[✓ Dr. Rocksinger and the Age of Longing || Ö PDF Read by ✓ Jill Robinson]

Dr. Rocksinger and the Age of Longing By Jill Robinson,

  • Title: Dr. Rocksinger and the Age of Longing
  • Author: Jill Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780394509518
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Dr Rocksinger and the Age of Longing None

    One thought on “Dr. Rocksinger and the Age of Longing”

    1. Radio talk show interviewer Margot settles in CT with husband 3 thinking life will be idyllic After he leaves her life becomes unmanageable She has 2 teen children from a previous marriage who are enduring their own growing pains and problems Once Margot meets Hedy a younger up and coming rock star she starts to enjoy life, but she s still steadfast in her role as a mother figure The story spans about a year and ends with a Happy Thanksgiving gathering Found the story line interesting, the chara [...]

    2. I enjoyed this story, but I found the writing a little choppy In creating dialog, I think there s a fine line between making conversation absolutely realistic, as Jill Robinson tries to do, and making it readably realistic People do talk in a staccato kind of way, but I don t think dialog should be rendered EXACTLY as people talk Unless you re part of the actual real life conversation, it s hard to follow on the page I like how the main character grew from being alcoholic and needy to being sur [...]

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