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Walker's Wedding By Lori Copeland,

  • Title: Walker's Wedding
  • Author: Lori Copeland
  • ISBN: 9780736927611
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • Abandoned by his fiancee hours before their wedding, Walker McKay is determined to never let a woman near his heart again, but he needs an heir to inherit his ranch after he is gone Courting someone new is out of the question, so he ll have to find a wife another way.
    Walker s Wedding Abandoned by his fiancee hours before their wedding Walker McKay is determined to never let a woman near his heart again but he needs an heir to inherit his ranch after he is gone Courting someone n

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    1. I really enjoyed this book While reading I tried to imagine the parts that were originally written for the secular market, and I m guessing the wedding night was elaborated on much in that version of this story At any rate, the entire novel captivated me, but without being too edgy You got the idea about their marital bliss at first based on implied statements Nothing was overt, but it was fabulously communicated so you still caught the emotional image of their experience I really liked the her [...]

    2. Walker s Wedding is a refreshing and adorable romance with plenty of humor The story begins with Sarah who, at the age of 25, is considered an old maid Every man that comes courting her wealthy father doesn t approve of or they are fortune hunters At this rate she ll never find a husband Sarah wants to marry and have children She is also desperate to get away from her controlling father and have a life of her own She wants to love and be loved and would do anything even be a mail order bride Wit [...]

    3. I really liked the book, a fresh breath of air, after reading a lot of books that are heavier in their story s I really like Lori Copeland as an author You get pulled in from the first page of the book and the story carries you on Here is the information from the back of the book Bestselling author Lori Copeland Outlaw s Bride and A Kiss for Cade weaves together elements of another classic Western romance with themes of redemption, forgiveness, and second chances.Abandoned by his fianc e hours b [...]

    4. This is the 3rd book in the Western Sky series but once again I would like to note that these books are not linked at all other than that they take place in the west The cover for this book is really distracting since the characters on the cover do not reflect character traits described in the book i.e long red curly hair I enjoyed having a nice good clean romance to read with reference to religion in making your life better I also got a real kick out of the bbq wedding Product Description Aband [...]

    5. Overall I enjoyed this book I was a tiny frustrated by the fact that I didn t feel like the switch of the brides was really a huge deal She wasn t trying to pretend to be Lucy or anything and all he wanted was a bride I didn t really see why it mattered other than the whole contract part of it, which if she would have told him and showed him when she received the letter from Lucy s parents should have put an end to that drama But I can overlook it with the fact that I suppose there had to be som [...]

    6. Circa 1870,Walker McKay owned and lived on his large spread outside of Spring Grass, Wyoming He d spent two years trying to convince himself he loved Trudy Richards and they were to be wed In a last minute decision, Trudy left town on horseback to follow after a man who sold bowler hats Walker was left to look like a fool and made a vow to never let a woman get close to his heart again.Sarah Livingston was an only child of a wealthy railroad owner, Lowell Livingston, who was widowed Mr Livingsto [...]

    7. After a near death experience Walker McKay, owner Spring Grass Ranch, is determined to produce an heir There s only one problem with his plan he needs a wife So what s a man that has been previously jilted by his fianc e to do Find himself a mail order bride Yet things don t go quite as planned.Sarah Livingstone, wealthy railroad heiress, has everything that money can buy, yet she longs for If only her father would allow her to marry, her dreams of becoming a wife and mother would be complete W [...]

    8. 3.5 stars This was a good story, not a great one I think the stubborn red head character has been done and over done in fiction That said, I liked Sarah However, I didn t love her I wanted of Walker in this story The affection between the two of them was sweet, when it they weren t fighting and I loved some of the humor at the beginning, but where did it go as the book progressed I liked watching Walker fall in love with his wife I did not like his inability to see what was going on around him [...]

    9. Lori Copeland s novel Walker s Wedding, is full of unexpected twists, occasional good laughs and romance Sarah Livingston, a woman determined to get married, with or without love, accepts to take Lucy Mallory s place as a mail order bride to Walker McKay, however unknowingly steps into a future that is going to test her, as well as those she has come to care about Walker McKay is a man scarred from the humiliation of his first wedding and is therefore determined to never trust a woman with the f [...]

    10. Walker s Wedding The Western Sky Series , like A Kiss for Cade The Western Sky Series here is my review was originally written as a mass market romance and then cleaned up and reworked for the Christian market It is the story of Sarah, the daughter of a rich man Sarah s dad will give her anything but what she wants most a husband and family No one is good enough for her She runs away and while on a train meets a young woman whose parents have basically sold her as a mail order bride That young w [...]

    11. I found this at the Logan Library The picture on the front evokes a modern day story It s not 1870 It was entertaining but not at all believable How could the juvenile behavior of Sarah Livingston possibly change so quickly She wants to be married SO badly but she doesn t act mature in the least kicking and screaming, pouting and whining, running away Yes, she makes some bad decisions, but they re forgivable and easier to resolve than the book would have us believe There were some interesting c [...]

    12. Walker McKay was a wealthy, rugged and handsome man who lived on a ranch in Wyoming His fiance had abandoned him on the day of his wedding and he was bitter and determined never to fall in love again Walker, needing an heir decided to go the route of a mail order bride Enter Sarah Livingston, a beautiful, wealthy over protected young woman living in her father s home in Boston who wanted nothing than to get married and have children When headstrong Sarah runs away from home for the umpteen time [...]

    13. I loved this story So many books portray women stand offish about marriage It leaves the impression that a woman who wants desperately to get married is a weakling and that simply isn t true I love this book for that reason Sarah is a heroine completely human and very believable Maybe its because I shared her dream of family that I understand her I also like that they didn t wait to consummate the marriage Another one of my pet peeves about marriage of convenience stories Of course, the whole pu [...]

