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Seducing Stephen By Bonnie Dee Summer Devon,

  • Title: Seducing Stephen
  • Author: Bonnie Dee Summer Devon
  • ISBN: 9781607375197
  • Page: 420
  • Format: ebook
  • What does a jaded earl see in a studious young man Everything he never knew he was missing.The dark, alluring Peter, Lord Northrup, is Stephen s every nighttime fantasy made flesh and he s in Stephen s bed, ready for passion When Peter discovers the bedroom mix up, he s ready to leave, until Stephen begs him to teach him all the things he s only imagined The two men, viWhat does a jaded earl see in a studious young man Everything he never knew he was missing.The dark, alluring Peter, Lord Northrup, is Stephen s every nighttime fantasy made flesh and he s in Stephen s bed, ready for passion When Peter discovers the bedroom mix up, he s ready to leave, until Stephen begs him to teach him all the things he s only imagined The two men, visitors at a country house, begin a delirious, passionate affair with Northrup as teacher and Stephen his eager student Peter knows their liaison is about hot sessions of sexual exploration, not love and backs away when he sees shy Stephen s heart is involved Passion and commitment can t coexist for men like them But Peter is haunted by memories of the summer fling and the quiet young man he spurned He may have taught Stephen too well the lessons of a cynical rou.
    Seducing Stephen What does a jaded earl see in a studious young man Everything he never knew he was missing The dark alluring Peter Lord Northrup is Stephen s every nighttime fantasy made flesh and he s in Stephen

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    1. Can you believe this is the first book I ve read by Dee and Devon I can t either.This was a satisfying historical romance with some steamy lovin and a nice HEA.I loved the passion and back and forth between Stephen and Peter It was obvious these two belonged together despite the age and class differences If you never allow happiness to enter your life, you never have to fear its loss.

    2. Seducing Stephen by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon is a beautifully written love story that I hated to see come to an end I was captivated with both heroes from the first page and I happily read the book through to the last page without interruption.Lord Northrup, Earl of Stafford or Peter to his close friends has lived a somewhat cynical and colorless existence As a young man he d wished to find his own Prince Charming But, as he s gotten older, he s given up finding true love and actually being a [...]

    3. What happens when one realizes his own stupidity and shallowness the wrong in letting go the only good that ever came into his life a little too late or is it Or another who was willing to give his all with just the words needed to be heard or said taking the place from being shy, loving, baring his heart to give all to that one person to becoming coolrather cold, shutting his heart away and letting duty to his family suffocate him rather than living his own life as a young man starting out shou [...]

    4. Not really a fan of historical MM romances always to afraid not to get my so needed HEA But then, when a story is good, it s good.Seducing Stephen is about Peter, quite the rogue but also a bit bitter Lord, and Peter, a young lad who so much wants to live his life and his passion, but also very aware of his responsibilities toward his family and of his social status.I so much enjoy Peter who was so torned between his blossoming affection toward Peter but also his fear to ruin his reputation and [...]

    5. I just finished The Merchant and the Clergyman and felt that I didn t want to leave the historical MM world yet I saw that I still had this book by Dee Devon that I hadn t read yet, so decided to pick it up.Unfortunately, it felt a little bit too classic Harlequin esqe of young virgin man with an experienced older man trope for my taste I m not saying that Harlequin esqe is bad but it also not what I m looking for in my romance these days The whole teaching Stephen the world of sex thing results [...]

    6. Before I read m m romance I went through a four year period where I read only m f historicals mostly from the 18th and 19th century I felt a comfortable sense of familiarity then as I started to read Seducing Stephen, one that took a delightful turn into the ususual as the book progressed.The book begins with our hero, Stephen, being woken up in the middle of the night by a drunken earl, Peter, who has mistakenly arrived at the country house of his friends, the Pratts, on the wrong date Peter th [...]

    7. Beautiful, steamy story between Peter and Stephen with a lot depth and feeling than I expected It is unfortunate that I finished another book right before this one where terms such as older man younger were also excessively used and it made those similar terms here a glaring annoyance I still liked the book, but the persistent distraction prevented me from loving it.

    8. What a great love story It sneake up on you and it s just so sweet and real it leaves you with your breath expelled out of your lungs in a sweet tender way.Loved this MC S specially Stephen I just love his personality And the two together are just perfect The writing is flawless , the story was very very good.In that time it was difficult to have such great relationship but they managed it well Very believable story I enjoyed it very much, If you like this kind of story I highly recommend this o [...]

    9. Finding a boy in his bed, Peter thinks that nothing could be better Finding a Lord crawling into his bed, Stephen thinks nothing could be terrifying or thrilling But what is to be done when the room mix up reveals that Peter s rush to judgment may just be spot on or that Stephen is unwilling to let this glorious chance slip through his fingers Well, some lessons on the finer points of seduction and satisfaction would be nice start.When Peter finds himself facing the prospect of losing his heart [...]

    10. This review was originally published on my blog Joyfully JayStephen Peregrine is visiting the home of a school friend when he is suddenly awakened by a handsome man standing at his bed Lord Peter Northrup, Earl of Stafford, has drunkenly stumbled into his room after arriving the wrong weekend for a house party Peter mistakenly assumes Stephen has been led to his bed by thoughtful hosts, not realizing he is the innocent friend of their son Upon realizing his mistake, Peter quickly tries to leave, [...]

    11. Stephen is visiting his college friend s parents when he wakes up in the middle of the night to find a sexy dark haired man crawling in bed with him Stephen thinks it s a fantasy come true The man Lord Northrup thinks Stephen is his hired entertainment for the night Soon they find out there was a mix up, but as the Lord starts to leave, Stephen convinces him to go through with his anticipated night of entertainment And so the night turns in to a weekend of stolen passion and soon Stephen s heart [...]

