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Lonely: A Memoir By Emily White,

  • Title: Lonely: A Memoir
  • Author: Emily White
  • ISBN: 9780061765094
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In a boldly honest and elegantly written memoir the first on this topic Emily White reveals the painful and sometimes debilitating experience of living with chronic loneliness In the vein of popular favorites such as Girl, Interrupted and Manic, Lonely approaches loneliness in the way that Andrew Soloman s The Noonday Demon approached depression, and lifts the veil on a mIn a boldly honest and elegantly written memoir the first on this topic Emily White reveals the painful and sometimes debilitating experience of living with chronic loneliness In the vein of popular favorites such as Girl, Interrupted and Manic, Lonely approaches loneliness in the way that Andrew Soloman s The Noonday Demon approached depression, and lifts the veil on a mostly ignored population who often suffer their disorder in silence.
    Lonely A Memoir In a boldly honest and elegantly written memoir the first on this topic Emily White reveals the painful and sometimes debilitating experience of living with chronic loneliness In the vein of popular f

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    1. The idea of this book was great And I was sincerely hoping that the author was going to have some concrete steps for handling chronic loneliness But ultimately, some of the points raised were even MORE isolating, like the fact that if you tell people you are lonely, they will see you as less intelligent, desireable, and attractive That really isn t going to make anyone want to open up and break this taboo subject In the end, the only way the author overcame her lonliness was, shocker, by meeting [...]

    2. Disappointing The author spends a LOT of time trying to differentiate between loneliness and depression, but I m really not sure what her ultimate message is She wants loneliness to be recognized and acknowleged as a real thing, but then what I m not clear on what her goals are The scientific parts of the book began to feel very repetitious to me, while the memoir parts were frustrating She seemed to always want or expect others to help her, but she was so unwilling to say what she actually nee [...]

    3. The idea of this book is much better than the actual written piece Loneliness is a problem that is becoming all too evident in modern society and kudos to the author for bringing this subject to light However, it s badly in need of an editing job It seems like she could cut about 100 pages out of the middle and still get the same point across She tried to include all of her own conclusions regarding the research she found and in the end, it reads like a rambling journal rather than a cohesive a [...]

    4. reads like a rambling journal rather than a cohesive and concise argument That was a comment from another posterI have to say, thats what makes this book so great For those that are suffering from loneliness, reading a book that explains things in ways that you may not have seen before is enlightening, but the fact that its like reading your own journal makes it that much relatable You begin to see loneliness as something real that you yourself could be dealing with, and less as something that [...]

    5. The reason why I like most people enjoy reading memoirs is because I long for the sense of relating to another human being I enjoyed reading this book and got a lot out of the author s own personal experiences Over the past few years, I have noticed a sense of loneliness in myself, and when a friend mentioned this book, I immediately wanted to read it I have a tendency to be independent almost to a fault, but lately, I m realizing that this part of my own nature doesn t entirely serve me well I [...]

    6. I can t remember how I came across this book but when I read the blurb on it on felt a connection to the author as I too am single, in my early thirties, have a busy job, enough friends but still have moments where silence is louder than it should be As a result I bought a copy and thought that this would give some insight into my situation, sadly though it did not On one hand it has helped me realise that the moments of loneliness I feel is nothing compared to the chronic loneliness that many o [...]

    7. Several years ago my husband and I moved to a new community I felt very isolated and an overview of my life made me feel as if I have always been lonely, an outsider from my own family growing up, later to become separated from my parents and siblings by distance, and then, with one of them, ostracization Then, as a stay at home mom that was busy busy with my kiddoes, I found it easy to neglect adult relationships My husband was always busy with his job outside interests Later, I became an empt [...]

    8. Most interesting of all the reactions this one generated in me At page 25 I would have cheerfully hit the author offside the head with a 2x4 what with all the whining I was frankly muttering STFU, STFU, oh, and just please STFU At page 50 I was wondering why, oh, why I wasn t directing said 2x4 at my own skull Nothing had seemingly changed in either narrative or tone, yet here I was turning page after page and neither putting the book down, offering myself any reason to continue with this work o [...]

