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When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered By S. Michael Wilcox,

  • Title: When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered
  • Author: S. Michael Wilcox
  • ISBN: 9781590385869
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tens of thousands of women in the U.S and Canada have laughed, wept, and learned together at Time Out for Women events Now you can share the spirit of those occasions with these Time Out mini books Each contains a favorite presentation designed especially to uplift and teach When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered offers piercing insights into the Lord s dealings with His chTens of thousands of women in the U.S and Canada have laughed, wept, and learned together at Time Out for Women events Now you can share the spirit of those occasions with these Time Out mini books Each contains a favorite presentation designed especially to uplift and teach When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered offers piercing insights into the Lord s dealings with His children, and helps us learn to trust His timetable.
    When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered Tens of thousands of women in the U S and Canada have laughed wept and learned together at Time Out for Women events Now you can share the spirit of those occasions with these Time Out mini books Ea

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    1. This book is only about 60 pages but those 60 pages pack a punch A spiritual punch of course I loved it It was a great read for anyone who has ever felt like God isn t hearing you or has bad reception Favorite part of the book was when Wilcox talked about The Fourth Watch A New Testament day was divided into twelve hours, beginning at six in the morning The third hour would be nine o clock, the sixth hour would be noon, and the eleventh hour, though we visualize it as being just before midnight, [...]

    2. Loved this book Particularly 3 of the insights.1 The reminder that God only gives good gifts to His childrenat sometimes the gift He gives us is not the gift we expected or wanted and we consider it to be a stone instead of bread, a scorpion instead of an egg Luke 11 11 13 He talks about C.S Lewis who said there are two types of goode expected good and the given good If we aren t careful, we may turn the given good into something bad through our attitudes.2 He shares the story found in Mark 6, J [...]

    3. I started taking a class from S Michael Wilcox recently He s officially retired from teaching institute, but he still teaches on Wednesday afternoons in a stake center in Draper, just for fun I was told that he s been teaching there for around 15 years It fills up in the chapel, and way into the overflow Mostly it s older people, probably because the time of day 1 30 3 00 is not easy to attend for people with jobs or moms with little kids, or kids in school And babysitters are all still in schoo [...]

    4. I came across this book at a time in my life when I was discouraged and needed to feel that my prayers were being heard There s a lot of helpful information in this short book.It s hard to explain but I like this description from Deseret Book The wind was fierce, and the disciples of Jesus had long rowed against it before the Lord finally came to them, walking on the water in the fourth watch of the night somewhere between 3 00 and 6 00 A.M In this talk on CD, Michael Wilcox compares this with o [...]

    5. Really uplifting Loved the examples he uses, both scriptural and personal, to illustrate his points I feel like I should go back through this book again with my scriptures open and make some margin notes to remember the principles in this book.

    6. Another home run by Wilcox His writing style is very easy for me to read and absorb He addresses the hard questions without coming across condescending or demeaning.

    7. Excellent, short read full of insightful perspective on patience and the Lord s timing by Bro Wilcox I loved this book.

    8. I don t know that Janene recommended this book to me It was on the dresser in her bedroom it jumped out at me Books things tend to do that to me.I read it in one sitting Rather had to, I didn t want to borrow it I was only staying at her house one night It was fantastic easy to read in one sitting.Why did I think it was fantastic For one thing, I ve always heard that faith without works is dead When we pray, we have to have faith that what we are praying for will happen We always want our prayer [...]

    9. I was not expecting to fall in love with this book I picked it up because it was in a bibliography of another book I was reading, and it s only 62 pages long Wilcox takes verses of Scripture that I have breezed past a million times before and turns them into beautiful, sweet and very poignant lessons This very short book is much than about praying It is about how the Lord is ever watchful and mindful of us and will turn our bitter tears into wonderful joys I wish I had the money to buy this for [...]

    10. Thanks for the recommendation H Metcalf That was a great little 62 page bit of inspiration He s kinda funny and I d like to read of his work SEEM may be the key word in that title The bad news is Life Happens The good news is that it is usually hollowing a place out in our heart for us to be able to receive Gods answers God only gives good gifts Bad news, they may not be the expected gift Good news, always a good gift God will turn all things in our life to good I am Alpha and Omega, the beginn [...]

    11. This is a very quick read based on a Time Out for Women presentation and other talks he s given, but it is actually very good There are some silly moments it s necessarily superficial since it s mostly from talks but the book is filled with short chapters covering different reasons we may feel our prayers are unanswered He doesn t go too deeply into anything, so don t expect hard and fast answers As with any church book, he is just presenting his own thoughts, opinions, and what has helped him M [...]

    12. This is a tiny book, like an essay really This book was recommended to me as one of the best books someone had ever read on the subject I found it very unsatisfying The arguments were weak and I could tear them apart easily It basically argues that God s approach is to not answer your prayers until the last minute But this case is weakly constructed by a metaphor that doesn t seem to prove anything and there are so many counter examples to this that I can t see how you can conclude that this is [...]

