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The Village that Vanished By Ann Grifalconi Kadir Nelson,

  • Title: The Village that Vanished
  • Author: Ann Grifalconi Kadir Nelson
  • ISBN: 9780142401903
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • Young Abikanile and all of the villagers of Yao feel safe hidden deep within the African jungle But word has come that the slavers are on their way Abikanile looks to her mother and her grandmother for strength and guidance These two brave women come up with a plan to fool the slavers and protect their tribe But as the villagers retreat into the forest, Abikanile findsYoung Abikanile and all of the villagers of Yao feel safe hidden deep within the African jungle But word has come that the slavers are on their way Abikanile looks to her mother and her grandmother for strength and guidance These two brave women come up with a plan to fool the slavers and protect their tribe But as the villagers retreat into the forest, Abikanile finds that she too has the courage to help her people stay safe and free.
    The Village that Vanished Young Abikanile and all of the villagers of Yao feel safe hidden deep within the African jungle But word has come that the slavers are on their way Abikanile looks to her mother and her grandmother fo

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    1. The Village That Vanishedwas a delightful story about how a grandmother, daughter and granddaughter saved their villag3e from slave traders Children will enjoy reading this story while they follow along looking at the life like illustrations.

    2. The Village that Vanished is a powerful story about a small African village of the Yao people, whose inhabitants are trying to avoid being captured into slavery by another tribe As the book opens, we see the main character, a young girl, Abikanile, watching her mother pray by the river bank, and we learn that slavers are coming A plan comes to her mother as she prays, and she manages to convince the rest of the villagers to follow it They will dismantle all their huts and vanish like smoke into [...]

    3. This is a great book about courage It is set during the time when slaves were being stolen from Africa A woman and her daughter, when danger of their village being raided, come up with a plan to save it By putting faith in their ancient relatives and spirits, they are able to escape and go live in the forest Because of this, their village survives untouched It is a great book for African American young readers to take pride in themselves and their ancestors

    4. This book is very good it tells us about Chimwala the grandma Abikanile and Njemelje and the Yao people and the Slavers

    5. This story is about a village in Yao, Africa, which disappears because of the fear of foreigners taking over the people of the village as slaves The story is told in the style of an African folk tale, which is traditional to the custom of Africa These stories are told to others as a means of passing on knowledge amongst its people This brings togetherness and has strong meaningful proverbs The way the story narrates allows readers to go through a mythological journey through magic and mystery of [...]

    6. This story is an African tale about a village called Yao that escapes slavers by moving The village literally vanishes as the village people take everything they can carry and hide the rest The people stood back, then, leaning on their hoes, their tears wetting the soil where their homes had rested, as the smell of freshly turned earth rose about them The main characters in the story are a young girl called Abikanile and her mother, Njemile they guide their fellow villagers in an ingenious escap [...]

    7. This is a story about Abikanile and the villagers of Yao Their tribe lives in the African jungle where they feel safe and hidden from the slavers But, they soon find out that the slavers are on their way to come find them Abikanile is scared when they find out the news and she looks for strength and guidance from both her grandmother and mother With much planning, the women decide upon a plan to try and trick the slavers that are on their way in order to protect themselves and their tribe The tr [...]

    8. This is a wonderful story about the survival of a tribe, evading slave traders, due to the wisdom of a young girl and the courage of an old woman The story is enchanting and the illustrations are terrific I love the expressions, the displays of tenderness and joy, of awe and of wisdom It s a terrific story to read aloud, although I recommend it for older elementary school age children as it deals with the slave trade and is a bit long to keep a younger child s attention I was torn between giving [...]

    9. This original story reads like an African folk tale and stirs the imagination of how it could be true.During the time when slavers stole families from African villages, young Abikanile watched her mother pray for magic to protect their village When they were warned that slavers were coming, Abikanile s mother decides they must disappear and leave the village behind In fear they discuss, burning the village, but Aabikanile s mother says they must dismantle their straw hutches and scatter the mate [...]

    10. This book was an amazing story, the universal theme is tradition because the story that the book tells is being passed on from generation to generation.

    11. The book is about a little girl named Abikanile, who is from a small village in Africa Neighboring villages had been attacked by the men from the north They kill their villages and take everyone as slaves Her mom brought up an idea for the rest of the village to take everything they can and hide in the forest as the men attacked their village They ended up all leaving to the forest, but Abikanile s grandmother couldn t move because she was so old Her grandmother stayed and acted like a witch whe [...]

    12. Grifalconi, A Nelson, K 2002 The village that vanished New York Dial Books for Young ReadersAnn Grifalconi writes a cultural story called The Village That Vanished about a village called Yao who must leave what they know in order to get away from the Americans who are trying to capture them and put them into slavery.They are forced to find a way to leave where they are so they do not get captured Through spiritual prayer, magic, and mystery, they are able to escape from the slavers and safely re [...]

