[EPUB] ä Uccelli da preda | BY ✓ Wilbur Smith

Uccelli da preda By Wilbur Smith,

  • Title: Uccelli da preda
  • Author: Wilbur Smith
  • ISBN: 9788830414099
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
  • E il 1667 Il conflitto navale tra l Impero britannico e Gruppo Editoriale L Espresso d Olanda al suo culmine e la guerra di corsa infuria a ogni latitudine Sir Francis Courteney, al comando di una piccola flotta, incrocia al largo del Capo di Buona Speranza, ingaggiato dal re d Inghilterra per intercettare i galeoni olandesi che tornano dalle Indie carichi di spezie,E il 1667 Il conflitto navale tra l Impero britannico e Gruppo Editoriale L Espresso d Olanda al suo culmine e la guerra di corsa infuria a ogni latitudine Sir Francis Courteney, al comando di una piccola flotta, incrocia al largo del Capo di Buona Speranza, ingaggiato dal re d Inghilterra per intercettare i galeoni olandesi che tornano dalle Indie carichi di spezie, legnami pregiati e oro Con lui c suo figlio Hal, forte, coraggioso, assetato di avventure e perennemente attratto dall Africa, consapevole, forse, che su quella terra azzurra e calda si sta preparando il suo destino, e quello dei suoi discendenti
    Uccelli da preda E il Il conflitto navale tra l Impero britannico e Gruppo Editoriale L Espresso d Olanda al suo culmine e la guerra di corsa infuria a ogni latitudine Sir Francis Courteney al comando di una pic

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    1. Alas, I did not learn something essential or scholarly in any way by reading Birds of Prey I might not have helped me understand history or comprehend anything fundamental to my life, but I would say that reading Birds of Prey was fun and allowed me hours of enjoyable and dashing adventure within Wilbur Smith s well written story All in all, it is a great pirate story set on east coast of Africa in the 1600 s The author appears to know his sailing of which I am totally ignorant, but there is gre [...]

    2. Rating 3 of fiveWilbur, Wilburyours isn t the stuff of literary legend, but usually you buckle a mean swash and cause images of Erroll Flynn to dash around your reader s head thanks for that, BTW.In this book, Wilbur, you lost your way I don t expect autheticity of language, and don t even WANT it, in books set in the 17th century But sometimes I felt I was watching a mini series dumbed down for a TV audience as I read this installment of the generational saga of the Courteneys Plenty of buckles [...]

    3. The true beginning of the Courtney saga, even though it was written well after the other Courtney books.Swashbuckling adventure on the highs seas, moving to the African continent and escape from Dutch prison A chase across South Africa and retribution against those who betrayed the family.I thought this was an excellent story.

    4. Please don t let the 3 stars fool you I enjoyed this book More specifically, I enjoyed the story Wilbur Smith excels in performing perhaps the two most important elements of fiction creating likable characters and detestable villains The trouble I had was with execution.Birds of Prey has an uneven feel the first third of the novel unfolds at breakneck pace with great care given to explaining to the reader elements of nautical life and ship terminology All of this is done quite necessarily, and a [...]

    5. A great pirate story set on east coast of Africa in the 16oo s WS knows his sailing, his history, and as always is a world class storyteller What a crazy time that must have been, the age of colonial conquest I may go back and re read some of the others I have sitting around the house.

    6. It s a book about pirates privateers double crossing each other, duking it out with each other on land and sea, and doing other fun stuff with healthy doses of kinky boning and horrid violence What s not to like Seriously though, I was very impressed with my first book of Mr Smith s All of the good stuff that historical fiction lovers like is here lots of period detail, sightseeing, larger than life characters, historical context, and so on and so forth I guess when it comes to publishing order [...]

    7. Quite possibly the best novel I ve ever read Full of adventure and extremely well written Birds of Prey contains some of the best writing I ve ever had the pleasure of reading Sophisticated and smooth at the same time The pages just flowed by and I felt almost as if I was watching an Indiana Jones movie Honest and educational at times, Wilbur Smith pulls no punches here Some will surely consider it too graphic, but I personally enjoy the honest realism This book has everything It had me laughing [...]

    8. At the beginning of the seventeenth century, the small country of The Netherlands spread its sails, to become a major world trade player With the establishment of the Vereenigde Oost Indische Compagnie, Holland was soon equal with England as king of the seas This and other internal, external, and political differences lead to a total of six Anglo Dutch Wars, spanning intermittently between 1652 and 1810 The Second Anglo Dutch War, from 1665 to 1667 saw an expansion of hostilities far from Europe [...]

