started off strong with an unnerving scene that only got disturbing The middle lagged a bit with romance thrown in but overall, I found this story to be a very good read The plot is suitably creepy with a sculptor manipulating dead bodies into horrific copies of Michelangelo statues.Michelangelo was an amazing historical figure and I loved how the author wove in tidbits surrounding his life Although not all statements made by the art historian heroine Cathy Hildebrant are facts, the [...]

    11. I was privileged to read and review Gregory Funaro s second book The Impaler , with is now available in bookstores everywhere It was one of those books that you can t put down The powerful story kept me wanting for .Now I have The Sculptor in my hands and can hardly wait to start reading.Sleepless NightsI loved this book and read it in 4 nights It kept me scared like The Impaler , wondering if I would have nightmares for months.You are immediately introduced into the details of the murder scene [...]

    12. I very much enjoyed this novel it s so much than just a serial killer novel While it did, indeed, revolve around a serial killer, what a great character he turned out to be As I ve said many times in reviews and on my blog, I like my bad guys to be great characters The Sculptor , who uses his victims to re create Michelangelo s greatest statues, is not only evil, twisted, etc but he is also a fully formed character As the plot of the novel unfolds we get bits and pieces of his history that make [...]

    13. I received this book in a first reads giveaway The Sculptor is a mystery book revolving around the mysterious murders that pose the victims as sculptures by Michelangelo With the help of Cathy, an art historian, Sam must fight to find the sculptor before he kills again Funaro s novel was an fascinating blend of art history and modern day mystery I particularly appreciated the research that went into the novel regarding the artwork of Michelangelo The plot line was quite interesting and kept the [...]

    14. Ahunt for a deranged killer begins when a replica of Michelangelo,s Bacchius , formed from human Corpes , is discovered in a Topiary Garden Special Agent Sam Markham calls in Cathy Hildebrant for her extensive knowledge as an art historian The sculptor use s his victims to recreate Michelangelo s greatest statues, he is not only evil , and twisted But as the story progresses we begin to fully see his character Rhe plot moved along nicely The settings where realistic kept me on the edge of my sea [...]

    15. Everyone has certain requirements that must be satisfied before they can move on to enjoy the rest of the novel I require a basic level of serviceable, if not necessarily good, writing, in order for me to move on to the plot, atmosphere, etc.With this in mind, I knew I was in trouble when I started reading about half Asian, half German smile lines in mirrors, and other indescribable awkwardness of phrasing and sentence structure, overly fussy descriptions, and the numerous signs of a very new wr [...]

    16. This book was pretty good, but a little far fetched There also seemed to be a lot of unnecessary foul language and general lewdness and I m not really sensitive to such things Still, this was free on the Kindle and overall it was a decent read.

    17. This a fast paced book that is hard to put down It sat on my table for a few weeks but since I started reading it, I have not been able to put down 317 pages in four day.

    18. This was a close call between a 3 and a 4 If we were going based on the killer alone, it d be a four but there were all those protagonists in the way, so we ll go with a three point five.Overall A fast, easy read I had no problem knocking it out in a day during lunch, and a little after work I was pretty pleased for the most part.Loved The Sculptor he was great The killer in this book is just so over the top and out there it s hard not to love him, even though he s doing such horrific things He [...]

    19. Agent Sam Markham and art history professor Catherine Hildebrant team up with the local police to track a suspected serial killer who is using his victims to recreate some of Michaelangelo s famous sculptures Pieta and Baccchus This guy is super creepy and so s his mother yikes He s also incredibly clever, which of course makes him nearly impossible to catch Enter Sam Markham My new favorite FBI agent.I would actually rate it 4 1 2 Taut and gripping storytelling, with a good mix of crime scene p [...]

    20. I think this is the longest I took to finishing a book I was busy when Uni started and left off reading it until I had the time Thus, the very belated review.The title and synopsis of the book really caught my attention I was expecting some really thrilling and chills down my spine roller coaster ride of a read, but was somehow surprised by its somewhat less suspenseful plot The murders were horrible of course but I just didn t expect the twisted mind of The Sculptor to be revealed so easily and [...]

