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Masquerade Marriage By Anne Greene,

  • Title: Masquerade Marriage
  • Author: Anne Greene
  • ISBN: 9781611160109
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • A SECRET LIST To protect his loved ones and escape the dark fate of his brothers, a noted warrior abandons his identity Hiding from relentless soldiers who want him dead, Brody MacCaulay vows to protect the woman he loves than life, than freedom, than Scotland But his presence throws her into danger A VOW HONORED To escape an arranged marriage to an abusiA SECRET LIST To protect his loved ones and escape the dark fate of his brothers, a noted warrior abandons his identity Hiding from relentless soldiers who want him dead, Brody MacCaulay vows to protect the woman he loves than life, than freedom, than Scotland But his presence throws her into danger A VOW HONORED To escape an arranged marriage to an abusive noble, a Lowland Lady weds a stranger to save his life But vows spoken do not make a marriage, especially when Megan MacMurry holds a different love inside her heart A SACRIFICE MADE Outlawed, and with a price on his head, Brody condemns himself to a life of heartbreak without Megan Wanting her desperately, knowing he can t have her, he heads alone to certain death
    Masquerade Marriage A SECRET LIST To protect his loved ones and escape the dark fate of his brothers a noted warrior abandons his identity Hiding from relentless soldiers who want him dead Brody MacCaulay vows to prote

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    1. Desperate to escape an arranged marriage with an abusive English Duke, Megan MacMurray settles for a fugitive from Scotland Her plan is to keep him at arm s length A marriage in name only.To protect his mother and sister, the only two left in his famiy, Brodie MacCauley accepts Lady Megan s proposal Only he has different ideas on how a marriage should work.You can probably guess the end of this book right off the bat While I usually love stories set in Scotland and I m a sucker for arranged marr [...]

    2. After the battle of Culloden, Lowland Lady Megan MacMurry escapes her arranged marriage to an English lord, and honors her Highland fiance s memory by saving the life of one of his fugitive men through marriage She chooses Brody MacCauley, the only name she recognizes from a list, remembering that he was infatuated with her sister That makes him safe He won t be interested in a real marriage relationship with her.This was my first Scottish historical, and I loved it Beautiful marriage of conveni [...]

    3. I did not intend to commit my entire Sunday to this book after all, it s Nano month and I m supposed to be writing But when I picked up Masquerade Marriage this morning, the first chapter hooked me and the following pages propelled me toward the end Anne Greene crafted two irresistible characters one of which was a hunky highlander , threw them into a heap of danger, and ratcheted up the tension with each passing chapter The romance in this novel is pitch perfect and though it s based on a marri [...]

    4. From the beginning, the tale draws you in with vivid descriptions and scenes Anne Greene, the author, delightfully found a way to create a plot that leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next.I picked the book up and fell deep into the mindset that I was actually in Scotland Her use of Scottish terms, language and traditions made me feel like I was surrounded by moors and castles My skin tingled as if I was in the story during the dangerous points of the tale I ne [...]

    5. It is 1746 and noted Scottish warrior Brody McCauley finds himself injured and his father and brothers dead from a battle with the English Even as he is forced into hiding Brody recognizes the need to protect his mother and sister from this enemy His life is saved when Lady Megan McMurray weds him to escape an arranged marriage to an abusive noble and they enter into a a marriage in name only Soon Brody realizes that Megan s life is also in danger and he is afraid that he will lose her Thus begi [...]

    6. Masquerade Marriage by Anne Greene is a historical romance centering around Scotland in the mid 1700s It s a story of a Scottish war between the English and the Scots and a story about families and the things we do for those who we love Somewhat impetuous and bold, Megan, a young Lowland woman weds a Highlander to save his life and herself from an arranged marriage to an odious man The characters are strong and vibrant, yet not without their flaws and faults The story line is full of action and [...]

    7. Couldn t finish, so I skimmed It was very unpolished, both in writing grammar and typos Good idea, but I didn t like where the story went It was repetitive and boring and didn t hold my attention Could ve been great, but it wasn t.

    8. It s 1746 in the Scottish Highlands and Brody MacCaulay wakes to a massacre Blinded in one eye, buried beneath his dead clansmen, he hears the clipped English voices as they walk amidst the wounded Highlanders and finish them off with bayonets Against his urge to strike out in fury, he silently waits for them to pass Then leaving his fallen brothers and father behind on the battlefield, he gathers other injured clansmen and makes his way to a hidden cave If they leave, they ll be hunted by the E [...]

