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There Are Mountains to Climb: An Inspirational Journey By Jean Deeds,

  • Title: There Are Mountains to Climb: An Inspirational Journey
  • Author: Jean Deeds
  • ISBN: 9780965148719
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • Highly praised account of a 51 year old woman s 1990s thru hike and the personal and recreational lessons she learned along the way.
    There Are Mountains to Climb An Inspirational Journey Highly praised account of a year old woman s s thru hike and the personal and recreational lessons she learned along the way

    One thought on “There Are Mountains to Climb: An Inspirational Journey”

    1. Very good book I ve read other books on AT Hikes and this one was very interesting This book was recommended to me by the wife of a couple who had completed a thru hike of the AT She was motivated to thru hike the AT after reading Jean s book While I think it would be an interesting and memorable experience, I do not feel the need to thru hike the AT as many others who end up thru hiking do before they set out on their journey Stories like Jean s restore my faith in mankind as you experience the [...]

    2. I feel lukewarm about this book I liked it when she revealed that she wanted so much to feel her dead father s spirit on her journey Then she realized that she was feeling him through the hikers who had helped her on the trail And she dedicated her hike to her father That was nice.But I missed the details of the walk the day to day happenings that embellish a story such as this one It s an incredible undertaking, and what always interests me is how each person is tested along the way I got gener [...]

    3. Probably the best thru hiker book written by a woman While she complains, like anyone who has hiked the distance, it is always with a positive spin on the perspective She is pragmatic, yet equally funny Always up for anew experience or encounter with a new friend She pulls no punches while describing her time in the woods Definitely a recommended read for lovers of AT adventures.

    4. I love these adventure memoirs, and this is yet another great one about a 50 year old lady who hiked the entire Appalachian Trail Inspiring I loved reading about her trials and triumphs and all the people she met and lessons she learned Very well written and interesting.

    5. I read this book back around 1996 and was so inspired by it, I attempted my own hike of the AT I didn t plan on being a thru hiker, but I thought I could make it 30 days Instead I made it 3 It was something I will never forget, and would do it again if I had company.

    6. A truely inspiring book about about a 55 year old woman who had no backpacking experience and quit her job to hike the Applachian Trail.

    7. Very enjoyable and interesting read I am so glad Jean Deeds documented her journey in life as well as on the trail Wonderfully inspiring.

    8. So, I don t know if this is really a 4 star bookbut I am developing a strong desire to hike the AT so for me, it was that good.

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