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The Color of Love By Sandra Kitt,

  • Title: The Color of Love
  • Author: Sandra Kitt
  • ISBN: 9780451184276
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Leah Downey was a brilliant young commercial artist moving up fast on the Manhattan career track.
    The Color of Love Leah Downey was a brilliant young commercial artist moving up fast on the Manhattan career track

    One thought on “The Color of Love”

    1. I have to say, that I am really glad that I kept my copy of this book all these years I really enjoyed reading it as a teenager and I thank Kitt for exposing me to interracial romances as a teenager as well I didn t even know that was a genre til I got older In The Color of Love , Kitt explores an interracial relationship between an African American woman named Leah who is a graphic designer and a white man named Jason, who is a New York City police officer.Kitt tells the story focusing on now j [...]

    2. I REALLY didn t like this book I tried to keep an open mind I really wanted to read a well developed love story I d hoped that the interracial dynamic would be thought provoking as well as enlightening If you, as a reader, are anticipating the same, this is surely not the book for you The characters were meagerly developed They were often one dimensional only one minor character offered any semblance to likeability Leah Downey is an attractive Graphic Designer who is plagued with thoughts of sel [...]

    3. My first IR book I read it many years ago, a checkout from the library I ended up buying it and I have reread it several times since then And I rarely EVER reread books Very sweet story.

    4. I enjoyed reading this book concerning Leah Downey, who is a black graphic artist and white cop, Jason Horn This book is controversial, not because this is an interracial romance, but that it exposed the love between a white cop and a black professional woman in New York City during the late eighties The distrust and polarization between white policemen and non whites is extremely evident in Leah s sister and housemate, guile Gail, who is a strong character in this book Gail s verbal attack agai [...]

    5. This book was a huge dissapointment.The storyline was very dramatic as we like it ,however the main character lacked vigor and strenth and realism and was such a cheap excuse of a human.If your sister was sleeping with your man behind your back and you caught them in the act, would you just go to bed or if your sister says its your fault would you instantly become friends with her the next day sorry to say it this book was just so unrealistic and neglected natural feelings sugar coating everythi [...]

    6. It was difficult to be drawn into this acclaimed 1995 interracial romance, in part because the telling rather than showing style is so different from most romances being written today, and in part because the heroine is so utterly lacking in self esteem and the narrative doesn t present this as a problem to be overcome Only in part 2, when the protagonists finally start dating, and clumsily try to deal with the prejudice they encounter and their own biases did the story begin to interest me I ca [...]

    7. One the first and most emtionally complex contemporary interracial lovestories published I hope it s reissued soon I reread periodically It has unique and engaging characters with in common than the issue of race

    8. I did not realize this book was written in 1995 It explains he references to the use of pay phones It is amazing how writers viewed interracial relationships back then and how some authors of today have the ability to fluently write on this subject matter.

    9. I really enjoy reading IR romance novels This novel was beyond irritating The main character Leah was the poster child for a doormat No self esteem, self love or pride She was NOT raped as other reviewers state, but she was the victim of a physical assault potential rape that was thwarted by people coming on the scene.The relationship with Allen, the successful black guy was dry lifeless It was made quite obvious very early on in the story that her sister Gail was sleeping with him right under L [...]

    10. It was a good story This was a reality based book of how a real love story could truly be No hidden billionaires or witches, or electrical first meetings It s a book of two people who didn t have an explosive beginning, but their love grew over time Leah was a woman with a secret that stunts her emotionally She is very passive and introspective She wasn t overly beautiful, but her personality made her attractive Jason, had a very sad event happen in his life that gave him a chance to meet Leah [...]

    11. I liked the book but It was cerebral than romantic I felt like is was a study in a relationship between a black woman and a white man This couple were attracted to each other but in this book they were not passionate about each other they just wanted to be together I felt this was a story of how society view I R relationships To me the book was a good story that explained the hardships the went through because of other people but to me they lacked the passion to make this a great romance.

    12. Color of Love was the first interracial romance for me where the Black characters were simply complicated human beings with brown skin who had not internalized racism It s a romance that s simply a good novel about two people and the many obstacles they work to overcome to begin their HEA I don t usually reread fiction, but I ve reread this book than once along with Linda Howard s Kill and Tell.

    13. This bar none, is the best love story I ve ever read, be it interracial or otherwise All of Sandra Kitt s books are amazing, but this one the first is in my opinion the best I so wanted this book to be made into a movie back in the day I pictured Anika Noni Rose and Tom Berenger as to two stars to play them He s too old for the part now but I think Brad Pitt would do nicely.I find myself re reading this book every few years when I long for a realistic romance involving a professional black woman [...]