    14. I love Lori Copeland s other books but this one was just o.k for me Sarah was a bit ridiculous at the beginning of the book and unfortunately she didn t show any signs of maturing all the way to the end The reason she ran away and decided to be a mail order bride really didn t make sense to me either She didn t want to marry any of the men her father wanted her to for various reasons but was willing to marry a man she knew nothing about who could have been far worse than any of her previous choi [...]

    15. WALKER S WEDDING, part of the Western Sky Series by Lori Copeland is as charming as her other novels set in the western frontier Sarah Livingston rebels against her railroad tycoon father and runs away from home in search of a husband Walker McKay decides he needs an heir for his family ranch and sends for a mail order bride When their paths intersect on the open lands of Wyoming, they provide the solution to each other s needs, but little else Walker keeps to himself, refusing to allow his hear [...]

    16. Walker s Wedding , by Lori Copeland, is a delightful, well paced Western Romance that will keep you smiling A Mail Order Bride story with than a few twists and turns, Walker s Wedding is funny, sweet, surprising and most of all, a wonderful reminder that the Lord has a plan for all of us We just need to keep an open mind and a loving heart available when the right person steps into our life What we wish for is not always what comes our way, but sometimes what we are lucky enough to receive is e [...]

    17. This one was borderline painful to read, esp the conclusion which was so very predictable And the big issue, Sarah lying about who she was Yes, it was wrong and Walker had every right to be mad, but what harm was done otherwise What was so horrendous that he would think that allowing her to give up her child and leaving forever just so he would not have to deal with her was all right AND in what universe did Sarah think that it was okay for her to give up her child like some commodity to pacify [...]

    18. When Sarah find out she is sent to uncle s, she runs away form home On the train she meets a girl that is being made to be a mail order bride, Sarah trades places with the girl She meets and then marries Walker He is not close he s been burned by women enough Walker starts to fall in love with Sarah Sarah tells Walker that she was not the woman he sent for and he feels bertayed and treets her like a stranger Sarah learns that she is pregnant with Walker s child a day after she tells him the trut [...]

    19. This was a cute read Heiress Sara Livingston also very spoiled desires to be a wife and mother, but her father finds everyone unsuitable or wants her to marry someone who is only after her money She runs away from home and on the train switches with a girl who is in love with someone from her hometown, but is being forced to be a mail order bride in order to save her family s farm Sara gives her the money the girl needs and then heads on to be Walker s bride Walker needs to marry or he will lose [...]

    20. One of the better in the series Sarah s sincere and compromising pleasing personality was fitting to the times Which is much realistic to me than other characters in Lori s books whom are spoiled and stubborn from the start After much heartache and compromising she finally decides to stand up for herself Some twists at the end made it exciting Classic Lori Copeland style, of easy Christian reading So far, in order of the series, this has been the best one.

    21. Poor Sarah wants nothing in life other than to be married and raise a family She is the daughter of an extremely over protective railroad baron, who finds all her suitors unsuitable She takes matters in her own hands and ends up as a mail order bride, but she s not honest with him and therein lies the rub Great story I kept going back to it all day and finally finished it Sarah is a powerhouse and her hero makes me want to slap him Lots of chemistry, but a clean read some kissing.

    22. I m not sure why this book is considered apart of a series but it was a fun novel The girls actions didn t make much sense to me Why would anyone want to marry the first person she comes across Then again, I was never a rich, spoiled girl from that time period It s still hard to believe That part aside, I really liked this book I love the mail order bride stories and how they come to know and love each other I d read it again.

    23. This book really surprised me it has everything a very interesting twist on the mail order bride scenario, enough suspense to hold my attention to the very end very well developed characters enveloped in a satisfying romance and it s readable in a day or two at the most I am glad to have chosen Walker s Wedding as my first Lori Copeland book.

    24. I know Lori Copeland is an established, highly regarded writer, but this, my first book of hers to read, was just awful I felt like I was watching the events from a distance the whole time and never felt drawn into it I didn t feel for either of the main characters A lot of her books sound good, but I don t think I ll waste my money or time on another one of hers.

    25. I loved this book There were 3 books in the Western series and it is a toss up between A Kiss for Cade and Walker s Wedding as my favorite These books are Christian books But they have funny stuff, sad stuff, real life stuff The books are set in the Old West, mid to late 1800 sThey are definitely worth reading.

    26. I really like this one I thought it was by FAR the best of the series It was a mail order bride marriage of conveniance book which I love Sweet, clean, romanceough I must admit I got a little impatient with the main characters by the end of the book I was definitely ready for them to live happily ever after Worth the read.

    27. DNF at 30% Not good Not good at all The characters were all extremely shallow and there was no point to the story besides the switch of the brides I knew next to nothing about Walker s character and Sarah s clingyness got frustrating really fast Thank goodness I borrowed this from the library and didn t pay for it.

    28. Finally finished Don t get me wrong I like Walker but good grief get over it She did tell you everything Stupid arrangements to fix the wrongs Never trusted Caleb from the get go Did Lowell give Lucy the reward Lord I hope not I actually expected her to get tied up with Caleb.

    29. This was a new author for me and I am now a huge fan I absolutely loved this story The author kept my attention and I didn t want to put the book down I found myself emotionally involved with the characters You know it s a good book when you cry.

    30. A story about a girl wants to have a husband and children of her own than anything in the world She finds exactly what she is looking for, but in an unconventional way I always love a book that can make me cry, and this one did exactly that.

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