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Rebellion in the Backlands By Euclides da Cunha Samuel Putnam,

  • Title: Rebellion in the Backlands
  • Author: Euclides da Cunha Samuel Putnam
  • ISBN: 9780226124445
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
  • Euclides da Cunha s classic account of the brutal campaigns against religious mystic Antonio Conselheiro has been called the Bible of Brazilian nationality Euclides da Cunha went on the campaigns against Conselheiro as a journalist and what he returned with and published in 1902 is still unsurpassed in Latin American literature Cunha is a talent as grand, spacious, entEuclides da Cunha s classic account of the brutal campaigns against religious mystic Antonio Conselheiro has been called the Bible of Brazilian nationality Euclides da Cunha went on the campaigns against Conselheiro as a journalist and what he returned with and published in 1902 is still unsurpassed in Latin American literature Cunha is a talent as grand, spacious, entangled with knowledge, curiosity, and bafflement as the country itself On every page there is a heart of idea, speculation, dramatic observation that tells of a creative mission undertaken, the identity of the nation, and also the creation of a pure and eloquent prose style Elizabeth Hardwick, Bartleby in Manhattan
    Rebellion in the Backlands Euclides da Cunha s classic account of the brutal campaigns against religious mystic Antonio Conselheiro has been called the Bible of Brazilian nationality Euclides da Cunha went on the campaigns agai

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    1. For the last week, I have been immersed in this unexpectedly great history For some strange reason, I have confused this book with Guimaraes s The Devil to Pay in the Backlands and I have always assumed that the Brazilian film O Cangaceiro by Lima Barreto was based on Rebellion in the Backlands I was wrong on both counts, but it doesn t matter That s because, in the end, I regard da Cunha s book on the level of Herodotus, Thucydides and Gibbon as one of the greatest of all works of history.Pictu [...]

    2. Fui contaminada pelos eventos que pipocam aqui e ali sobre os cem anos da morte de Euclides da Cunha N o tem como, Os Sert es obra de tamanha dimens o que vendo o povo falar, deu coceira na alma Com coragem afinal, todos me disseram, pula a Terra e o Homem primeiro e segundo cap tulos e come a pela Luta abri minha edi o modesta, comprada nas bancas h um temp o e me deparei com a nota preliminar o autor.Diretamente de 1901, oito anos antes de Euclides cometer a besteira de sair correndo atr s da [...]

    3. A couple of weeks ago, I re read Euclides da Cunha, Backlands the Canudos Campaign, trad Elizabeth Lowe New York Penguin Books, 2010 , better to understand its relation to Mario Vargas Llosa s 900 page novel, La guerra del fin del mundo, about the same bloody episode in Brazil s northeastern backwoods in the 1890s For some of the background on these two books, please see my earlier weblog entry History, fiction and historical fiction which is the first part of this essay.Da Cunha s book is consi [...]

    4. This book should be standard reading for any soldier, any politician and any voter I read it during a time where people I know had sons serving in Afghanistan This brutal narrative read like a humanistic and precise commentary to the tragic divide between the political idea of war and the reality of war, a reality that da Cunha insisted on facing and fathoming in his life and language.

    5. Esse primeiro volume cont m a primeira e a segunda partes A Terra e O Homem e come a a terceira, A Luta.Muita gente desiste da leitura logo no in cio e eu j fui preparada para encontrar um excesso de descri es na parte A Terra Mas n o estava preparada para o que encontrei O autor se utiliza de uma quantidade enorme de palavras dif ceis, v rias numa mesma frase que o dicion rio foi leitura complementar o tempo todo O objetivo foi descrever o sert o onde a a o vai se desenrolar mas houve um abuso [...]

    6. Da Cunha was a nineteenth century writer, the kind obsessed with facts he can t begin this history of crazed faith confronted by a blundering military without spending a hundred pages on the natural history of the place Antonio the Counselor was someone we would recognize today as a cult leader, with all the charismatic madness we have seen in subsequent cults He began wandering a particularly inhospitable back land of Northeast Brazil, encouraging people to rebuild churches, and drew a movement [...]