    13. I am torn between three and four stars on this one In places I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book In others, I like this book The author s thoughts on the story of the brother of Jared were for me really life changing It s a beautiful lesson that we all need to be reminded about S Michael Wilcox tells it with a sense of humor that causes one to laugh and then smile sheepishly as they recognize their own self in his slightly irreverent tone I did feel that the end of the book dragged a bit but I am not s [...]

    14. I admit it I am a Michael Wilcox groupie My husband and I have listened to his talks on cd for several years I attended a Time Out for Women, in which he was one of the speakers He is one who speaks to my soul A sister in my ward who is going through some difficult times was given this book, and she said that although it is short, the book was just what she needed, and it gave her some of the answers she had been seeking I was surprised I had never read it before I got a copy, and read it in jus [...]

    15. This was an incredibly short book, full of short chapters teaching how we need patience when seeking answers to prayers Each chapter relates a story from the scriptures that helps us understand how the Lord works to answer prayers One chapter was straight from his TOFW talk I heard a couple years ago and loved This is an excellent book to help us remember that we are still heard and loved, even if our prayers aren t answered as quickly as we d like, and helps us understand why the Lord sometimes [...]

    16. Michael Wilcox is a great speaker and writer Some people are great writers and aren t as gifted as speakers Others can speak but don t excel as writers So if you get a chance to either read something by Michael Wilcox, or hear him speak I recommend both Michael Wilcox s approach is very tender and sensitive I like that he is that way that s really who he is, it s not an act He s very sincere There are answers in this message I m not going to give it away I can just say emphatically you won t be [...]

    17. A short blip of a read, this book is a Time Out Classic meaning Time Out for Women If you want something short, inspirational, AND funny, opt instead for another Time Out Classic called Confessions of an Unbalanced Woman, by Emily Watts I love that book When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered wasn t horrible there were worthwhile insights but I didn t like it It was overall unhelpful, which is a real problem because most people who pick up this book will be in real need But most other people who read [...]

    18. This book my mom recommended to me I was having a really hard time after my divorce, and nothing was going right I didnt want to read the book because most books she lets me read, i learn nothing as I started out on the book, I didn t like it but I just kept reading, by the end I actually got a lot out of it The only thing I didnt like about it, is there was a lot of scriptural referencesI need inspiration from an author And Its easy to put in references thats the only downfall about it.

    19. I have read or heard several versions of this mini book and I ve loved them all A great book to help you remember that our prayers really are heard and answered but in God s time and in his way Wilcox talks about God as a fourth watch God and reminds us that if our prayers aren t answered right away to remember that we are tight like unto a dish we won t sink Loved this book If you want to feel a spiritual lift this is the book to read.

    20. What a unique perspective to the scriptures God doesn t leave us to fend for ourselves alone, and everything that happens can be to our good if we permit Him to work our lives without interference from us.I could hear myself in his words, and the author s counsel from the scriptures is soothing to my soul Thank you for writing such a great short book that addresses my concerns on the matter.

    21. This is just a short little book that talks about why the Lord waits sometimes to answer us He knows we need to grow Also, a confirmation of a thought I ve had before that, even if things may seem in this life and we wonder how it will all be sorted out, we don t need to worry As long as we live righteously and stay close to Him, eternity will make us happy We don t need to worry about how or what that means, just that He does know, and it will be wonderful.

    22. This is a quick short book but so good, it gave me a lot to think about This is actually the transcript for a talk that I have on CD called The Fourth Watch I loved listening to it and was excited when someone gave me this book, I started reading and recognized it immediately as the same talk I loved listening to It only takes an hour or so to read I need to re read it occasionally to be reminded of the important principles taught.

    23. This book really made me think It touched me in so many ways that I can t describe It s a very small book with only 62 or so pages, but it makes a big difference if you really think about what was written and how it affects our lives and the world we live in It s a great read with wonderful information.

    24. This is one of my favorite books So simple, and easy to read The message is powerful and inspiring Every time I read it I am calmed My spirit rejoices at the plan I often question why life is hard and God allows bad things to happen, and this answers so much of that I am truly glad God is in control and not me.

    25. A very short, but good book, about prayer He says that we worship a fourth watch God , referring to an episode in the New Testament where the Lord s disciples were in a boat, during a storm, rowing for several hours, and he let them do that until the fourth watch He explains that s when and how we receive growth.

    26. Beautifully written Fast Full of hope If you struggle to understand Gods love as it applies to your pleadings for help thru prayer, then this book will help He teaches thru scripture, the patterns of God perfect love and how and when God will answer your prayers A book FULL OF HOPE every Bishop should learn these principles to help in his calling.

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