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Vicious Circle By Mike Carey,

  • Title: Vicious Circle
  • Author: Mike Carey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Felix Castor has reluctantly returned to exorcism after a successful case convinces him that he really can do some good with his abilities good, of course, being a relative term when dealing with the undead His friend Rafi is still possessed, the succubus Ajulutsikael Juliet to her friends still technically has a contract on him, and he s still dirt poor Doing somFelix Castor has reluctantly returned to exorcism after a successful case convinces him that he really can do some good with his abilities good, of course, being a relative term when dealing with the undead His friend Rafi is still possessed, the succubus Ajulutsikael Juliet to her friends still technically has a contract on him, and he s still dirt poor Doing some consulting for the local cops helps pay the bills, but Castor needs a big private job to really fill the hole in his bank account That s what he needs What he gets is a seemingly insignificant missing ghost case that inexorably drags him and his loved ones into the middle of a horrific plot to raise one of hell s fiercest demons When satanists, stolen spirits, sacrifice farms, and haunted churches all appear on the same police report, the name Felix Castor can t be too far behind
    Vicious Circle Felix Castor has reluctantly returned to exorcism after a successful case convinces him that he really can do some good with his abilities good of course being a relative term when dealing with the

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    1. A ghostly whodunit turned into a Hey, didn t you do it Some of the storylines were slightly meandering until we got into the meat, but they served to remind us and explore a bit of what makes Fix a tortured soul Of course, this is pretty standard fare when it comes to the Noir genre, and it hardly makes a difference whether the main character wields a gun and a whistle to work his magic, both figuratively and literally While it doesn t really stand out too far ahead in the UF field, it is an ent [...]

    2. 3.5 stars.For real it took me a month to read this book Well, it s mostly my fault I ve been slapped with a pretty severe reading slump, and that had nothing to do with this.That said, my rounded down rating does reflect some on that situation While this book didn t cause my reading slump, it didn t really help me pull out of it The story was excellent, and on par with the first book in the series I really enjoyed the plot and the characters, and everything tied together nicely.For me it was the [...]

    3. The second instalment in this series really picks up the pace It s a little bit of a kitchen sink plot at first but when it comes together, it does so in a fascinating way Felix has to make some very hard decisions I m curious to see how the repercussions play out.

    4. Something very bad is happening in London, and the rising of the dead is only the start of it The ghost of a child has been stolen from her parents home A man ridden by a demon has become even disturbingly violent A local church seems to have been invaded by a dark presence Ordinary Londoners have suddenly succumbed to bouts of horrific violence.The end is nigh and the demons have come out to play.It isn t long before Felix Castor is right in the middle of the game.Carey s books make for fantas [...]

    5. I ended up enjoying this one than I remembered This was my first time listening to the audio, and that I wasn t crazy about The narrator s voice was way too cultured for such a disreputable character, and if memory serves, Felix is from Liverpool If my memory of watching too many Beatles movies serves, this was most definitely not a Liverpudlian accent I missed my Fix He s a lot shady.

    6. Book two in the Felix Castor series another 3.5 stars These stories are a lot of fun I m noticing that each time I think the story is tying up, I look at Audible and see there are several hours left Carey can weave a story and keep you guessingr the most part Some aspects of the story are predictable, while others creep up on you and surprise you Plenty of ghosts and werewolves and various other undead, big helpings of mindless violence, and a few good doses of stark beauty Bring on book three

    7. I really like the the blend of mystery noir and paranormal occult in the Felix Fix Castor series The mystery element is the real meat of the story, not just a sub plot to carry the paranormal elements along In some ways Felix reminds of my favorite P.I Jack Taylor who is the lead in a series by Ken Bruen Although his backstory is a lot less tragic than Jack s, Felix regularly gets his ass kicked and somehow manages to get himself strapped up with enough banadages, booze, prescription drugs to ge [...]