    9. Four and a half stars I really liked this book and couldn t put it down It s part memoir, part scientific and analytical exploration of the state of loneliness We re not talking about just being alone, but a crippling loneliness and isolation alienation from fellow humanity I thought this book was eye opening, honest and informative Kudos to White for taking on such a taboo subject and for talking honestly about isolation and the human condition I hope a lot of people read this daring work.

    10. Title LonelyAuthor Emily WhitePages 352Release Date March 9, 2010Publisher Harper PublishingISBN 978 0061765094Genre Memoir Non FictionRating 3.5 out of 5 Summary Despite having a demanding job, good friends, and a supportive family, Emily White spent many of her evenings and weekends alone at home, trying to understand why she felt so completely disconnected from everyone In this insightful and soul baring memoir, White recounts her struggle to comprehend and overcome her chronic loneliness, a [...]

    11. Emily White, a successful, smart attorney, is suffering from something that looks like depression only it s not It s chronic loneliness even in the middle of a vibrant and peopled life In the same way that grief and depression can be intertwined yet separate, White suspects that loneliness and depression can be unique, distinct states Yet the medical therapeutic community doesn t recognize it as such, and offers no relief White, in trying to understand and overcome the condition, researches the [...]

    12. I found this book very powerful and personal I read it in one weekend, in every spare moment I had ironically, in between visiting with some of my closest friends, which definitely helped shore me up for an intense read Her thesis is that Loneliness is an affliction separate from depression or social anxiety although sometimes coincident , that it can affect one s mental and physical health, and that we need to learn about it, be able to talk about it as caregivers and as a society, and treat i [...]

    13. Where has this book been my entire life This book is nothing short of incredible Someone has finally taken the time to examine loneliness and advocate for it to be considered a separate chronic condition from depression, although the two conditions often operate hand in hand The most shocking revelation is how much loneliness can significantly shorten your lifespan Page after page, I find myself underlining my common experience of loneliness with the author As I read, there s both a sense of rel [...]

    14. Wow I could relate WAY too much to this book Reading it felt like looking at myself in the mirror On one hand what I read bothered me, and yet it also comforted melowed me to reflect and obtain clarity on something I ve struggled with for a long time I recommend this book to anyone struggling with chronic loneliness.

    15. She often wondered indeed if she had ever been, or ever could be, intimate with anyone Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady 1909 What does it mean to be lonely Emily White s Lonely Learning to Live with Solitude has been widely acclaimed as a brave and groundbreaking memoir on a topic that so the argument runs has become one of the most virulent taboos of contemporary Western culture loneliness That we have no shared language to describe the experience of loneliness is central to the argument of [...]

    16. Emily White s memoir was interesting, but definitely not a quick read White explores loneliness from the perspective of her own experience, relates experiences from other lonely persons, and also cites extensively from research and I confess, some of the research was a bit of a slog.In today s world, we understand and accept depression We know how to talk about it, and we sort of know how to treat it Loneliness, on the other hand, is not spoken of, or, if it does come up, is brushed aside White [...]

    17. Lonely Learning to Live with Solitude is a memoir in which author Emily White attempts to understand the chronic loneliness which has plagued her almost her entire life Boldly stating that loneliness deserves the same attention as other mental illnesses such as depression, she intertwines her own personal story with scientific data and accounts offered by other lonely people on their experiences Lonely is a 2011 release I d been greatly looking forward to, but I was somehow under the impression [...]

    18. Around the Year Reading Challenge Item 5 A book that starts with the same first letter as your nameThis book brought back so many memories of my time living alone I related a lot to the solitude White describes as she journals at her kitchen table, eats meals alone, forces herself to socialize and then finds herself uncomfortable when she does I read this book for the memoir aspect of it and was a lot less interested in the loneliness research had I known how much of the book would be an aggrega [...]