    21. Someone is replicating famous sculptors by one of the great artist, Michelangelo Only this killer draws his inspiration from live human subjects Cathy Hildebrant has been called in by the FBI for her extensive knowledge as an art historian to help track down a serial killer FBI Agent Sam Markham has tracked down many serial killers but none like The Sculptor He will have to relay on Cathy to help him figure out the killer s next move as the bodies start piling up This book kind of reminded me of [...]

    22. I would actually have to have two reviews for this book.I am aware that a lot of people do not mind some of the things that I mind in books So, for those people, I would give this book four stars It was extremely well written I cried, I laughed, and I have to admit, when it got suspenseful, I had both my hands over my mouth The research that had to have gone into this book is incredible It was so detailed and brought up so many things that I didn t know The villain was disturbing, of course, but [...]

    23. I would give this book 3 1 2 stars There is a killer loose that uses his victims to make famous art by Michaelangelo He got the idea to do so from reading a book that Cathy Hildebrandt wrote about the famous artist Detective Sam Markham is on the case and tries to fight his feelings for Cathy as he tries to capture the rich, smart serial killer Can he do so before time runs out for Cathy This story started out great and I enjoyed how smart the killer was He was very believable to a point It was [...]

    24. I enjoyed this book with it s unusually creepy serial killer The thought of turning his victims into works of art mirroring those of Michelangelo was very disquieting The characters were very engaging The Sculptor was a very complex character, his many layers gradually peeled back for the reader as the story progresses The heroes, Sam Markham, the FBI behavioral analyst and Dr Catherine Hildebrant, whose book on Michelangelo has inspired the Sculptor s art , are a bit less complicated, but none [...]

    25. The Sculptor is a very good thriller of the serial killer as artist variety But being that variety of thriller, it is exactly why I rated this novel three and a half stars rather than a teetering four.In my opinion, the mad serial killer artist is way overdone I must have read three or four books in the last two years that use this approach For some reason, they also have a smart but lonely, usually recently dumped heroine and a smart but lonely hard drinking recently widowed detective There s a [...]

    26. I really did not enjoy this book The idea was grotesque, at best, and the bizarre serial killer was cartoon than person This is the kind of author who researches goats so that he can precisely describe a goat as being a Nubian, but who then demonstrates yards of ignorance by suggesting that an adult, uncastrated male goat s legs would work best as the lower half of the satyr in Michelangelo s Bacchus Male goats are big guys The legs would be ridiculously long It would make much sense to use th [...]

    27. OK, not that great The writing seemed to go to hell a few chapters in, almost like a different writer took over Things that especially drove me crazy Sam Markham, who had to be named with his first and last name through the entire fricking book the young boy Christian or young man or adult, but always the Yes, he used yes and no in an authorial intrusion way constantly, and yes, it drove me bonkers weird things like when the Sculptor called someone poopy head in his thoughts, which didn t seem t [...]

    28. A much better read than Mr Funaro s previous outing with The Impaler I m glad I I gave him the benefit of the doubt and hung in there for The Sculptor There was a maturity missing from the prose in The Imaler.The pacing was much better The characters engaging With The Sculptor the author relies on plot and believability than he did with The Impaler While I wasnt always sure of the science involved to create his scupltors I found the premise plausible, which is what makes any thriller a thrille [...]

    29. When I originally read the description for this book, I couldn t help but be intrigued Dr Catherine Hildebrant s expertise on the works of Michelangelo puts her side by side with Agent Sam Markham as they attempt to catch a killer dubbed The Michelangelo Killer The Sculptor since he re creates the sculptures of the famous artist.Funaro thoroughly develops his characters, which makes the book an easy read You get to know each character, good and bad, in depth, learning what makes the characters t [...]

    30. What a suspensful book I haven t read a book featuring a serial killer in ages and this book whet my appetite for such novels The Sculptor of the title, re shapes his poor victims to make them look like Michelangelo sculptures and then exhibits them He s clever, methodic and on a mission, and of course he is a troubled fella, if you could characterize an Arnold Schwarzenegger physique type of a serial killer like that I won t disclose the gory and hideous details, but I really liked how his own [...]

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