    9. Handsome Highland warriors Plaides and kilts Brawny men and bagpipes.The images alone increase the heart rate of many a fair maiden and some not so fair and long past maidenly There s a certain undeniable romance associated with Scotland and all things Scottish That said, I m afraid I m not one of those women whose heart beats faster at the thought of a man in a skirt That said, Masquerade Marriage may well have changed my mind.White Rose Publishing s Anne Greene brings a well written tale of an [...]

    10. A daring romp against a dark historical backdrop, with two strong willed characters pitted against each other It s Scotland in 1746, the day of the Culloden Battle, in which the English redcoats overran the Scottish highlanders, striking the decisive blow against Bonnie Prince Charlie s hope of freeing Scotland On this day, Brody MacCauley is the last surviving man of his clan, in hiding with a few other deeply injured soldiers A local pastor brings them food and finds a way to free one of the m [...]

    11. I love books about historical Scotland There is something about the people and that time that tugs at my heart and challenges me at the same time These were people not afraid to die for what they believed in They held concepts like loyalty, family, freedom, and faith sacred I think there is a lot to learn from them Sometimes they were a wee bit stubborn and prideful but there was a lot of strength and courage in heroes of Scottish history This story is a great example of how that sense of honor [...]

    12. Historical romance set in Scotland at the end of the Battle of Culloden in 1746 Brody MacCaulay comes to under bodies of his clansmen He could the English soldiers coming toward him and watched as hey killed all the ones that still breathed and the wounded After the soldiers left he found his way into the trees and found women and children slaughtered This is the first pages of the book Megan MacMurry plans a marriage to one of the Highlanders to save their life She goes to the local priest and [...]

    13. My only problem with this book was I had to put it down when I didn t want to smiling I wanted to keep reading and reading and reading but deadlines kept me from doing so.What I really loved about this book was the romantic tension between the hero and heroine The blood and gore of the war I struggled with but only because I have a weak stomach However, it is pertinent to the story and war never is a pretty sight.Brody MacCaulay is a hunky Scotland warrior who is masculinity personified And Mega [...]

    14. A Secret List A Fugitive Warrior One Life Saving Option A Vow Honored A Sacrifice Made Masquerade Marriage is an intriguing story set in 1746 Scotland Waking up on the battlefield, near fatally wounded, and realizing that his father and brothers and most of his kinsmen lay dead around him, Brody MacCauly wonders why God has spared him His vow now becomes that he must do whatever he has to do to save his mother and sister Their safety lies with him alone He does the one thing he gives up his birt [...]

    15. Masquerade Marriage is a book about love and war It is about making sacrifices and saving the lives of others The main character, Megan, has a chance to save one life, and she chooses to save Brody Their marriage is a masquerade, a sham, to keep Brody from falling into English hands after he survived the battle of Culloden Moor Megan does not think through her plan very well, and does not understand the potential danger she is putting her family in by bringing home her Highlander You will have t [...]

    16. To protect his mother and sister, a warrior is willing to abandon his identity and marry into a Masquerade Marriage.To keep from marrying the abusive man that her father has picked out for her, and to save a man s life, a Lady marries into a Masquerade Marriage.This was a fascinating and enjoyable read I was in the book from the very beginning This book moves very fast, and it doesn t drag at any point The dialogue between Brody and Megan is enjoyable yet tense I felt as if I was flying through [...]

    17. Ever since the year my friend went to Scotland with her Grandmother to visit the land of her ancestors, Scotland and her history has been intriguing to me This may have been what led me to request the ebook from Fred, but in no wise was this what kept my eyes glued to my Ipad and on the edge of my seat Drama, from the very first page where Brody woke up on the battlefield to the last page where he is running from the Red Coats, is the name of the game Vivid imagery has the reader seeing the batt [...]

    18. Masquerade Marriage begins on April 16, 1746 in Scotland during the battle at Culloden Brody MacCauley survives the battle Orders to kill all remaining highlanders cause him to hide to stay alive He is given an option that will protect himself and his remaining family He struggles with hiding his identity and pretending he is something he is not, a lowlander Lady Megan MacMurry is the younger daughter of a lowlander family The purpose of marrying Brody is two fold She wants to help one of the hi [...]

    19. Thrilling Scottish history and arranged marriage grown romantic I do Those two words save a man from certain death at the hands of the English, out to kill any Scottish highlanders left over after the Battle of Culloden The words save Brody s ma and sister from awful fates at the hands of those same English But who can save Brody and Megan from their own battles of will, ego, Brody s need to have his authority respected as a man, and Megan s need to express her high spiritedness Megan plans to h [...]