    19. Well, this book purports itself to be two things a memoir and plea, a plea for recognition of and resources devoted to, loneliness Throughout the book we get the personal story first, then loads of data and research about loneliness uncovered by the author I think the book might have been successful if these two separate agendas were kept compartmentalized About halfway through the book the memoir sorta disappears, subsumed by all the percentages and jargon and plea for acknowledgement of lonel [...]

    20. I had high hopes for this book that ultimately it did not meet It s a combination memoir, research review, and self help book, but the message is kind of muddled and unclear The author seems to vacillate between whether loneliness is caused by nature or nurture and seems to advocate for government programs to help the lonely, which I don t really agree with, especially if the tendency to feel lonely is inborn, as she seems to think Ultimately, Emily White determined that loneliness cannot be fix [...]

    21. LONELY is part memoir and part scientific exploration of the state of loneliness I really enjoyed the memoir part of the book, the science less so.I lived alone for four years in my mid twenties, and I would say I was slightly lonely during that time I had a great social life and plenty of friends, but I was missing what White calls the quiet presence of another person either a roommate or a friend that would just hang out without talking or actively doing things together Getting married has sol [...]

    22. I found this on another of my forays into the biography section at the library I m steadfastly not starting another novel until I finish it otherwise I know that I ll put it down never to pick it up again.It probably doesn t really belong in the bio section of the library It s like a book summarizing research on loneliness and interwoven in there is the author s own experiences with being lonely.Much of the book resonates with me I ve felt lonely most of my life as far back as I can remember At [...]

    23. Although I score below normal on the UCLA Loneliness Scale and rarely experience loneliness, I was interested in reading about the difference between loneliness and solitude White, though, really wants to differentiate loneliness and depression There was something I couldn t quite put my finger on about this book some missing piece or key I thought would describe her state Just when I began to think that the author s loneliness was the expression of a psychological disorder she confirms this it [...]

    24. Excellent book on the subject of loneliness as a psychological state and public health issue, which summarizes and highlights historical and contemporary views, studies, and debates I appreciated the fact that this book tries to be both a memoir and popular science psychology but I feel that it should have been structured differently Perhaps divided in half pure memoir separate from research The current organizational scheme makes for difficult reading That said, any moment I felt like putting t [...]

    25. I chose to read this book because loneliness is something people never talk about I thought it would be interesting because I never thought of loneliness as an illness, just a feeling I was hoping I d like this book but I didn t It was boring and I felt like it would never end White mentioned multiple times that loneliness is not just a side effect of depression she also mentioned various studies that had been done on lonely people to see how loneliness affects them, but it only seemed repetitiv [...]

    26. The title of this book made me not only grab it off the new book shelf at the library but I was also determined to give it as media attention as I was capable of I loved the author s notion that loneliness is something different than depression, and is a condition unto itself White, a former lawyer, pounds the pavement medical libraries until she finds research to support this Reading White s story and the stories of so many other anonymous lonely people she interviewed helped me feel a little [...]

    27. Despite the subject matter I thought this book might be inspiring lonely lawyer pursues real passion, succeeds as writer and a good way to explore my own loneliness White s personal story is interesting and White herself is extremely likable, but too much of Lonely focuses on research case studies which is informative yet repetitive I would have preferred memoir and less technical writing, nevertheless it s still a worthy examination of depression vs loneliness and various stages conditions of [...]

    28. I liked the memoir part of this book There were definitely things there that resonated with my lived experience, such as how loneliness can actually feel safer and how the thought of going out can actually be quite anxiety inducing I liked the discussion on how admitting to loneliness is really taboo I deliberately didn t take this book places , and the stuff around how society the media is actually contributing to it That being said, a lot of this book didn t work for me I feel like the main th [...]

    29. Not quite sure what to say about this book I tagged many pages with interesting snippets but in the end there weren t any firm answers to many of the questions the author herself had about how to end or help feelings of loneliness.

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