    14. Good readThis was a pretty good book I think it played a little too much into racial stereotypes, but overall it was a good romance without too much cheesiness or cliches.

    15. Leah Downy has been through a lot in her life Hiding from life in a relationship based in convenience than love existing in the shadow of her vibrant and opinionated sister Gail, and still suffering the effects of a mugging.When she meets Jason Horn, she has no idea what to make of the attractive white man with the sad, haggard eyes.What she does know is, that the that she tries to ignore hime harder ignoring him becomes.The story, characters, and plot are all run of the mill good What really [...]

    16. Didn t like it at all.There really wasn t a story here at least not one that interested me It was tedium all the way through I found myself sighing in boredom and frustration at this story line, which seemed a bit contrived I never met a tiresome cast of characters, every last one of them The author foreshadowed this story to the point that I knew way in advance what was about to happen I kept on reading just to get to the end and be rid of these annoying characters.

    17. I ve read a lot of interracial romance books in my time Normally, I really like them This one, not so much I just don t think you have to make the Black guy in the book a bad person By having him be an arse to Jason, that s exactly what Ms Kitt didt to mention the affair with Leah s sister Why is it that Leah wasn t angrier at her sister and the arse I mean, yeahblood is thicker than water, but Gail did everything in her power to steal Leah s man and then gets pissy for Leah dating a White guy w [...]

    18. At first I kept finding it hard to understand everyone s reactions It all seemed a bit extreme to me Leah is Black, Jason is White And alsoa NYC cop Yes, I get the issues here, but I couldn t get why everyone around them was so against them Then I looked at the copyright date and realized that this was taking place well before it was of the norm to see an interracial couple I should have picked up on the time period from people being able to smoke inside restaurants I really enjoyed this book I [...]

    19. This was a disappointment because the characters never developed and the challenges of being in an interracial relationship were superficially addressed Leah, the heroine, was a talented graphic designer but was weak and a doormat in all of her relationships Jay or Jayson was a juvenile officer but he was also an alpha male and was a recovering alcoholic Neither had dated interracially before and they were not prepared for the reactions of friends, family and coworkers The story fell flat becaus [...]

    20. A Great Story BRAB ONLINE BOOK CLUBThis is the first time reading a book by this author and I absolutely love Jason and Leah s story Jason Horn is a white cop who was divorced and had just lost his son Leah Downey is a black graphic designer who lives with her sister Gail.They met under unusual circumstances after his son died Their relationship developed from a friendship to a passionate love match This coupling was not accepted by friends and family but their love proved to be stronger than al [...]

    21. I loved the premise of this book I was just so frustrated I still have a problem with the unresolved issue between Leah and Gail How do you let your sister help your boyfriend cheat No matter you should have not been dating him I wanted to beat Gail down Then Leah was just too weak and not in her life She grew some backbone but for what she was put through, she should have had a moment of insanity No Jason, he s okay with me He s ambivalent like most men but when the moment of truth came, he did [...]

    22. Copy kindly provided by the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I so wanted to like this book because I love a good interracial romance but I could barely get passed the second chapter Thus far the book was super slow, wordy, and the dialogue was terrible The main characters felt unrelatable And maybe because I m from California but the emphasis on race and him being a cop just seems ridiculous And without reading the rest of the book I m certain I know the ending Im really gla [...]

    23. A unlikely romance blossoms between a while NYC cop and an African American businesswoman They meet under quirky circumstances I ve read quite a few IR and this one tackles racism head on without pretending that relatives and friends will all be supportive The heroine wasn t someone I liked She s extremely passive to the point of doing a good impersonation of a doormat The hero was likable, but clueless about how interracial relationships The romance aspect isn t very strong in the book They see [...]

    24. This was my first Inter racial romance I LOVEDD this book It is definitely a book i would read again The characters are very developed and I think the fact the Leah didn t go crazy when she found out the Gail slept with her boyfriend was very mature of her and just showed that she was not going to let Gail control her life with her immature actions She proves herself again and again with the way to reacts to Gails rude comments about Jason and their relationship Jason has a lot of layers to him [...]

    25. This one was tough to read in spots The author writes very densely and at times, the emotion was too much The payoff is good, however, and I think she found some real truth in the reactions of the friends and co workers to the central interracial romance Note to prospective readers This is not a contemporary story It was originally copyrighted in 1995, so be aware that many things you might expect cell phones, for example essentially don t exist.

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