UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK ✓ Women of Marvel (Mighty Marvel) - by Mary Choi Jeff Parker Sean McKeever Kelly Sue DeConnick Paul Cornell Marjorie M. Liu Adam Warren Ken Lashley

Women of Marvel (Mighty Marvel) By Mary Choi Jeff Parker Sean McKeever Kelly Sue DeConnick Paul Cornell Marjorie M. Liu Adam Warren Ken Lashley,

  • Title: Women of Marvel (Mighty Marvel)
  • Author: Mary Choi Jeff Parker Sean McKeever Kelly Sue DeConnick Paul Cornell Marjorie M. Liu Adam Warren Ken Lashley
  • ISBN: 9780785149538
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eight tales showcasing Marvel s most powerful women Collecting Women of Marvel Firestar, Lady Deadpool, Namora, Valkyrie, Rescue, Sif, Spitfire, X 23, Galacta, Women of Marvel 1 2
    Women of Marvel Mighty Marvel Eight tales showcasing Marvel s most powerful women Collecting Women of Marvel Firestar Lady Deadpool Namora Valkyrie Rescue Sif Spitfire X Galacta Women of Marvel

    One thought on “Women of Marvel (Mighty Marvel)”

    1. Once again I have been utterly disappointed by the portrayal of Marvel s female characters This graphic novel is a compilation of first issues basically it s an introduction to a bunch of D list heroes Unfortunately, half of the stories rely on humor instead of having Lyra, Hulk s daughter, bash in some Skrulls, we watch her try on prom dresses and a third are clich and generic, copies of male counterparts with boobs The worst of the worst has to be Galacta, teeny bopper daughter of Galactus Not [...]

    2. This collection of stories featuring female superheroes in the Marvel universe was a VERY mixed bag Some of the stories were excellent X 23, Sif , some were good Lady Deadpool, Valkyrie , and the rest ranged from mediocre to awful If it were possible to rate the individual stories, X 23 and Sif would both get 4 stars Taken as a whole, though, this book is OK at best.

    3. I would have given it three, but that Galacta story was so boring I couldn t finish it Overall, it isn t too bad They re just snippets of superheroes that can entice you to the own collection if they have any None spoke to me personally, I there was a range in character plots that revolved in something other than men I feel like they could further develop their personalities so they re not mainly analytical caring women, yet I assume that s what the other comics or for The costumes were also que [...]

    4. The ONLY reason I gave this otherwise wonderful book a 3 star was because of the Galacta story Ugh, it was too long, too wordy, too boring, too whiny, too creepy, too much daddy, you never answer my calls so I m going to keep calling you and calling you too I m always hungry, maybe I should consider self cannibalization too much twitter, too much ego preening, the art was wonky, the coloring was weird and over all, I felt the book would have fared SO much better without this story, and also, it [...]

    5. Kind of hit or miss and I guess technically it mostly misses, but the stuff that is good is great I just, you know, Women of Marvel, let s get serious But so much gigantic boobs and crime solving that involves bending over in thongs I can t But I liked X 23 This was good, loved it Basically just someone broken dealing with her demons, in a very non superhero y way Killer art and a great way to start the collection.Lady Deadpool Mary H.K Choi is _AOK_ in my book I haven t read enough Deadpool to [...]

    6. Featuring the first issue for many of Marvel s female superheroes, and as such, a very mixed bag I thought for sure I d like X 23 Laura s, since it was written by Marjorie Liu and I liked her in Black Widow, but it was a no go for me I also didn t like Galacta clever idea, I guess, but all she did was whine about calories or Lady Deadpool, which had a remarkable amount of shaming in it Others I skipped because the art was just so objectifying, it wasn t worth it But I quite liked Firestar and wa [...]

    7. This includes a bunch of shorts about a ton of female marvel characters that I had never really read about before and I was happy to read it There are definitely a bunch of characters I would like to know about including Sif and X 23 I had never read anything from Dazzler that wasn t older so it was nice to read something about her that wasn t silly and all in all I really enjoyed it The only two stories I wasn t in love with were Galacta and Lady Deadpool Both just felt a little bit long to me [...]

    8. Ugh I ve not been so disappointed in a GN in a while I quite liked a couple of the stories the Rescue one, for example, and the Black Cat Satana one but mostly this was blegh Also, and this is my own fault, I assumed Women of Marvel would describe not only the characters but also the writers Seeing dudes writing these characters wasn t my jam.

    9. X 23 3 stars Sig 4 stars Firestar 4 stars Rescue 5 stars Dazzled 4 stars Galactic 3.5 stars Namora 5 stars Lady deadpool 3 stars Spitfire 5 stars Valerie 5 stars Women of marvel 2 stars Black cat and Santana in black magic women 4 stars Women of marvel 2 2 stars Wake up screaming 4 stars ShAMAN the she devil in the heart of darkness 3 stars All the rage 4 stars.

    10. Some great, some awful VERY marvel Lady Deadpool, X 23 and Spitfire stood out Some of them were just straight up bad Also HORRIBLE cheesecake at the end HORRIBLE cover Really does a disservice to women in comics So overall this was okay nothing special and annoying than good

    11. I dream of a world in which female superheroes don t have unrealistically exposed cleavage Some interesting stories, and the variety in artists made for a cool variety of drawing styles, but I m still so distracted by their stupid costumes that I can t fully appreciate the characters themselves.

    12. Mainly read this because of Black Cat, but the stories involving other characters were good enough Some a little wacky, but enjoyable nonetheless.

    13. The five stars are for Kelly Sue s Sif story, though I enjoyed the rest of them except for lady deadpool and galactica, that is.

    14. This was a pretty good collection, though it is kind of hard to read through so many 1 s at once The Galacta story was completely unnecessary in my opinion and is the collection s biggest blemish.

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