    7. This was Robert Lowell s favorite book It is a dense account of the land and people and events that took place in the northeastern corner of Brazil in 1890 or so A subculture of rubber farmers developed their own religion based society around a charismatic crazyman name Anthony the Counselor and confronted the authorities of the new Brazilian republic they had just deposed their emperor and were suspicious of governments that formed around a single leader Like Mark Twain in Life on the Mississip [...]

    8. One of the first tests of Brazil s New Republic was how do deal with the 5500 followers of Antonio Conselheiro, a religious leader who had established a village of Canudos in the blasted and inhospitable highlands of northeast Brazil The government led three assaults on Canudos, leading to three resounding defeats Finally, under a new military commander, a fourth expedition was led into the backlands the commander was determined to but an end to the rebellion Euclides Da Cunha was a reporter ass [...]

    9. Os sert es dos grandes livros para se entender o Brasil Isso n o significa que f cil Lan ado em 1902, cinco ap s o fim do conflito, uma esp cie de tratado a respeito do pa s, escrito especialmente para aquela elite que se encastelava nas grandes cidades do litoral, principalmente no Rio de Janeiro, que ainda guardava ares de corte e era onde estavam a maioria dos intelectuais daquele tempo Divide se em tr s partes A terra, o homem, a luta O primeiro e mais curto aquele que justamente o mais dif [...]

    10. Circa 1890, a religious community arose in the unbelievably harsh section of Brazil they call the Northeast accurately, in the easternmost area where the shoreline juts into the Atlantic The author, an army engineer, details the War and Peace of Brazil Tellingly, this book has never been out of print after 125 years It is a massive book, and except for the overlong description of the horrible terrain suffice to say fierce heat, equatorial sun, desperate drought it never drags The cult of 5500 s [...]

    11. I have given this book five stars because it is a fascinating read It can be, I think, considered under that opaque category of The Latin American essay, along with Sarmiento s Facundo, Rod s Ariel, etc Da Cunha s book is riveting, it is racist in its antiquated science, but it is also humanistic in its attempt to demonstrate to Brazil in 1902 the borrowed culture of its coastal cities It is a jeremiad of the senseless violence that occurs between fear and misled nationalism in the budding years [...]

    12. I m lucky enough to have editions in Portuguese and English It s interesting to read both at the same time I don t think I could understand the Portuguese very well if that s all I had But once I ve read the English, the Portuguese is readily understandable I ve skipped the tedious and, to me, not understandable section on the land I want to get into the sections on man and the Conflict The introduction by translator Samuel Putnam is very good If you have his edition, don t skip that part.

    13. Dica Este livro dividido em 3 tomos Ignore os dois primeiros s o CHATOS PARA CARAMBA e comece a partir do final do segundo a que o autor come a a contar a vida de Ant nio Conselheiro E no final, em que as tropas do governo esmagam a Revolta, es tar re ce dor

    14. Logo que iniciei Os Sert es , tinha quase certeza de que ia desistir facilmente Dei um pouco para me acostumar com a escrita A primeira parte A terra foi um pouco dif cil e confusa, eu tive que voltar a leitura em alguns momentos para me situar Mas ap s algumas p ginas e um pouco de dedica o, a narrativa me pegou de um jeito que eu n o conseguia mais parar de pensar sobre os acontecimentos A leitura ficou deliciosa e interessante, apesar das dificuldades pelas minhas limita es em alguns trechos [...]

    15. the brazilian iliad.a historical, sociological, geographical and cultural view of Brazilian land and people, but most of all, an epic telling of the bloodiest conflict in our history, the Guerra dos Canudos.

    16. The campaign looked at here was a regression to the past.And, in the most basic meaning of the word, it was a crime.

    17. We must insist upon this point the war in Canudos marked an ebb, a backward flow, in our history What we had to face here was the unlooked for resurrection, under arms, of an old society, a dead society, galvanized into life by a madman We were not acquainted with this society it was not possible for us to have been acquainted with it The adventurers of the seventeenth century, it is true, would encounter in it conditions with which they were familiar, just as the visionaries of the Middle Ages [...]

    18. Come ando pelo Brasil, indispens vel a leitura de Os Sert es, de Euclides da Cunha curto e n o modelo de estilo Euclides escreve como J nio Quadros fala cara do far te ei, a forma obl qua de que J nio se gaba Mas o livro de g nio Nos d a realidade do sert o, que , para efeitos pr ticos, o Brasil quase todo, tirando o Sul a realidade do sertanejo, e do nosso atraso como civiliza o, como cultura, como organiza o do Estado Euclides mostra o choque central entre o Brasil que descende da Europa e o B [...]