    8. Mixed feelings about the book overall Fix gets interested in a missing person case which opens up into a multi pronged mystery The mystery had a couple of twists which I enjoyed.I did think there was improvement on the pacing of the book, but there was a point mid book where it bogged and I started to skim My trouble with Fix s emotional state continues He often realizes he could cooperate or play along, but obstinately decides not to even when it s usually to his detriment Often, he antagonizes [...]

    9. Eh, you know, this is perfectly competent urban fantasy Better than, in several respects The writing, in particular, is several cuts above the pack But it s doing that thing where the lone hero wanders around London alternately getting beat up and snarking at people Which is entertaining enough, but when it comes right down to it that s all you ve got because this guy is a lone hero, doncha know, so he has no real community or support system And what he does have will be stripped away by the sto [...]

    10. More of Felix Castor s adventures with ghosts in London, and a good read I liked the plot of this second book than the first, and I like Castor and most of the characters Barring the occasional overwrought simile and a couple of repeated phrases that should have been edited out, the writing is very smooth.The book does have some serious flaws I figured out who the bad guy was almost immediately and had to endure Castor s seemingly foolish ignorance The action scenes are highly implausible for a [...]

    11. This wasn t as funny as the first book in the series not that it was humorous, but he had a lot of dry humor in that one, and just not so much in this one The mystery was good, it had a few twists that surprised me, and I like the world with its mix of ghosts, zombies, demons, and ordinary people.

    12. This was good 3 1 2 but I won t bump it up because there were just too many histories and descriptive sides that took me out of the story and I had to think, what does this have to do with the whole In the first book, I let this go and thought of it a world building but he seemed to have of it in this second book More drift points, where you want to put down the book as the plot line has gone off on a tangent and you just don t want to have to wade through the history again, or laws of the magi [...]

    13. Okay I gave it 2 novels in the series I have liked several urban fantasies, and fallen into this trap before I wanted these to be books I d likebut I don t I hoped the second book would appeal to me , it didn t.Mostly I find the books too negative I m not saying darka lot of urban fantasy can be called dark, without being negative I largely find Fix annoying and really don t care for him a great deal of the time I get tired of his going on about what he doesn t know while rejecting out of hand a [...]

    14. Better than the first book with action, characters, and a intense plot This time the protagonist isn t quite as alone, he has a couple of friends but he still needs He needs someone giving him encouragement when he s feeling guilty about his friend Which I don t even get he tried to save him and the friend was just a narcissistic asshole who thought the normal rules didn t apply to him I was never really enad of his friend landlady and now I don t like her at all I like the main character a [...]

    15. Felix needs to find a kidnapped ghost while dealing with werewolves, demons, a Catholic secret society and the police.Lots of plot here and I can t really describe much of it beyond the blurb above without spoiling it There s quite a bit on Juliet and Nickie which is great and a little on Pen and Rafi We meet Rosie Crucis and the nasty Professor J J Mulbridge, both of whom were briefly mentioned in the first book, and look to be ongoing in the next one at least Relationships with the police ar [...]

    16. Kudos to Mike Carey for his cleverly written and highly original urban noir novel Vicious Circle Set in alternate London where the dead coexist with the living, exorcism is no longer the sole province of the Catholic church, and pesky ghosts and the occasional demon require the services of men like Felix Fix Castor a likeable bloke who s slightly down on his luck after suffering a few professional and personal hits to eradicate them For those like me who missed the first Felix Castor novel, your [...]

    17. I m tired of trying to draw hard lines around what is considered hardboiled or noir fiction and what isn t But this isn t it At all.This book, although comparable to Jim Butcher s Harry Dresden, is like the Miss Marples of urban fantasy Note Harry Dresden is also not noir fiction with magic, but is a pulp book likened to softboiled pulp like Ed McBain Mike Carey is the Agatha Christie of urban fantasy Carey used to write for Vertigo comics on the series Hellblazer, and was, in my opinion, was t [...]

