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The Day Dirk Yeller Came to Town By Mary Casanova Ard Hoyt,

  • Title: The Day Dirk Yeller Came to Town
  • Author: Mary Casanova Ard Hoyt
  • ISBN: 9780374317423
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The day Dirk Yeller came to town, the wind curled its lip, cattle quit lowin , and tumbleweeds stopped tumblin along Townsfolk whispered He starts stampedes He holds up trains He s trouble When Dirk Yeller scours the town for something to stop his itchin and twitchin and jumpin and rattlin , no one seems able to help But Sam, who s been following Dirk all daThe day Dirk Yeller came to town, the wind curled its lip, cattle quit lowin , and tumbleweeds stopped tumblin along Townsfolk whispered He starts stampedes He holds up trains He s trouble When Dirk Yeller scours the town for something to stop his itchin and twitchin and jumpin and rattlin , no one seems able to help But Sam, who s been following Dirk all day and who can sometimes be a little fidgety, too knows the perfect solution .Energetic illustrations and lively language capture the Wild West in this perfect read aloud for book lovers of all ages.
    The Day Dirk Yeller Came to Town The day Dirk Yeller came to town the wind curled its lip cattle quit lowin and tumbleweeds stopped tumblin along Townsfolk whispered He starts stampedes He holds up trains He s trouble When Dirk Y

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    1. Check out Picture book reviews Perspective of a WriterSam, a boy who has been following Dirk Yeller, helps this troubled outlaw to stop his itchin and twitchin and jumpin and rattlin when the other shopkeepers are afraid of the man.My nephew and I loved this drawing style and chose several of the frames as our favorite To be honest reading the book left a lot to be desired The language was tough for my nephew to read and finally I just read it to him and it was a lot fun We enjoyed the crazy t [...]

    2. The only thing I don t like about this book is the fact that I didn t think of it Mary Casanova has a grand time turning the old outlaw story on its ear, complete with rollicking tall tale language and lots of humor Ard Hoyt s illustrations are perfect love Sam s big ears and Dirk s balloon body on bandy bow legs Give this to your favorite librarian

    3. My Review You can t help but to smile after reading The Day Dirk Yeller Came to Town The story tells about an outlaw who came into Sam s town to look for solutions to his problems, something to stop his itching and twitching After moving from one store to another with no help, Sam decided to take him to the one place that would help solve his problems the Library With the help of Miss Jenny and Sam, Dirk Yeller opened books and read The he read, the less his problems.Who knew that the power of [...]

    4. Dirk Yeller comes to town with his fingers a itchin and a twitchin to find a way to keep a coyote from bayin at the moond jumping beans from jumpin Sam, the young narrator, understands just how Dirk feels and leads him to the town library This is a sweet story about finding the good in even the fiercest, fidgety outlaw Take a good look at the inside front cover to find out what happens to Dirk and Miss Jenny, who s sweet as pecan pie Recommended for grades 1 and 2 The I looked at this book, the [...]

    5. Well, not an ideal story The illustrations and story were good I can see reading this at the beginning of the year to welcome students to the library The message is delivered with little subtlety and is a bit confusing until the end.

    6. Overall, this is a cute picture book to read with kids Our school picked it for Self Control month, but I m not entirely sure how it fits that I think it s great talk to about rhyming words and how we treat others I don t think it s as fantastic as others, but it s still a quick read.

    7. When outlaw Dirk Yeller comes through town no one wants anything to do with They all avoid him except a little boy who teaches him to read and a librarian who helps A very sweet story with a deeper message about giving people a chance I think Dirk ends up marrying the librarian

    8. Big scary guy comes to town and is looking for something to calm him down Boy takes him to the library and all is well.

    9. I like this book a lot It s got great illustrations and a good story It s well deserving of the Bill Martin Jr award.

    10. Big, bad Dirk Yeller is on his way to town The whole town is scared But not young Sam Dirk is there to find a cure for his itchy twitchy cat scratch fever Finally, Sam steps in and takes Dirk to meet Miss Jenny, the librarian She sets him down with a big stack of books But big, bad Dirk s face keeps turning red when he can t figure out the big words Sam helps Dirk and soon Dirk is reading one book after another The he reads the less he itches and twitches At closing time, Dirk swore he d be bac [...]

    11. Booklist June 1, 2011 Vol 107, No 19 Preschool Grade 2 In this Wild West yarn, young Sam manages to tame a notorious outlaw by introducing him to the pleasures found in books When extremely dangerous and all around bad guy Dirk Yeller shows up in town searching for something to calm his a itchin and a twitchin fingers, the frightened townsfolk refer him from one establishment to the next in order to deflect his attention Finally, Sam leads Dirk to the new library, where the lovely Miss Jenny swe [...]

    12. The story of The Day Dirk Yeller Came To Town would be a great book for readers aged 8 9 In this story Dirk Yeller is running all around town to find something to stop him from itchin and twitchin Just like Dirk, students at times can be very jittery and anxious In the end of the story with the help of a boy named Sam, Dirk finds out the way to calm himself down is to read At first, Dirk needs help from Sam to help him sound out the words but eventually Dirk was able to read on his own Students [...]