    20. I loved this story and I am glad I had the chance to read it This is the second book by ANNE GREENE that I have read Both books are stories of two sisters in a Lowlander Scottish family I recommend you add both to your reading lists The other book is titled Marriage by Arrangement.The story takes place in the 1740 s between England and the Highlander s of Scotland near Culloden Brody MacCauley has been gravely injured and is now a fugitive He wakes up on the battlefield and finds out that his Fa [...]

    21. The front cover captured my attention with these words A Secret List, A Fugitive Warrior, One Life Saving Option.How could anyone resist Masquerade Marriage takes place in Scotland in 1796 I ve read many books in this time period and often find myself yawning by chapter three Not so with this treasure by Greene The characters are fresh, there is a lot of action, danger and I found myself having to read just one page Another pleasure in reading this book is learning about Scotland during that ti [...]

    22. This book was an amazing surprise to me I loved it It took me back in time to 1746 in Scotland and transported me to a place where Scotland and England were at war and sadly, Scotland was losing After a brutal massacre there are few Scotsman left and they are injured and in hiding If the English find them they will be killed and one priest has an idea to save one man A woman with a broken heart has agreed to marry one man to save him from the English, those willing to get married in order to be [...]

    23. I love anything Scottish so this book captured my heart before I even started it It s very hard to read about history when it is as horrific as the Battle of Culloden and the events that followed were for the Highland Scots Megan McMurry is secretly helping the highland Scots while portraying herself as an English loyalist She receives a list of men who survived the battle of Culloden and chooses one of them to marry in order to save him She doesn t realize that he has loved her all his life Bro [...]

    24. This historical romance set in 1746 Scotland gives insight into the cultural environment of the place and time The conflicts between the occupying English forces and the conflicts between Highland and Lowland Scots provide plenty of tension I appreciated the contrast Ms Green vividly showed between the Highland husband s expections and those accepted by Lowlanders Megan was a determined young lowland lass who tried to save a Highlander, Brody, from being arrested and executed by marrying him The [...]

    25. This book takes place in the highlands and lowlands of Scotland what better place could you be It grabs your attention on the first page where Brody barely escapes the horrible battle of Culloden with his life He is saved from a life of hiding by a marriage proposal with a Lowland Lady The emotions run high in this story and it tugs on your heartstrings The author writes in a way that you feel the action, danger and tension with the characters There is great depth with many side characters who h [...]

    26. MASQUERADE MARRIAGE is a good read It is well written and the premise is interesting The hero, Brody, is very compelling, all that a romantic character from the 17th century should be The heroine and theology while sound are both a bit too modern for the era, however, and a few too many things go unexplained The former is a matter of nuance, which Anne will soon master as she is a talent to watch, and I m anxious to track her progress as her career proceeds The latter issue is one with which I a [...]

    27. Anne Greene did it again I was hesitant to read Masquerade Marriage after reading Marriage by Arrangement because I did not think it would measure up It is just as good, if not better The two books each tell the story of one of the Lady MacMurrays, two sisters I enjoyed Megan MacMurry s passionate, caring attitude Although the characters feel their marriage is a masquerade, it is a true marriage in the sense that both Brody and Megan continually put the other first while seeking God s will for t [...]

    28. Clare s ReviewMegan, a lowland lady marries Brody a Highlander on the run from the English to save his life Filled with rich Scottish language and descriptive passages, this book literally tosses you back in time to a land where men fought to be free from the tyranny of the English Honestly feel ashamed to be English having read this I literally sat and read all day, pausing only to feed the kids, so compelling is the story I laughed and even cried The emotions run deep as Megan and Brody slowly [...]

    29. Scottish romances are my favorite and this one was really great I loved Brody He was humble, faithful, and would do anything to save his family It seemed to take a long time for Megan to realize Brody loved her but she had a lot of things to work through I enjoyed the historical part of the book and how they tried to save the Highland warriors that were being hunted by the British I also liked the way the author worked faith in God in to the story Great story and great ending too I received a co [...]

    30. I enjoyed reading this story it was a sweet suspenseful romance and that kept it very interesting You wonder if the English would ever come after Brody and loved how Brody and Megan s marriage progressed through the story I want of this couple I would love to see what happens as they start a new life in the New World and what becomes of Fiona.I receive a free copy of this book courtesy of The Book Club Network for my honest review.

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