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The Breakout Novelist: Craft and Strategies for Career Fiction Writers By Donald Maass,

  • Title: The Breakout Novelist: Craft and Strategies for Career Fiction Writers
  • Author: Donald Maass
  • ISBN: 9781582979908
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The all inclusive guide for novel writersIf you re serious about making your fiction vibrant, engaging, and marketable, you ve found the right book The Breakout Novelist gives you the craft and business know how you need to make your book stand out.Inside, veteran agent Donald Maass brings together the most innovative and practical information from his workshops and previThe all inclusive guide for novel writersIf you re serious about making your fiction vibrant, engaging, and marketable, you ve found the right book The Breakout Novelist gives you the craft and business know how you need to make your book stand out.Inside, veteran agent Donald Maass brings together the most innovative and practical information from his workshops and previous books to lead you through every aspect of setting your novel apart from the rest Maass shares examples from contemporary writers across all genres to equip you with the strategies great writers use to craft great fiction from core fiction writing elements like character, setting, description, and plot, to advanced techniques including point of view, voice, and suspense Plus, you ll find over 70 practical exercises to help you move your writing from blah to breakout.You ll also learn from Maass experiences over than three decades in the publishing industry Get straight talk from an insider about agents, contracts, how the industry is changing, and how to be the kind of author who builds a successful career book after book.Get the best of Maass expertise and instruction in one easy to use reference.
    The Breakout Novelist Craft and Strategies for Career Fiction Writers The all inclusive guide for novel writersIf you re serious about making your fiction vibrant engaging and marketable you ve found the right book The Breakout Novelist gives you the craft and busine

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    1. While this might not have been my absolute favorite book on writing, it ranks up there with some of the best I especially appreciated the passion he espoused for simply writing a damn good book above and beyond any other consideration Sounds simple, no Well the advice is taken across a wide board of problem areas, be it agents, editors, publishing platforms, and best of all, every writer s worst enemy themselves Never get complacent Don t aim for status Aim for great storytelling and the rest wi [...]

    2. Veteran agent, Donald Maass has put together another valuable book for writers I m not surprised If you ve read any of his writing books, then you know it s some serious stuff for serious writers A must have for fiction writers of all levels.If you re determined to learn how to be a breakout novelist, this is the book for you This comprehensive writing reference can help whether you re ready to submit or are just now learning the craft Donald s words of wisdom will lead you every step of the way [...]

    3. I ve been reading writing books since I started writing Some of them are really helpful, they have helped me improve my craft, fix a couple of recurring flaws, adjectives, show verses tell, that sort of thing After you ve read thirty plus writing craft books, they all kind of start to feel derivative Actually you start to skim Not with this book It s insightful, relevant and offers the greatesr example of craft pieces done well Not only does it stop there, it talks about the business of writing, [...]

    4. I loved Donald Maass last book, Writing the Breakout Novel, and the title of this new one intrigued me How timely, with the empowerment of writers by self publishing on Maass thoughts on self pubs later and digital book sales blowing past traditional offerings Data shows a slew of new authors emboldened by a successful novel success being a relative word who want a career in writing I wanted Maass thoughts on the viability of that as well as how to do it.For those of you who don t know Donald M [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this one, and I learned a lot If anybody has the right to teach how to write, it s the people who buy books, represent books, and sell books Are movie ratings written by other actors and actresses and directors No Are sports writers league champions No Are museum curators artists themselves.No Then why is writing any different I ll never understand where the logic arose that only writers can rate other writings It s absurd, and it s flawed Any writer who feels that readers are t [...]

    6. The Breakout Novelist by Donald Maass published by Writers Digest is about the factors that make a book become a best seller.It s mostly about what characteristics a book or story needs to have to move beyond mediocre or good to really great.Donald Maass is a well known agent editor who has helped several famous authors toward breakout success He s seen lots of books and knows what makes them great.I really enjoyed the chapters in this book that deal with writing help How to create characters th [...]

    7. Regardless of how long one has been writing, good how to and inspirational books on the topic can offer fresh perspectives and solutions to problems with a manuscript Every writer needs to pause and reflect on where they ve come and where they want to go Every writer has weaknesses and concerns that need to be addressed before obtaining the type of contracts and sales that will enable them to earn a living from their work The Breakout Novelist book can help.I like that it addresses published aut [...]

    8. Rating 4.5 The Breakout Novelist is a fantastic handbook that should be on every writer s desk It should be marked up, highlighted, paper clipped, and sticky noted if that s a word Let s pretend it is There is so much great advice and information in here it would take weeks and multiple readings to really get it all but it s not meant to be read through from start to finish It s a handbook, workbook, dictionary type tool There are many categories such as plot, theme, characters, chapters on voic [...]

    9. The first half of the book was mostly repetitive if you ve read a lot of books on writing craft which, in the last year, I have , but the last part of the book in which Maass deep dives into publishing, from agents to editors to contracts to how to make sure you re getting the best rights for your work to why getting paid a lot for your book can actually hurt than it helps, is invaluable.

    10. Incredible So much helpful information So many tools to help your writing.This may be the best and most helpful writing book I ve ever read.

    11. Thoughtful and instructive, I felt like I ve learned so much in reading this book and revisit it often The exercises are filled with insight.

    12. This may be one of the best non fiction books on writing authorship that I ve ever read Don Maass not only addresses a number of craft issues that explain breakout novel successes, but also discusses long term strategies that have helped or hurt authors hoping to build long term careers One of my favorite quotes In both life and fiction, when people act in ways that are unusual, unexpected, dramatic, decisive, full of consequence, and irreversible, we remember them and talk about them for years [...]