    19. O livro come a muito dif cil A primeira parte dedicada a A Terra por demais complicada quando se depara com o vocabul rio barroco de Euclides na descri o geol gica do sert o baiano Embora repleto de notas explicativas do editor, a leitura acontece em um ritmo desanimador, se o prop sito recriar as imagens a partir da descri o do autor Inevitavelmente se questiona a classifica o de cl ssico da obra, se a avaliarmos especificamente at este ponto.Entretanto, a partir da segunda parte, O Homem, o vo [...]

    20. This book is a journalists account of the many attempts to quash the Canudos rebellions in the backlands of Brazil Rebellion in the Backlands is written in the fashion of a scientist a geographer, to be exact to the point where I would flip past multiple pages that described this one bush at the swell of this hill and blah whatnot That said, da Cunha s account of the Canudos expedition has a very readable quality it verges on the feel of a novel Rebellion in the Backlands is known for being a st [...]

    21. One of Brazil s literary and historical classics, which I read in Portuguese Os Sert es , this book was written in the beginning of the twentieth century and describes the republican government s campaign to destroy the city of Canudos in the very harsh environment in the interior of the Northeastern backlands The first part of the book is difficult to get through a very detailed account of the geography of the region The second half, however, describing the campaign itself, is gripping and fasc [...]

    22. Euclides da Cunha fez um bom livro, afinal ele tinha uma boa hist ria Por m, com toda aquela hist ria que ele tinha, poderia ser escrito um livro melhor Era, como ele afirmava, de um roteiro realmente nico, sua descri o era muito bem feita importante destacar tamb m a evolu o do pensamento do narrador, que no fim fica claramente a favor dos jagun os Por outro lado, se n o fosse um trabalho cient fico, ele poderia diminuir o teor t cnico e algumas repeti es desnecess rias Al m disso, o jeito trun [...]

    23. This is an interesting account of the battle of Canudos A few years ago I read Mario Vargas The War of the end of the World which is a fictional telling of the story from the perspective of the fanatics.This is the same story or less, told from accounts of the Republic Army It is basically a review of the mistakes and oversights by the Republic that led to one of the worlds worst massacre Light on emotion it read like a War Journal I was intrigued Sometimes it went a little to text book, but it [...]

    24. Um cl ssico sensacional do dom nio descritivo e do uso da nossa l ngua Um retrato amplo de um Brasil primitivo e sertanejo Uma observa o hist rica, geogr fica, pol tica, antropol gica e m gica de um peda o e de uma poca do nosso pa s Uma g nese contextualizada Um puta documento Apesar de realmente ser mais dif cil no in cio pelo excesso de detalhes geogr ficos, as considera es hist ricas sobre os homens e a guerra valem por tudo, mesmo que com uma tica evolucionista e ocidental um pouco acentuad [...]

    25. Reason to pick it up again Euclides describes the effect of the dry air at Canudos in very graphic terms, setting a scene where the sun is setting on a group of plants and a soldier sitting under the tallest tree, restingr three months He s dead but not decomposing He had been missed when they gathered the dead to put in a grave three palms deep At least he was spared that, Euclides says, able to sit under the hot sun, blue skies, in the frigid nights a while longer.

    26. A bizarre mixture of natural history, muddled evolutionary theory, and brilliant military reporting Essential because of being probably the first blow by blow description of an army campaign against a guerrilla insurgency, confirming all that we now about how bloody and protracted those are by the nature of such warfare, and how questionable the idea of any gain can be that requires so much bloodshed.

    27. Um livro surpreendente Euclides da cunha conseguiu transformar descri es cient ficas, Hist ria e trag dia em poesia O conflito em Os Sert es atual, talvez menos manifesto Como o Estado e parte da popula o capaz de declarar guerra a seus compatriotas O livro extenso, a narrativa de um realismo impressionante dif cil imaginar a Geografia da regi o de Canudos, bem como os movimentos dos batalh es durante a guerra Imprescind vel para entender o Brasil.

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