    12. I like historical books and this was no exception I had already read The Gentleman and the Rogue by the same authors and I loved it This was very good too, but it was serious, it had less humorous moments Peter, the rake, and Stephen, the virginal young man, were interesting characters, but I think they lacked the dark anguish of Alan or the sincere passion Jem.I liked how the relationship between the two characters evolved, how the jaded Peter found the enthusiasm of his youth when faced with [...]

    13. This is a straightforward well written historical romance about an established nobleman and a young university student who come together for one night and both find themselves immeasurably changed by the experience The threat of exposure in a time where homosexuality was anathema hangs heavily over their relationship, driving them away from each other, but neither one can find contentment alone Both MCs are well depicted the experienced man facing the shallowness of his life, and the young ideal [...]

    14. A very good audiobook from a new to me narrator He does differentiate the accents so it is easy to tell who is speaking I love Dee and Devon s historical novels and this one was very enjoyable.

    15. 2.5 starsMy first by these authors Well written with a good story and solid main characters It s a pity I never got to care about them Never felt I was diving deep, I mostly floated on top.

    16. This book sort of took me by surprise First of all, the title doesn t really fit the book because I was expecting that it would be about yanno seducing Stephen, but considering that Stephen gives it up to the Earl on the first page, he didn t exactly need seducing I thought that I was in for a good old sexy romp and not much else, but that s where I was happily wrong, and slowly and surely an interesting and quite psychological little drama emerged from something looks at first glance to be fill [...]

    17. This book was a nice surprise for a m m historical Story of rich, handsome, jaded on love earl named Peter who meets a young, idealistic architectural student who begins to crack his jaded heart After introducing Stephen to sex, Peter takes off scared about what he is feeling Stephen gets his heart broken by his first love and goes back to his university However, neither stops thinking of the other and some chance encounters pull them back together We see Peter decide to take a chance on love an [...]

    18. This was a really nice Historical about an older rake and the virginal young man that captures his heart I liked both Peter and Stephen and was engaged throughout in their romance The authors did a good job with the different themes in the story, such as age, class, family duty and the bit of angst from Peter s past was also well done Very nice

    19. Spoiler Ahead This book was picked for me in a pick it for me challenge and I must say that my picker did a really good job with this pick While visiting a wealthy school friend Stephen wakes to find his bed invaded by a late arriving, drunken houseguest stumbling into the wrong room At first Lord Peter Northrup is only interested in the young man as a lusty diversion somewhere along the way a romance develops between the two Stephen realizes that this is his chance to be with another man so he [...]

    20. About 3.5 stars.This book reminded me of some of Ava March s works like His Client and some of her other historical regency shorts These types of books are fun for me to read, even though it s very stressful that any indiscretions in that day and age are not met with bigotry, but rather death The fact that the men in these books still risk such severe punishments in order to have lifelong happiness makes the stories intriguing and the romances special.Lord Peter Northrup is a privileged Earl th [...]

    21. 2.5 ish, although one star is solely for the older couple acknowledging infidelity is A Thing and it doesn t have to be The Thing That Destroys Everything I read The Gentleman and the Rogue by the same authors and it was a light, fluffy read, with if anything too much research or too eager a keenness to display it This seems like a first draft in comparison There are obvious anachronisms characters talking about their sexuality and sexual orientation before such things had ever been given name , [...]

    22. I certainly didn t love this one, but I enjoyed it I was really loving the heat between Stephen and Peter in the beginning Loved Stephen s initial innocence, yet he was still so certain in what he wanted I think my biggest problem with this story was that after Peter and Stephen s first weekend affair, there was a near half a year time jump where the characters completely changed Stephen was now the hard, jaded man, where Peter had turned into a soft, hearted romantic It was like a whiplash indu [...]

    23. A book that managed to hold my interest even though romance was pretty much the only plot That means there was some good and interesting writing going on.

    24. I saw a review for this book on Joyfully Jay s blog, and was so intrigued, I went and ordered the book for Kindle I then read the book in one sitting THEN, I got out of bed to write my review Believe me, getting out of bed to do anything is a big deal At first, I was a little skeptical of a m m historical I ve read plenty of traditional historical romances, and I couldn t quite figure out how the m m side of things would work Obviously these types of relationships had to exist, but they are only [...]

    25. Well, I didn t see that coming Usually I quite like these authors but this book did not work for me at all I never liked either of the characters I didn t think either of them had particularly developed personalities I never saw why they were the one for each other Their only connection seemed to be sex Honestly I got bored of the sex very early on, because the characters did nothing but have sex and I didn t even find it particularly sexy The age difference between Stephen and Peter wasn t even [...]

    26. I really like this author, but somehow I just couldn t get into the groove for this one I LOVE this author s The Gentleman and the Rogue But somehow I just couldn t find that spark, that click that makes you turn the page and wonder how this is going to turn out Don t get me wrong, the writing and plot both were entertaining, but I could barely keep my concentration while reading this one.If compared to The Gentleman and the Rogue I found this tedious.

    27. On the surface, this is pretty much porn with a plot and the first 30 pages or so I was a little disappointed since I wanted something with substance But I ve just finished the book and I ve got that achy heart feeling that you get when you ve spent time with lovely characters and their overwhelming need for one another that goes beyond the simple porny beginnings of the story.I really liked this story, probably than I think I did, but I m having a little trouble with the hurt in my chest that [...]

    28. A fairly appealing premise with a delightful absence of melodrama.I loved the opening scene of the book It was the high point for me with the steamy introduce the virgin to hot sex premise which always appeals to me.The story tapers off after the holiday romance runs its course I felt the story fell a little flat after Peter leaves and some of the sparkle from the story dimmed I wish we could have gotten to know Peter and Stephen better before the separation I would have felt connected to the s [...]

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