    13. This one took me quite a bit of time to get through, because there s a lot of information AND opinion to navigate In terms of writing style and voice, it feltnversational, but condescending somehow as well His asides were unnecessary, and there was some assume the reader is an idiot in them But if you gloss over those question answer insults, you ll find a lot of nuggets of info here The first half is all about the elements of a good novel, with a metric ton of examples of each excellent for hel [...]

    14. I ll start with the good stuff Great advice Great questions and worksheets to guide you through fleshing out your characters and your plot I ve read the earlier books, The Fire in Fiction, Writing the Breakout Novel, etc The Breakout Novel workbook made a world of different for one of my earlier books and really helped shape me as a writer This book apparently contains the same advice but arranged in a user friendly way The earlier books had an unfortunate layout with the prompts and questions [...]

    15. You can t go wrong taking writing advice from veteran literary agent, Donald Maass After spending thirty years working with novelists, he knows what is needed to take an ordinary story and turn it into a breakout novel Like all good instruction books, this one is spiral bound, making it easy to read, easy to make notes, and easy to highlight The organization is also excellent, so you can find those notes and highlights later.Begin with the introduction It s meant to be read First of all, it tell [...]

    16. A man who s not a writer tells people how to write What could go wrong I found this book extremely content thin I ll sum up the experience You need high stakes Here are some examples of high stakes You need vibrant descriptions Here are a ton of examples You need strong characters Here are examples Et cetera Maass does, to his credit, somewhat vaguely define what a strong character is though I find his taste cheesy , and makes a useful distinction between public and private stakes But it s all j [...]

    17. This was fine I m not sure it s worth it though It basically covers in single chapters what other people have covered in whole books in much depth I would definitely not recommend this to people interested in getting better at characterization, plot structure, or description For those, I d recommend Characters Viewpoint by OSC, Story by McKee or The Story Grid by Shawn Coyne, and Description by Monica Wood Other general purpose writing books are also better like About Writing by Delany That bei [...]

    18. This practical guide by one of America s current top literary agents provides a potentially useful tool for fiction writers Although it seems specifically aimed at those who have already completed at least one manuscript, or have one well underway, it also provides valuable insights to novices on everything from planning a novel to scene development, and it uses examples from published novels to illustrate key points It also provides some of the best advice on writing query letters I have ever s [...]

    19. This is a really useful book It covers pretty much anything and everything that can be anticipated in the creation and selling of a novel Maass is delightfully blunt, something that I appreciate, although I recognize that some may want or need a positive guide The man has 30 years of success in the industry, so if he s pointing out the different ways that writers tend to screw up, then I m than willing to go along for the ride I liked the workbook activities This was a valuable book, even when [...]

    20. Not the kind of book to read straight through, but a great reference tool that contains a myriad of exercises to go along with the great advice and insight For me, as a fledgling writer, there were a lot of repeats from other sage advisors of the craft, but the author s insight into the world of publishing was welcome and entertaining I learned a few things from this book, that s easy to say.This edition was in a hardcover as a ringed book, and I loved the style A book that can be laid flat is a [...]

    21. The book is of a general overview of writing advice than an in depth examination It seems like the kind of book you use for reference to give yourself ideas to pursue when you are struggling or looking for the next step in the progress I do get the impression the writer has a rather high opinion of his personal tastes and thinks the reader should as well, which was a bit off putting But overall there was a lot of genuinely useful advice compiled in a neat little binder so I am glad I picked it [...]

    22. This book has been sitting on my shelves, glaring at me, for months I got sidetracked from it because I wanted to work through all the exercises, but you can t do it all at once It s too intense This past week I decided to skip reading the exercises and finish reading so I can call it done But I will be using this book extensively from this point out Donald Maass is by turns hard hitting realist, unyielding coach, and supportive cheerleader This book is an eye opener and mind stretcher for a nov [...]

    23. Unfinished Review Things I like Donald Maass is wonderful in general, but specificallyThis book lies flat, which makes it much easier to work with when doing the exercises.Things I don t like The print is tiny, and I do mean tiny.In Chapter Five he mentions the Five Basic Plot Elements and then only lists three of them I had to get out my copy of Writing the Breakout Novel to refresh my memory, and this irritated the heck out of me to the point I stopped reading for a while Unfinished Review

    24. Donald Maass has been inspiring me with his writing since before I took my own seriously He is my first choice agent and I hope someday he will be my agent This book gives you a lot of insight as to what to expect after you have written your book or books and a publisher is thinking about picking you up, plus a whole bunch of other stuff to help you out no matter what stage you are in I highly recommend it.

    25. A compliation of the best of his previous books, it is worth reading for the update of The Career Novelist alone Pure gold dust It s binding means that it can easily live on your desk Maass has once again produced a work of great value to the author who is truly interested in make her work the best it can be and making the most of her career.

    26. This is a combination of the best parts of Writing a Breakout Novel , and The Fire in Fiction It s designed as a binder book, for easy reference Inside, the text is thick, however, making it difficult to pick up as a browse book one you can delve into at any point within and find something of interest My copy is ending up well earmarked, however.

    27. i found the author to be insightful and knowledgeable however, considering the massive appeal of ebooks, i found his comments to be a bit behind the times it would be interesting to know how he feels now about self publishing since there have been quite a few breakout novelists who started out with this method.

    28. This book was objectively helpful, but only once the reader filters out the commentary that can be somewhat abrasive, rude, and negative As a budding writer and first time novelist, I would have to say that persistence and positivity is paramount to success This book helped with the basics, but didn t help me maintain my positivity and grit necessary to progress creatively.

    29. This is a resource that will be an on going read as I work on my novel If you are a writer and Donald Maass offers a class in your area, I encourage you to go You will not be disappointed However, you will come home and tear your manuscript apart and rebuild it into a better book.

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