[KINDLE] ☆ Peace Meals: Candy-Wrapped Kalashnikovs and Other War Stories | By ✓ Anna Badkhen

Peace Meals: Candy-Wrapped Kalashnikovs and Other War Stories By Anna Badkhen,

  • Title: Peace Meals: Candy-Wrapped Kalashnikovs and Other War Stories
  • Author: Anna Badkhen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A memoir of a young woman who travels as a war correspondent to the most dangerous places in the world and connects her experiences through food.
    Peace Meals Candy Wrapped Kalashnikovs and Other War Stories A memoir of a young woman who travels as a war correspondent to the most dangerous places in the world and connects her experiences through food

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    1. Badken has lyrical way of describing friendship in impossible war torn places I love how she closes the book stating that being in a state of war intensifies ones emotions to one of absolutes.I love this book because it focuses on war through rose colored glasses of unity between allies via having meals together It is amazing what war correspondents go through for a story The only way I can explain why these people are attracted to war torn countries is that they love the rush of war Having said [...]

    2. If you re going to read a book that matters this year, this is it It s a thoughtful collection of stories from a foreign correspondent war reporter about the basic thing that unites all, whether we live in a war zone or not the need to eat I may be biased since Anna is a good friend, but you will really be drawn into the stories and personal experience she puts in the writing She is against Bush, but also against Saddam so don t expect any politics here Just an eye witness account of war does to [...]

    3. An intriguing premise, but disappointing in style and content neither the insights nor the recipes offered seemed to be than war reporting with a sensationalist domestic slant I read this story by story, with long gaps between, and found the insights sad, occasionally tragic, but predictable The writing is choppy, which should not be surprising, as the author is a journalist and presumably works short articles to a deadline.

    4. A very fascinating book by using cuisine to reveal the cruelty of wars There are many culture things that really amused me

    5. My absolute favorite excerpt from the book The Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski wrote about his visit to Nagorno Karabakh during the genocidal war there between Azeris and Armenians The Table should always be set with whatever one has, with whatever is at hand, just so that it is not bare, for a table s nakedness alienates people, freezes conversation But the wars I have witnessed, a set table or a dastarkhan, or a plate or simple a palm holding forth some morsels was always than a prop, [...]

    6. I was expecting this book to be solely about Afghanistan and Iraq It started and ended there, however the author included time in Africa as well as in her native Russia.I really liked the recipes at the end of each chapter almost makes it of an interactive book and, honestly, I enjoy recipes that have a story with them.I also enjoyed recognizing some war situations she discussed in this book that I had read about in other books Her perspective, of course, being different.I found it a fairly qui [...]

    7. Peace Meals, Candy Wrapped Kalashnikovs and Other War Stories by Anna Badkhen was easily one of the most intriguing reads of the year And it s one that I recommend to everyone It s fantastic While reading this I laughed out loud, gasped, cried, and marveled at the strength, grace, ferocity, cruelty, kindness, madness, and love expressed by the people I encountered in its pages Badkhen, a war correspondent for a US paper, has covered the wars in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, the genocide in Rwanda, [...]

    8. Anna Badhken impressed me both with her ability to turn a phrase and with her insistence on finding the human hearts beating relentlessly on in the midst of war before I picked up Peace Meals In fact, that s why I picked it up in the first place, because let s face it a war memoir full of recipes is clearly quirky and could easily slide into maudlin sentimentality at the snap of a culinary finger But Badhken manages to pull it off, beautifully She takes us with her into the lives of the people s [...]

    9. The theme for this book was promising discussing the author s experiences she is a war correspondent for a couple of major American newspapers in the countries from which she reported Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya through the meals she had with the people she had met Unfortunately, unlike the other food memoir I had recently read Bento Box in the Heartland by Linda Furiya , this book was not very cohesive The author would have a good story and then, realizing or remembering what her theme was for [...]

    10. Badkhen perfectly balances her experiences as a journalist traveling through a variety of war torn countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan, and highlights the personal stories of the people she encounters, from ordinary civilians to U.S soldiers Many of her stories are centered on the meals she shared with the people she met She includes many of the recipes from those shared meals as well as many from her childhood in St Petersburg, Russia.There are many books that focus on the war and the bat [...]