    18. I was sort of luke warm about the first in this Fix Castor Series I enjoyed this book This plot is definitely tighter than the first, but its not overly clean in that it contains quite a few gaps as regards police technique and some faulty logic in the mystery itself But I don t let those details bother me too much if I m enjoying the story And normally, I don t notice them, so since I did, they re gonna be glaring to those of you who are sticklers about that sort of thing Somewhat disappointin [...]

    19. Again, this was a five star book If you are a fan of the Dresden Files, so far this is the closest thing to that flavor of book I ve found If you are going through withdrawal you should check this series out.I can t really find much wrong overall with this book I enjoyed it immensely Felix Castor has that sort of smarmy attitude that I find highly entertaining.The plot, like the first book, starts off as a typical urban paranormal type story that quickly turns into a mystery with plenty of plot [...]

    20. I read Mike Carey s The Devil You Know last year, was thoroughly impressed, and immediately wanted to read the sequel Unfortunately, it was only available in the UK and I m cheap so I waited for it to be published in the States.It was worth the wait Carey writes urban fantasy for lack of a better term , but it ain t your momma s urban chick lit No hunky vamps making the protagonist swoon, magic exists, but it certainly isn t earth shaking, and overall the world feels very real.Nope Carey writes [...]

    21. I really liked this Carey does a good job of making Castor s world real, and the loving detail accorded to various London locales and their histories helps Castor still feels a bit like Constantine with serial numbers filed off and a dash of Chandler added in I can live with that though it s an entertaining enough mash up The story itself is complex this time, and the stakes get very high At the heart of it is an attempt to rescue a little girl who has already been killed as part of a Satanic [...]

    22. Felix castor is a sarcastic, mountain of a man who was born with the ability to exorcize spirits from our earthly plain A dark, fun read about a paranormal group that are suddenly thrown together in order to help Felix bind and extinguish a demon entity, who has a hold on one soul and needs one innocent soul to return to our world The writing was good, had inventive characters, and the narration was fitting for the main character I think this is probably a good series for those that love this g [...]

    23. This tale of ghosts and demons is very complicated but fun to follow, very like a puzzle Lots of blood and gore, the ghost of a young girl, her parents, another man who claims to be her father, and most significantly a satanic group seeking sacrifices But why would they want a ghost for a sacrifice Interesting answers throughout Again, Michael Kramer does a extraordinary job of narration with many distinctive voices It s a pleasure to hear the story unfold.

    24. This was very good I mean REALLY good 4.5 stars and wow Its raw and gritty, creative and touching Its rare to get all of the above in a book especially in the urban mystical detective vigilante genre, where most successful authors sparkle with bravado and humor and follow a certain formula Not Mike Carey Felix Castor feels a lot genuine than his counterparts and his universe has a certain reality despite the obvious absurdness and horror to it this is very rare Mike Carey is an all time favorit [...]

    25. This is the second with Felix Castor and I liked it just as much as the first My only real comment is that I couldn t figure out why Pen his friend landlady was so pissed off at the end It was revealed by others as well as by Rafi himself that he Rafi invited Asmodeus in Felix tried to help Rafi years ago but didn t realize that Asmodeus was a demon and not a ghost until too late.At the end of this story it s clear that Felix makes the only decision he can regarding Rafi Asmodeus in order to gen [...]

    26. The second book in a series is a chance for an author to really show what he is worth People have already read the first book in the series and decided that they liked it so the job of the second book is to stretch the boundaries a bit and give you a taste of the potential this series holds Unfortunately this is an opportunity wasted for Mike Carey and his protagonist Felix Castor I ll state outright that this book was enjoyable, as far as these things go, and a perfectly good way to pass an eve [...]

    27. This was just ok for me I really enjoyed the first in the series Thought it was fun and different and I thought the characters were interesting I bought this book shortly after reading the first but didn t get to it for a long time All the things I liked in the first book felt a bit mundane in this one The story felt sooo slow It also felt too long I don t remember Fix taking so long to say thingsch unnecessary inner dialogue also bugged me I m giving it 3 stars as I liked it, but I often felt m [...]

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