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Il libro del riso e dell'oblio By Milan Kundera Alessandra Mura,

  • Title: Il libro del riso e dell'oblio
  • Author: Milan Kundera Alessandra Mura
  • ISBN: 9788845913549
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
  • Di questo libro Kundera ha scritto Nel Libro del riso e dell oblio, la coerenza dell insieme data unicamente dall unicit di alcuni temi e motivi , con le loro variazioni un romanzo, questo Io credo di s E lo stesso vale per i numerosissimi lettori che questo libro ha avuto dal 1979 a oggi e che vi hanno riconosciuto una delle pi audaci imprese letterarie delDi questo libro Kundera ha scritto Nel Libro del riso e dell oblio, la coerenza dell insieme data unicamente dall unicit di alcuni temi e motivi , con le loro variazioni un romanzo, questo Io credo di s E lo stesso vale per i numerosissimi lettori che questo libro ha avuto dal 1979 a oggi e che vi hanno riconosciuto una delle pi audaci imprese letterarie del nostro tempo un romanzo in forma di variazioni Cambiano totalmente i personaggi e le situazioni, in ciascuna delle sette parti in cui come d obbligo in Kundera il libro si divide Ciascuna autosufficiente e tutte si susseguono come le diverse tappe di un viaggio che ci conduce all interno di un tema, all interno di un pensiero, all interno di una sola e unica situazione la cui comprensione, per me, si perde nell immensit Su tutto, un gesto si mostra con peculiare insistenza il tentativo di sottrarsi alla cancellazione di ci che avvenuto Come dice un personaggio del romanzo la lotta dell uomo contro il potere la lotta della memoria contro l oblio.
    Il libro del riso e dell oblio Di questo libro Kundera ha scritto Nel Libro del riso e dell oblio la coerenza dell insieme data unicamente dall unicit di alcuni temi e motivi con le loro variazioni un romanzo questo Io credo di

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    1. He was well aware that of the two or three thousand times he had made love how many times had he made love in his life only two or three were really essential and unforgettable The rest were mere echoes, imitations, repetitions, or reminiscences Ah, the endlessly quotable Kundera I had to hold myself back from updating my status every other page there were just so many perfectly composed sentences I wanted to share with you, goodreaders Sometimes that s all it takes to win me over, a stream of p [...]

    2. Just like you ve gotta travel to the city of Prague, Czech Rep to feel it s overpowering Wonderland esque vibe, you must read this novel Its bonkers brilliant Phantasmagoric originality like this a virtual valentine full of passions submerged portends of an oversoul celestial awareness to that fantastic aforementioned European city comes very seldom in a reader s sweet life You won t forget The Book of Laughter and Forgetting.

    3. Ask any Kundera fan which book of his is their favorite, and the answer will inevitably be the first book of his that they read His unique writing style comes as a revelation at first, but unfortunately can grow irritating the books of his one reads The Book of Laughter and Forgetting is the first one I read, and it holds a special place in my reading history as the one book that I instantly began re reading as soon as I finished it If you haven t read Kundera, I would recommend this or the muc [...]

    4. e love is continual interrogation I don t know of a better definition of love This won t be the Kundera book I would recommend to a reader new to him Not that it is bad it still has all the interesting psychology he dislikes the word , philosophy he dislikes that too and sex Well, he is a man the trouble with this book is it is too much into Kunderism The good thing about him is he never beats around the bush It is as if he knows what he has show and only tells parts of the story that say it thu [...]

    5. What is a novel Or perhaps that question should be, what is a novel for you Is it a story Does it have to have a dramatic arc That s pretty much what most of us think of when we think of novels The story could be wholly plot driven like The Da Vinci Code It could be character driven e.g Sense and Sensibility Or it could simply an account of someone s day Mrs Dalloway It could be written as straight forward narrative e.g Madam Bovary or play with form and structure e.g Ulysses be realistic e.g Mi [...]

    6. 294 Kniha sm chu a zapomn n The Book of Laughter And Forgetting, Milan KunderaThe Book of Laughter and Forgetting Czech Kniha sm chu a zapomn n is a novel by Milan Kundera, published in France in 1979 It is composed of seven separate narratives united by some common themes The book considers the nature of forgetting as it occurs in history, politics and life in general The stories also contain elements found in the genre of magic realism.Plot summary Part One Lost Letters Part Two Mama Part Thre [...]

    7. PREFACE No Memories of Merriment Milan Kundera in Heideggerian Mode A novel examines not reality but existence And existence is not what has occurred, existence is the realm of human possibilities, everything that man can become, everything he s capable of Novelists draw up the map of existence by discovering this or that human possibility But again, to exist means being in the world Thus both the character and his world must be understood as possibilities Love s absolute is actually a desire fo [...]

