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Cross Bones By Kathy Reichs,

  • Title: Cross Bones
  • Author: Kathy Reichs
  • ISBN: 9780099441496
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • A full week after death, a barely recognisable body is discovered in a closet Death by self inflicted gunshot wound to the head is the initial assessment, but the victim s relatives are adamant that this was not suicide.Extreme heat has accelerated decomposition, and Dr Temperance Brennan s forensic expertise is required Even for her, it is virtually impossible to deteA full week after death, a barely recognisable body is discovered in a closet Death by self inflicted gunshot wound to the head is the initial assessment, but the victim s relatives are adamant that this was not suicide.Extreme heat has accelerated decomposition, and Dr Temperance Brennan s forensic expertise is required Even for her, it is virtually impossible to determine the trajectory of the bullet.But just as Tempe is attempting to make sense of the evidence, an unknown man slips her a photograph of a skeleton Could this hold the answer to the victim s death
    Cross Bones A full week after death a barely recognisable body is discovered in a closet Death by self inflicted gunshot wound to the head is the initial assessment but the victim s relatives are adamant that t

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    1. In book 8, Dr Temperance Brennan finds herself traveling from Montreal to Israel to track down a killer and the mystery behind ancient skeletal remains that could turn the lives of the religious faithful upside down.I m going to put aside the fact that there s a lot of Dan Brown comparisons in the book However, it didn t take away any enjoyment I had in seeing our main protagonist return to her roots in archeology Also, the story takes place in one of my favorite countries, Israel spent three be [...]

    2. I would actually give this book 2.5 stars if that was a possibility Since it s not, I rounded down.I m a huge fan of the TV show Bones So when I encountered this book by Bones creator Kathy Reichs at a second hand bookstore, I grabbed it, thinking that of course I would like the book too.I was kind of wrong I didn t hate the book, but it took me some time to get through it Reichs s writing style is somewhat staccato her descriptive prose is written in half thoughts, like she s checking off items [...]

    3. I read murder mysteries when my brain needs a rest and I want to escape I tend to find an author and read all of her his work beginning with the first book published That s what I ve done with Kathy Reich with the exception of this book I didn t have the next two in her Temperance Brennan collection, so I skipped ahead to Cross Bones.Reading this book felt timely as Tempe heads to Israel, so it was trippy to read a story that was taking place at sites I was hearing about on the news daily It s a [...]

    4. An average forensic procedural mystery In this one Tempy is called to examine centuries old bones supposedly retrieved from the Massada massacre site of biblical times People have already paid with their lives in trying to acquire this skeleton, which she calls Massada Max A couple of archeologists are of the view that the skeleton is of Christ himself Theories abound that Christ died as a ripe old man after having progeny of his own, and amidst an extended family Tempy is drawn to Israel, in th [...]

    5. This is probably the most cohesive and entertaining Tempe Brennan novel since Fatal Voyage It doesn t suffer from the odd dialogue or sometimes cumbersome or confusing plots And gone are the quasi teenaged approach in regards to how Tempe handles her relationship with Ryan.A murdered orthodox Jew turns up in Montreal, shot execution style How does this fall into Tempe s lap A strange man gives her a photo that was supposedly given to him by the deceased A photo showing an old skeleton that was u [...]

    6. Honestly, I want to give the book 1.5 stars, but it won t let me For series, a one star means I definitely won t read the next book, but in this case, I probably will However, this book was a chore to get through I feel like Reichs was jumping on the Dan Brown bandwagon with this book At an autopsy of a Jewish importer in Montreal, Brennan is handled a photo of a skeleton unearthed at Masada, but the skeleton was never included in the official reports Could this be the skeletal remains of Jesus [...]

    7. How disappointing I enjoy mysteries because they make me think, they are usually well researched and can either teach me something or challenge me in some way, or make me laugh Since this book was written by a former forensic scientist, I thought there would be something here Instead, Reichs is one of the most condescending writers I ve read Instead of using a plot, she advances the action by having the main character ask herself redundant questions sometimes eight of them in a row She is so unc [...]