    11. This book should be required reading We must remember that most people just want to be at a table eating something tasty with their friends And that they are not different from us.

    12. A difficult read for tender hearts I agree with other reviews that it was at times disjointed, but, despite the fact that I had to make myself continue from time to time, the authenticity overrode both dissatisfaction with the style and distaste for the terrible things that go on in this world I have only tried one recipe so far, but it was good and something I would never have made otherwise.A quirky and valuable book something those of us who live in relative peace and rarely miss meals should [...]

    13. Badkhen, an experienced journalist, relates experiences from her time in Russia, Jordan, Iraq and Afghanistan, threaded together with the universal experience of food a candy bar given as a bribe, meals eaten with a translator s family while gunfire roared outside, binge drinking in Moscow while waiting for news of the theater hostage catastrophe, the meals served on US bases, feasts Afghans insisted on having for her American husband who resembled an Elvis level Afghan singer who had died in 19 [...]

    14. You know, while the senselessness of war and difficulty of bridging cultural divides is hardly unique territory to cover, the linking of it all with food is at least an interesting angle Was it a link successfully made Not always, but that doesn t mean this wasn t worth reading The author s Soviet heritage also added some interesting anecdotes about corruption Fact I didn t know American soldiers in Iraq have over cooked lobster tails and steak dinner every Friday night.

    15. I m trying to read books written by women especially Western women about their war experiences This one is heartbreaking and very good I m looking forward to trying several of the recipes, especially the dolma stuffed grape leaves , the various zakuski Russian appetizers to eat while drinking vodka, and Shatha s Special Chicken aka Tbeet roasted chicken with spiced rice stuffed under the skin.

    16. So far an excellent piece of war journalism that highlights the essential humanity of people even in desparate times Badken is a terrific writer.Just finished It lived up to my initial good impression Some of the bst war reporting I have read because it is so human.The food cionnection is a major part of they story and Badken s ear and eye for those around her is another Makes me realize how lucky we are here, even when it s not perfect.

    17. This book made these war stories accessible to me The raw humanity evident in each of the people and families the author came in contact with overwhelmed me Beautifully done I ll read this memoir again one day soon From the epilogue It was a celebration of the verity that war can kill our friends and decimate our towns, but it cannot kill our inherent decency, generosity, and kindness that which makes us human.

    18. Revealing life going on through and despite the war, despairing and hopeful at the same time Despairing in this fear filled land and time, human touch is so often motivated by selfish personal fears and with a position of power, the ability to translate that fear into violence and cruelty inflicted on others Hopeful we continue to continue.

    19. Sometimes in the war stories reportages you don t see the real people inal people Because this journalist has connections with all of the heroes of the book you read their stories with emotion, with the kindness that author has in herself Huge kudos also for recipes which make you want cookor just eat all those meals.

    20. Peace Meals is by a Russian born US immigrated War correspondant She tells of her expierences in Iraq, Afghainistan, Kenya etc through the lens of meals she shared with people she met there Amananda, I thought of you with your love of cooking and homeschooling She gives receipts of the meals she shared with her friends met around the world Most of them seamed simple and unique.

    21. About a reporter who has covered many conflicts worldwide, in this book you become educated about the different conflicts and also have the added pleasure of a few great recipes that she shared with the different people through out her travels.

    22. Exceptional stories of the unflappable spirit of those caught in the grips of civil war, or subjected to the deadly greed of corrupt governments and violence of local warlords I definitely recommend.

    23. This was an enjoyable read the author stitched together meaningful experiences she encountered as a war corespondent with recipes Getting a less than objective point of view from war torn Afghanistan and Iraq was most interesting.

    24. Journalist views war correspondence from her experience with sharing meals while on assignment You might think that would make the stories women focused but that s not her take The concept is better in theory than this manifestation but still a worthy read.

    25. This book had a lot of interesting stories but I didn t want to read them all at once I have it back on my shelf for times I want Just one story to read.

    26. If you want to know what it s like being a female war correspondent, this book will give you a good idea with recipes

    27. A story of friendships forged in war over meals The recipes and stories reflect the writer s varied background and travels I can t wait to try some of the recipes

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