    8. Such a unique writer, Kundera What a way he has to shine the brightest light on the deepest corners of human psyche What s really impressive, though, is the fact that he combines human every day behavior with historical facts The connection between those two is for the reader to make What some readers may find annoying, is the fact that Kundera is rather interventional when it comes to his characters He doesn t hesitate not only to talk about himself, but also analyze his theories Me, I don t ha [...]

    9. One of the characters in this book says that he intends to write a book about politics and love And, that is exactly what this is a book about politics and love The style of writing is quite different from most other novels there is not much dialog, mostly narration And, at least once the author speaks directly to the reader about the book He describes how Beethoven first popularized the musical form theme and variations , and that this book is based on the same form It is built on seven parts, [...]

    10. Variazioni sul temaCredo che nella vita spesse volte ciascuno di noi abbia sperimentato la sensazione o lo stato d animo legato ad una situazione che ci pone su un filo Come si ci fosse un sottile confine su cui ci muoviamo, tale per cui un piccolo impercettibile spostamento fa mutare una situazione da drammatica a ridicola, da importante a inconsistente, da emozionante a grottesca, da paurosa a surreale.Basta una parola a far crollare la tensione, una parola che ci fa dare una lettura completam [...]

    11. Too Much Authorial Touching3.5 stars I m aware this is a philosophical novel of ideas that significantly and laudably criticized the Czech communist regime then in power and resulted in that government s revoking Kundera s citizenship.Nonetheless, I cannot in good conscience give a novel 4 or 5 stars on that basis when I dislike the type of author interactivity in a work of fiction that pervades this novel That is to say, I have a hard time reading as a story, i.e enjoying or being vivified by a [...]

    12. Kundera again fascinates with his matter of fact, take it like it is, humorous and utterly intellectual writing style propped up, again, by the historical event that must have rattled his life experience the most the Prague Spring Revolution of 1968 I love this book It is thought provoking, humorous and at times arousingly erotic These facts fail to impede the authors ability to carry a dead serious undercurrent important to the overall experience he seeks to share in this narrative Kundera has [...]

    13. Weird, weird, weird Was hoping for quality since it was an international best seller, and who knows, maybe it was just too high brow for me, but I didn t enjoy it It concentrates on how communism makes people lose their humanity and become just desire less, shallow, and brain dead There are a lot of really uncomfortable sex scenes involving children and others in which the act is just humorous and emotion less, not even erotic just mechanical but not for the usual reasons of boredom with a partn [...]

    14. The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting The stupidity of people comes from having an answer for everything The wisdom of the novel comes from having a question for everything.The novelist teaches the reader to comprehend the world as a question There is wisdom and tolerance in that attitude In a world built on sacrosanct certainties the novel is dead The totalitarian world, whether founded on Marx, Islam, or anything else, is a world of answers rather than [...]

    15. Brilliant in parts, but also messy and uneven It is a twisting novel of lovers, sex, names, poets, poltiics, borders, history, memory, nations and being It slides from one original idea into another like remote lovers in a well lubricated orgy of ideas I don t know if it loses me because I loved The Unbearable Lightness of Being so much , or if Kundera just failed to grab me by the intellectual shorthairs I m almost positive I would probably rate it higher if I had the chance to tease out the fl [...]

    16. This book is a novel in the form of variations The various parts follow each other like the various stages of a voyage leading into the interior of a thought, interior of a single, unique situationStruggle of manThe struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgettingConnectionHis connection to his life was that of a sculptor to his statue or a novelist to his novel It is an inviolable right of a novelist to rework his novel If the opening does not please him, he can rewrit [...]

    17. I am sure that Milan Kundera born 1929 will someday get his Nobel prize for literature This is my 2nd book by him and he still amused me with his Nietzsche inspired style of writing This book, A Book of Laughter and Forgetting in some ways foreshadows his most popular work, my first read of him, The Unbearable Lightness of Being I prefer Unbearable though because it has one plot and one or maybe two themes that people belong to either lightness or heaviness and that we are living in an infinite [...]

    18. S Kunderom m m prav jednostrann love hate relationship K udne to mohlo by p hviezdi iek iadne in knihy nem m tak z rivo popod iarkovan s citovate n mi pas ami, do iv ho tn cimi, ako pr ve Kunderove asnem, ako presne vie situ cie a psychol giu ani nie pop sa , ale uk za a bleskovo sa do nich vnori.Z rove asi pri iadnych liter rnych charakteroch tak neprevraciam o ami sexistick , samo bi mu i, ktor najrad ej po vaj len svoje filozofovanie a eny, ktor s zv a hoc armantn mi, no st le len ploch mi a [...]

    19. I don t get it Why all the hype I found the characters and their situations absolutely uncompelling I felt like I was reading a movie treatment, a sketch for a scenario Flat, jejune And aside from the opening image of the borrowed hat and it s disgraced, airbrushed out lender, I found very little that was striking or poetic in the prose itself I m a huge fan of Kundera s non fiction especially Testaments Betrayed, a lyrically erudite book, with an elucidating defense of Kafka from Brod ism, a pa [...]

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