    8. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist splitting time between Montreal and North Carolina is drawn into a really cold case As in a set of bones that looks to be around 2000 years old While working on a case involving the murder of a Jewish merchant, a picture of an old skeleton is given to her by an anonymous person who thinks it s the reason the merchant was killed Digging deeper no pun intended , she actually ends up in possession of the skeleton in the picture she received quite likely [...]

    9. Good book Mystery surrounding bones that were discovered at Masada and the characters are romping through Israel for this book I enjoy these books and this plot definitely caught my attention The end was not as good as the rest of the story but all in all kept me turning the pages I like these books.

    10. Bought this book as I have bought most of Temperance Brennan and not got round to reading most of them, however i picked this book up to read and just didn t fancy the storyline in this one, so I m afraid I abandoned it.

    11. First the good Reichs is a competent enough writer If nothing else, she knows how to hook the reader in moving to the next chapter with corny cliffhangersd some of them are really cornball a cheap conversational style of writing at times that just weakens the overall impact of the book.The author has obviously visited the Holy Land and knows the territory fairly well.The Bad Ryan s constant reference to tap pants and other sexual innuendo I know that the author wants us to comprehend that these [...]

    12. Cross Bones is my 3rd Kathy Reichs book, and I have to say I really liked it enjoyed it actually.I like Reichs writing style There were no dull moments in this book, it keeps you glued Reichs also uses language that the general public can understand it s simple but not really dumbed down There were a lot of technical terms as can be expected but most were supplemented with layman explanations She doesn t try to make Tempe sound poetic philosophical which I think is a pothole some authors fall in [...]

    13. Kathy Reichs really knows her stuff While I m a big fan of the television show Bones , I m a bigger fan of Kathy Reichs and the Temperance Brennan books Temperance is a top notch forensic anthropologist who splits her time between her home teaching at a college in North Carolina and working for the medical examiner in Montreal, Quebec Unlike the Temperance in the show, the book Temperance is relatable She s at the middle to far end of her forties with a divorce and a daughter in college She is [...]

    14. At this point I believe I m completely caught up on the Temperance Brennan novels This one is probably one of my favorites, if not my favorite of all of them Maybe because it s primarily set in Israel, rich in history, art, and culture Maybe because I understand the humor, the religious references, among other things, without a guide book that others WILL require when reading it if they are non initiated as far as Judaism is concerned, but basically this one book just puts so many other crime ba [...]

    15. When I first read the blurb on the back of this book I thought Da Vinci Code As far as I m concerned not a positive thing I got 60 pages into said book and no farther as I was excruciatingly bored However because of the main character being a forensic anthropologist I stuck with it and was pleasantly surprised.Yes there is a slight conspiracy theory theme to do with ancient remains that may or may not be that of Jesus but I wasn t bombarded with heavy religious doctrine and corrupt church offici [...]

    16. The Temperance Brennan series never fails to impress I find it very comforting to be able to pick up any novel in this series and know that I ll find the plot and the science both comprehensive and interesting Reichs manages to toe the line between the complex science of forensic work especially forensic anthropology and the intriguing detective work of the plot lines expertly I find myself as interested in the science as I am by the case This is one of the complex Reichs novels I ve read purel [...]

    17. Hmmm, well my feelings about this book are mixed Yes, it was largely based on archaeological and anthropological facts and recent within the last 60 years expeditions and discoveries Yes, in that regard it was better than the DaVinci Code by Dan Brown However, the book gave a great buildup with the main storyline, but was a huge let down when it came time to wrap it up and connect all the dots It s as if she got to the end and decided she was just as tired of writing it as I was of reading it an [...]

    18. I ve always enjoyed reading Kathy Reichs books However I found this one a little off Too many questions going to be asked but never finished Too much running around with no results Jakes telling her not to contact anyone about the pictures and then the bones that are found, but keeps putting her when she asks questions Instead he is flying here there and back and still no forthcoming answers to her partially formed questions.It seems the bones might be those of Jesus and then theories revolving [...]

