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Wonder Woman: Circle By Gail Simone Mercedes Lackey Ron Randall Rachel Dodson Terry Dodson,

  • Title: Wonder Woman: Circle
  • Author: Gail Simone Mercedes Lackey Ron Randall Rachel Dodson Terry Dodson
  • ISBN: 9781848560154
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • What is the deadly secret of the mysterious Circle Wonder Woman will find out in this new trade paperback collecting issues 14 19 of the Warrior s hit series Also in this volume, the reformed Secret Society of Super Villains invades Paradise Island, led by Captain Nazi
    Wonder Woman Circle What is the deadly secret of the mysterious Circle Wonder Woman will find out in this new trade paperback collecting issues of the Warrior s hit series Also in this volume the reformed Secret S

    One thought on “Wonder Woman: Circle”

    1. Gail Simone makes Wonder Woman look cool Finally Even the dorky much lampooned Lasso Of Truth is a wicked weapon in her hands Simone, you re my hero.

    2. I ve heard very good things about Gail Simone s run on Wonder Woman, so I went in with high expectations Luckily, I wasn t disappointed Yay This particular volume feels very exposition y, and it bears remembering that this is right after the highly ill advised s Attack storyline which I am boycotting In other words, it s a lot of foundation It felt like a solid foundation to me, and it opened up a storyline that I wasn t expecting, relating to Diana s birth More will come of this, I m sure, and [...]

    3. i love origin stories i love origin stories that would help to transform character especially a character as wonder woman that has been around forever into something exclusive that is why my particular problem with the circle was where the flashbacks are something of a rarity that is both well written with a tight plot, the scenes from the present offlat and poorly structured this is becoming less problem after issue 3 as present and flashbacks blend to each other and the circle becomes of some [...]

    4. Been sighted as one of the best Wonder Woman comic books in the last decade, as penned by Gail Simone Sure I was hyped up even the packaging was immaculate and handled with extreme care when it was posted to my door But experience has taught me to always keep my expectations low on anything.In the end I couldn t help it the book and its cover make it look like a Greek mythology treasure trove Nonetheless, I enjoyed Wonder Woman, Vol 3 The Circle.The plotting is solid nothing and no one, no matte [...]

    5. I really enjoyed Wonder Woman The Circle It conveys all the best qualities of Wonder Woman She sees all the details of a situation without losing sight of the big picture a great strategic and diplomatic mind, strong, fierce and compassionate Mercedes Lackey wrote a great introduction for this volume, but I would hold off reading it until after you ve read the book so you can form your own opinions unbiased However, if you need to be sold on reading it, then by all means, read the introduction f [...]

    6. Not being that familiar with other Wonder Woman stories, i really enjoyed the depth of character put into this book I felt like it was really clear how heroic a character Wonder Woman is from the writing, i enjoyed the art as well Just very honest and grounded, which is hard to do in the format.

    7. To quote from the Mercedes Lackey preface, Here is the warrior who knows that the goal of fighting is to end conflict, who understands strategy and uses every advantage, who knows that negotiation and compromise are tools fit for a warrior, who never loses compassion even for her enemies Here is Wonder Woman, coherent Here at last is Wonder Woman as Goddess.

    8. I think that Mercedes Lackey said it best by quoting Gail Simone about Gail Simone s vision of Wonder Woman in the introduction When you need to stop an asteroid, you get Superman When you need to solve a mystery, you call in Batman But when you need to end a war, you get Wonder Woman And the stories contained within illustrate why GS s vision is so powerful and show why many times the knock down drag out fights are not always necessary, and that you can be unafraid to fight, while listening and [...]

    9. I really wanted to like this because I usually like Simone s writing and Diana is one of my faves Unfortunately, the first plot line was so off putting to me The idea that the vendetta against Diana s birth was based jealously in addition to the fear rubbed me the wrong way These women have lived years without the ability to have children and the story only shows women who desired children They even show women making wooden children to cope with their feelings Why Not all women want children.Eve [...]

    10. This was a great soft reboot of Wonder Woman Gail Simone writes a powerful and compelling heroine and manages to create a coherent backstory that resolves some of the inconsistencies in Wonder Woman s history I didn t dig the Nazi fighting and the forced romance at the end knocked off a full star from my rating, but overall I really enjoyed this volume.

    11. Keep faith Trust to love Fight with honor But fight to win Me ha gustado mucho el arco Est muy bien montado y me gusta mucho la Diana que escribe Simone Demasiados planos con culos detallados para ser sinceros eso s.Pero bueno, especialmente en el final ha habido varios dibujos que me han encantado Y la coleta lazo le sienta genial.