    13. I ve been sitting in on a 7th grade reading class The perks of having a student teacher Normally we get some reading time, but today the teacher read us this story.Maybe it s because I m a social studies teacher I loved the story.The teacher asked us to take notes I did.Then we paired up and answered some questions A bunch of the kids wanted me as their partner, but I sat out Since there was an odd number, I did get to partner with someone Unfortunately for her, I basically made her answer every [...]

    14. Summary The Village that Vanished is the story of the people of Yao, who flee from slavers by eliminating every trace of the village and escaping to the forest All of the hunters and lookouts have been captured and the slavers will come for the villagers next, where the women, children, and elders remain A child named Abikanile prays to her ancestors for guidance, then bravely leads her village to safety across a river Review Beautifully illustrated by Kadir Nelson, The Village that Vanished tea [...]

    15. Illustrator Kadir NelsonPublisher DialDate 2002Genre Historical Fiction CultureStrength This story shows the community and family values of an African village and how everyone works together to make things work This village worked together to hide their village and hide in the jungle so the slavers could not find them It shows the courage of one elderly lady in the village who stayed behind to turn the slavers the other way by confirming there was no one nearby but her, and the slavers would not [...]

    16. Abikanile and her family are hidden deep within the African forest but know that eventually they will be found by slave capturers They decide to pack their things and take down the huts in the village All but Chimwala who is too old and decides to stay in her hut The people come to a river but none of them can swim so how do they cross to safety they wonder Abikanile prays for a solution and just as she finishes her prayer stones arise from the shifting water and the tribe walks across Slave cat [...]

    17. Author Ann GrifalconiTitle The Village That VanishedPlot When the village of Yao hear that slavers are coming Abikanile and her mother and grandmother find the strength to help the villager move to safety.Setting In Africa in the village of YaoCharacters Abikanile, Chimwala, NjemilePoint of view First PersonTheme Strength and CourageStyle African Folk TaleCopyright 2002Notes This is a good African folk tale This book can be used to discuss courage and bravery.

    18. This story is told as though someone is recalling their tribes tale years after to the children of this village The reader is present in a mother s prayer, grandmothers brave stand, and a daughters courageous crossing of a river Through these lenses the author has beautifully captures the courage that is found in running ahead, making a plan, or refusing to move This story also gives faces to the emotion, struggles, and triumph of a people on the captive side of slavery in their own homeland.

    19. This is a story about the Yao Tribe and the story that was passed down about them being saved from slavery by having faith in their ancestors This is a little of a mature book with names that are really hard to pronounce and lots of words The illustrations are fairly dark and give a sense of secrecy which is a large part of the book I think the book is good and I think the diversity of it being a tale told down from generations is a cool element that includes a lot of faith and magic The audien [...]

    20. This is a historical fiction story about an African tribe who vanished in the woods instead of being captured by slave traders It is a powerful story of prayer, faith, and courage.My favorite quote old woman and a very young girl did what had to be done when their people were threatened They knew that once the ancestors have spoken, one must answer not only with faith, but with courage as well

    21. This book about a village trying to escape slave traders is a very cool one It incorporates family, hope, and family all into one book, and these three themes are essentially what save the village A little girl wants to look up to her mother and grandmother, who have both done noble things and have saved people She uses this inspiration to help her family and friends in their time of need It s really a combination of all sorts of great lessons.

    22. This book tells the story of a village escaping from men who want to make them slaves by tearing apart their village and going into the forrest I would like to use this in my classroom It is a great story to have available at any time but it would be very useful for a lesson on slavery since this is a perspective that our history books do not often address.

    23. I became acquainted with Kadir Nelson s illustrations when he did Salt in His Shoes and was investigating what other books he has illustrated when I ran across this title by Ann Grifalconi I loved its tie in to oral story telling and appreciated the brief notes The illustrations of native Africans were tastefully done in this touching story of ingenuity, bravery, and faith.

    24. I like the story line of this book I would definitely use it in an upper elementary classroom, as there are a lot of words on the page, and a lot of them are difficult since it is about a native tribe But i think it is a great story to show how these types of stories are passed down from generation to generation and are unique especially in tribes.

    25. This delightful story is about a young African girl who must dig deep to find the courage to help her tribe escape vicious slavers These slavers are getting closer to her tribe and they must pack up their whole village and hide This story may provide inspiration for the young and old.It showcases the following core values bravery,ingenuity,wisdom, and a keen sense of faith.

    26. This book has lovely illustrations and is a great story highlighting the wisdom of a family of women who save their tribe from slave traders I really enjoyed this book, although my 2 year old wasn t interested It would be ideal for intermediate students

    27. Kadir Nelson illustrated this book Ann Grifalconi tells the story in the tradition of the griot The Yeo tribe flees from the slavers Aided by ancestor spirits, the Yaos cross the river to safety.

    28. In a small African village, a tale of courage and intelligence, is told to remind the people of the bravery of one young girl and her grandmother, as village outsmarted the men who came to capture them for slavery Beautiful illustrations accompany this story told in a brilliant storytelling way.

    29. This book tells about a village who hides from people who are trying to catch them and sell them into slavery It shows the severity of the situation in a way that a child can understand This is a good book to read before starting a unit on colonial America or the Civil War.

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