    19. This is one I listened to I have heard others by her and watch the tv show Bones based on this character This book was strange because it was about finding bones that might have been Jesus It told a lot about christian history and the beliefs about Mary I was very interested in how the author was going to get out of this story It helped to have a fiery car crash with a sacred shroud and bones burning up and the other set of maybe Jesus bones getting stolen by a group of Jews who believe no bones [...]

    20. Really interesting, but also really technical.The number of pages of technical explanation really slowed the book down for those who, like me, aren t really up on the subject and not fanatically interested in a text on it.However, the story was fascinating, being based on the latest archeological finds and studies by Bible scholars Always something new and as in the book, always several people determined to argue about everything due to their own agendas.

    21. I was looking for pages I still don t know how Masada Max was I might have to take my frustrations out by writing something about him.I am always thrilled by Kathy Reichs work I have been a fan since I discovered Bones was based on her books her writing style is scientifically accurate and manages not to make me feel talked down to.I really hope that some day the truth of Masada Max may be known I also understand it if it never is Some things are too sacred.

    22. I m a uni student studying, of all things, forensic anthropology, and I had to read this book for an archaeology class examining archaeological practices in fiction Whatever your interest level in the subject matter, I wouldn t recommend this book for a few reasons First is the repeated lack of speaker tags This was one of the most frustrating things about this book There were huge chunks of dialogue where there was absolutely no indication of who was saying what Even in conversations between ju [...]

    23. An Orthodox Jewish man is found dead, supposedly by his own hand in a closet in Quebec and it falls to Tempe Brennan to determine was this a suicide or not To muddy things further she is handed a picture by a man who only calls himself Kaplan that shows a complete skeleton that seems to be an impossiblity The story takes us from the morgue in Quebec to the ruins of Masada in Israel and touches on some of the most central tenants of Christianity and Judaic history.The facts are stated in a prolog [...]

    24. This is the worst Kathy Reichs I have read Because it was about the alleged bones of Jesus and his family, the plot had to be contrived in such a way that there could be no solution, so that it would remain a mystery and not upset any of the three religions involved Naturally, the accompanied murders were solved, along with Tempe being in deathly danger several times, but managing miraculously to escape.The plot was also contrived to get both Tempe and Ryan together in Israel, which seemed to be [...]

    25. An Orthodox Jewish man is found shot to death in Montreal The condition of the body leaves questions than answers for the investigators so Temperance Brennan is called in to examine the body As she is leaving the ME office, a stranger gives her a photograph of a skeleton and tells her it is the reason for the victim s death Its obvious that the skeleton is very old so she takes it back to her office to examine it When she tracks down the actual skeleton, Tempe calls her friend Jake Drum, a bibl [...]

    26. This was not among my favorite Reichs novels I felt it was repetitive, too technical, and the story wound itself in circles There wasn t enough procedure in this procedural There was archaeological intrigue, to be sure, and Reichs did her location research I could certainly tell that she took a trip to Israel to accurately depict the stories events However, there was too much going on with whose bones were related to who, and where Max fit in, and the shroud bones it was too much information tha [...]

    27. This book starts off in Canada, but takes forensic anthropologust Tempe Brennan on a whirwind tour through the Holy Land in the search of the truth about an unnamed skeletonNormally, I tend to avoid books that are compared with other favourite authors or books, particularly ones that say better than so and so Mainly, because I am cynical of hype and suspect I will be disappointed Also because I m probably quite contrary and don t like being told what I should like.So I have managed to get throug [...]

    28. Information is presented in this book as fact and is supposedly supported by extensive research done by the author There isn t any proof that the Israeli government hid any discoveries from the public It is supposition that is used as fact in the book Even after a whole story is presented around this information, nothing is further gleamed from the bones and the digs We are still left with possibilities and suppositions.What bothered me most about the book was the way the Chevra Kadisha is prese [...]

    29. The continuing series featuring Temperance Brennan, medical examiner and forensic anthropoligist of Charlotte, NC, and sometime consulting forensic doctor in Montreal, Quebec This episode deals with a murder that leads to uncovering some old bones, thought by some scientists to potentially be the actual bones of Jesus Christ This subject matter will probably be sacreligious to some But it s just a story, and interesting twist on some actual archaeological explorations that really took place It i [...]

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