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Last of the High Kings By Ferdia MacAnna,

  • Title: Last of the High Kings
  • Author: Ferdia MacAnna
  • ISBN: 9780140149098
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Frankie is sure he s not going to get enough points in his Leaving Cert exam to get into university He has the summer ahead of him to wait and nothing to do If he doesn t get into Uni he has even less of a plan His mother is a splendid character who insists that her family is descended from the High Kings of Ireland When a neighbour complains about the youngsters sitting on her wall, the mother orders the kids to get up and walk along the wall, saying they have every right to go anywhere in Irel [...]

    2. I don t read comedy very frequently, but sometimes a lighter work is appreciated and any opportunity to read a previously unknown Irish author needs to be grabbed This book does everything it says on the tin it is a most amusing account of a troubled adolescent growing up in an archetypal, suffocatingly anarchic family during a happier, innocent time when it was not a crime to give either siblings or offspring a good box around the ears Coming from a large Irish family myself I can testify that [...]

    3. This is the adventures a middle class Dublin Boy who suspects he has failed his leaving certificate exams High School exams and that he won t get into University and will have to emigrate to California He has one Summer before his results are out and he will have to face the music Set in the early 70 s his mother is a mad republican catholic and his dad absent due to his acting career There are a lot of stories contained within such a small volume, most of them with the potential of being funny [...]

    4. Reminiscent of Catcher in the Rye, this is a story of the varying moods of a Dublin teenager It s a short and easy read, but somehow never really works I never managed to get beyond a neutral reaction to Frankie, the central character, and aside from his 12 year old brother and maybe his mom, the other characters are not at all memorable.It is impressive, though, the extent to which the story reads as if much or all of it really happened I found myself wondering the extent to which parts of it, [...]

    5. This short book is a light hearted story of a family living in a small town just outside Dublin in the late 1970 s, mainly focusing on the elder child, Frankie Griffin, a character presumably based on the author himself Five kids, a Brit hating Republican mother and father who spends most of the book away as an actor on tour in the US, the main element of the book is 17 year old Frankie s coming of age, his friendships, scrapes, experiments with drink, drugs and girls.Written in a style reminisc [...]

    6. This is the book that the film Summer Fling Last Of The High Kings starring Jared Leto is b ased upon Having seen the film a number of years ago, I was intrigued to see how the book version played out The book is relatively small in terms of number of pages and so it didn t take me long to get through, plus having seen the film, I could identify the majority of parts as the chapters went on I won t be reading this again but instead am sending it to two Jared fans in Ireland.

    7. Amusing vignette of one family s life, and the coming of age of their eldest son, in Ireland in the 70 s and 80 s.

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