    13. Who am I to complain about book by an author who loves libraries and librarians Somehow I don t think sitting down and trying to read a book when your literacy skills are low is the best cure for a case of the itchin , twitchin , jumpin rattles Oops Spoiler Soooo, I m downgrading a children s book for being unrealistic What a grump Dirk Yeller is a troublemaker who comes to town looking for help but the townspeople are too frightened of him to understand his cryptic remarks The narrator, a rambu [...]

    14. The Day Dirk Yeller Came to Town is nominated for the 13 14 South Carolina Picture Book Award.Normally, I m not a fan of westerns Yes, that tends to include picture books I m making an exception, however, for The Day Dirk Yeller Came to Town As a matter of fact, I challenge any book lover particularly my fellow librarians NOT to love this book It s wonderful on so many levels The whole town is scared when news spreads that the infamous outlaw Dirk Yeller is coming to town Everyone but Sam, that [...]

    15. Dirk Yeller is the meanest outlaw in this Old West town and he s just itchin to learn things how to cure cat scratch fever, how to keep coyotes from bayin at the moon, and how to keep jumping beans from jumpin The townspeople don t know what to do, until one smart little boy brings him to Miss Jenny in the library This is a fun read aloud especially if you do it in your best Old West accent but there are a lot of hard words, so I would read it to slightly older kids first and second rather than [...]

    16. Adorable story that is about a man named Dirk Yeller who comes into town with this terrible cat scratch fever He starts terrorizing the town until a brave boy named Sam confronts him and tries to calm down his cat scratch fever Nothing seems to be working until he walks into a book store and picks up a book and tries to read Sam and the librarian teach him how to read and the cat scratch fever seems to just go away There s a cute little twist at the end of the story that will make every smile Th [...]

    17. A little long winded and the rootin tootin , itchin twitchin language may confuse younger listeners unless read in a variety of strong voices Dirk Yeller can t sit still and searches all over town searchin for a remedy He finds solace in the library The big cowboy Dirk will appeal to some younsters as well as the anticipation of searching for something to help him stop his itchin and twitchin and jumpin and rattlin However, this went on so long in the storyline I almost expected the end to be Di [...]

    18. The day big Dirk Yeller came to town everyone went into a panic Even the tumbleweeds stopped tumblin Everywhere he went Dirk frightened the townsfolk All except one young boy named Sam who understood being fidgety, wild and jumpy and a kind librarian who knew just the fix for those kinds of things This would be a great read for jittery children who find they have a lot in common with Dirk and Sam.To read about another misunderstood outlaw of the wild west see my book Big Bad Beetle Nose Bart fac [...]

    19. Dirk Yeller comes to town and he is twitching and howling and scratching and jumping He goes around the town trying to find something to help him but no one has anything Until Sam takes him to the library and finds that books stop all the twitching and jumping Now Dirk has settled down with books but he ll be back I love books about reading Reading can definitely help settle you down and Dirk is a perfect example of it Fun illustrationsI love that Dirk looks like a giant pumpkin

    20. When Dirk Yeller, the outlaw, rolls into town, everyone is scared He visits all the stores searching for something that will cure for lack of a better word his jitters or ADHD One little boy sympathizes with him and takes him to a special place that helps him when he feels he can t stop moving the Library Dirk discover books are the panacea he s after and everyone lives happily ever after.Great illustrations.

    21. Awesome book When outlaw Dirk Yeller comes to town, all worked out and antsy, none of the adults know how to help him, but Sam knows exactly what to do take him to the library and let Miss Jenny find him a good book I love the fact that the solution here is to read and I like the fun little romantic twist Cool

    22. It took me a few pages to really begin to like this book, but I really did like the turn it took.It begins as a classic western style story with a dried up town afraid of one lone cowboy There is a boy following him around, watching Dirk Yeller s ticks and making personal connections When he decides to approach Dirk, he changes the cowboy s attitude and in turn saves the town from a bully.

    23. This is a humorous story about a scary outlaw who terrorizes an old west town and the young boy who finds a way to tame the savage beast within The narrative is entertaining and the illustrations are nicely rendered drawings with interesting details we love the cat throughout The dialogue just begs to be read with a drawl We really enjoyed reading this book together.

    24. I LOVE a book that surprises me this book surprised me The day the outlaw Dirk Yeller came to town he had everyone in an uproar and quaking in their boots One boy happened to see through the outlaws strange questions and directed him to where he needed to go The place we ALL need to go to find the answers and to find out what that is, you must read this book.

    25. This is a great story that starts out like it could be scary when Dirk Yeller rides into town Luckily, a little boy, who feels similar to Dirk, recommends Dirk try the library to stop his itchin and twitchin and his jumpin and rattlin Reluctant reader, Dirk Yeller, settles down while the courageous boy helps him read books in a corner Very descriptive prose.

    26. This was a cute book I would use it either in a classroom that had some fidgety children, or for an evening story time where I get slightly older children school aged Although the content of the book is alright for my younger story time children, the subject matter an outlaw who cannot keep still will not connect as well with them as it will with older children.

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