    12. 3.5This wasn t my favorite but it was good and Wonder Woman is quickly becoming one of my favourite DC characters I loved the artwork, and liked the story.

    13. I think I anticipated this to be amazing than it was This was most likely due to the fact it was recommended to me so frequently and it therefore got my hopes up too much I can definitely see it s merit and why people enjoyed it so much It did finish on a rather interesting note that s left me interested in continuing with this series, so props to Simone in that regards.

    14. I love Wonder Woman and Terry and Rachel Dodson s art is always excellent The Circle was one of the easier comic books to sink into especially considering this is book three in the series However I still felt a bit lost and and the new artist in the last 50 pages wasn t as impressive.

    15. Summary Wonder Woman makes friends with some sentient gorillas, fights to save her homeland from invading Nazi goons and her mother from the former members of the queen s personal guard, and faces off with a member of another DC franchise over the fate of the Khund.Verdict Strangely bland.Yay Mercedes Lackey writes a great introduction to this volume Wonder Woman s core values are shown as she tries to befriend enemies, kicks butt, and extends mercy The fight scenes are decent, and the brief ori [...]

    16. I ve never read a solo Wonder Woman story and this story was perfect to change that You learn about her mother, Queen Hippolyta, and the s Right from the beginning you can tell why Diana has earned her status as the princess She can see even the slightest spark of good in everyone while still remaining a fearless warrior who will stop at nothing to protect what is good She can see the bigger picture One of the best things was to see her Lasso Of Truth at work how it enters the psyche of her oppo [...]

    17. Kind of beginning to see why Gail Simone is a thing, even if I felt kinda icky about the wholest jealously thing, but it is a really interesting premise, given WW s background The exploration of this idea with women has always kind of confused me, but at least the art and writing was solid.

    18. It was entertaining enough I liked how Wonder Woman knows all the gods and goddesses and deities of all the pantheons Really I just want to see the make out with other female lead roles, that would be fantastic, just do away with the blonde doe eyed heterosexual flirtation and I d rate it a stars

    19. Another one that doesn t quiiiiite hold up to a reread, but in the moment I loved it I think this was the book that told me to give Gail Simone a real try, and also not to despair at the way people mistreat my beloved Wonder Woman.

    20. To date this is actually the best Wonder Woman comic I ve read I haven t read many at this point Intent to change All in all this comic consists of two separate plot lines, both good The title references the first plot I will say this story prevails even when it comes across asgoofy Like, how do you entertain a villain like Captain Nazi seriously Well, at first it struck me as outrageous until I saw Wonder Woman s armor gleaming in the smoke and shadow The next page of panels paints a most punct [...]

    21. I m not a fan of graphic novels That s not a judgment upon GNs, just that I m not visually orientated I prefer words.That said, I rather enjoyed The Circle I found that the images enhanced the words, providing a visual image that expanded upon the text.I also enjoyed the actual story The character of Diana was impressive here she s a goddess, an avatar for truth, a warrior that offers mercy and a loving daughter I tried this volume because it was recommended by a website for fans of the recent W [...]

    22. This volume has two major arcs in it nazis invading Themiscyra, then an aggressive alien society recruiting Diana to defend them from genocide Interesting enough topics, with some good twists and some moral lessons as the stories progressed My problem with this one was that the ordering of the panels and the various fonts and colours of captions for a bunch of different narrators made it difficult to parse what was happening where and who was speaking I found by the end I didn t care.Recommended [...]

    23. Eu gostei mais deste arco mais do que eu gostei do volume 1 dos Novos 52, aqui tem a origem mais cl ssica da Mulher Maravilha, com bastante fundamento, e uma storyline que tem muito impacto na vida atual da Diana Aqui temos a Gail Simone comandando o arco, e como uma mulher, poss vel ver que ela tenta ao m ximo n o sexualizar a Mulher Maravilha, como acontece em muitos outros arcos comandados por homens.

    24. The Circle story is great Diana defending her home island was awesome Her conversation with the gorillas at the beginning before they fight was hilarious The second story was okay but her courting Nemesis was awkward in a fun way.

    25. Solid 3.5 stars A very enjoyable tale, though I think I d heard how Wonderful Amazing Perfect it was so many times that my expectations were too high I would rec it, definitely, but it wasn t my all time favorite Diana story though.

    26. I love love love the artwork in this series I hadn t realized this was the third one but I still enjoyed it even if I missed some parts.

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