    9. Excellent, by far one the best reads I ve had in awhile Its amazing how this novel can cover so many genre s and still be cohesive.There is Piracy, War battles, Swordsmanship, A Historical aspect, Adventure on the seas and the continent, Romance, and even an Arthurian legend thrown in Even a Happy ending It was Good from the first word to the last word.They say don t judge a book by its cover or its title, and maybe that is why i have overlooked it for this long.So check this one out, you won t [...]

    10. I never was big on pirate sagas Until I read this book None of that phony Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum Errol Flynn nonsense here Smith is no genteel Victorian novel writer, although he s close enough to that genre to not forget to entertain his readers Smith s feel for Africa and solid knowledge of the time this book is set in arent from research but from love of his subject You can feel it all through the book With Evil Characters like Katinka, the kinky Dutch wife of the Governor of Cape Colon [...]

    11. Stephen King says BEST HISTORICAL NOVELIST I say Wilbur Smith, with his swashbuckling novels of Africa The bodices rip and the blood flows You can get lost in Wilbur Smith and misplace all of August.

    12. Smith begins the final collection of Courtney novels with an interesting historical journey Transporting readers back to 1667, the Anglo Dutch naval war is at its zenith as Sir Francis Courtney and his son, Henry Hal , sail off the coast of southern Africa They await the Dutch ships, full of riches, headed back from faraway lands As they hold letters of permission from Charles II, both Courtney men seek to act as privateers at a time when playing pirates on the high seas was completely permissib [...]

    13. A gripping read of the high calibre i have come to expect from Smith He effectively manages to create a plot out of his regular themes such as romance, tragedy, family ties, war battles, good vs evil and adventure , using a touch of history while keeping a level of freshness, unexpected plot twists Quite how unexpected they are i will leave you to decide for yourself, since i am not blessed with the same ability to pre empt plot lines as a few individuals i know possibly because i get so lost in [...]

    14. Err, I don t even know what to say about this book For starters, I didn t know this wasn t the first book of the saga, so clearly I kind of just jumped in the Courtney s party and was a bit confused Second, I did not foresee the amount of smut this book runs with Not bad smut, really, just, woah, caught me by surprise the first few super raunchy scenes There was one swash buckling battle followed by some raunch for the first hundred pages or so The characters were pretty shallow as far as charac [...]

    15. Very good for the genre, exciting and absorbing The characters are thin and stereotyped The main character starts out as a young teenager, horny and eager for adventure He see horrible events and grows up to be a leader among men, etc but the he matures the less likeable he is Some questions for the author Hal has no problem marrying a Muslim Balinese woman indeed, he doesn t even seem to realize that she is not Christian But later in the book he seems motivated by pure Christian zeal than any [...]

    16. A swashbuckling adventure tale An exotic setting the east coast of 17th century Africa, a young, handsome, brave, bright hero under the tutelage of his strict but loving father with a loyal, strong, brave, wise indigenous side kick, naval battles, sword fights, lions, crocodiles, hidden treasure, a secret society, an evil, implacable but honorable foe, a couple of slimy bad guys, a beautiful, high born nymphomaniac to relieve our hero of his virginity what could go wrong All of the characters ar [...]

    17. Primo libro che ho letto di W.S Subito dopo essere tornata dal Sudafrica ho sentito la nostalgia di questo stupendo paese e quale modo migliore per rivedere quei posti con altri occhi, in altre epoche, se non quello di immergermi nella lettura di questi fantastici romanzi In questo si parte dal principio, siamo nel XVII secolo quando gli inglesi sono approdati sulle coste del Sudafrica come tappa verso le Indie Orientali e Hal Courtney diventato il capostipite di una dinastia che non mi ha pi ab [...]

    18. This was a bit curious Very much a slightly grown up Boys own adventure book, it certainly wasn t as good as some of the later books in the Courtney series It does suffer a bit from falling into clich , especially when it comes to the bad guys Towards the end there was a very left of field twist that appeared, which I don t feel worked very well But I shan t go into details in case of spoilering Overall I probably wouldn t bother unless you really like this type of swashbuckling.

    19. Yet another great Wilbur Smith book that kept me turning pages Smith s books generally follow the same formula, but his mixture of history, setting, and action really works This entry is set during the 17th century and does a great job of using English, Dutch, and Islamic history to move the story As always, the reader gets the tough as nails heroes, the lusty and attractive women, the bad guys who are always bad, and the all knowing African mentor But like I said earlier, this really works for [...]

    20. Took me back to amy teenage years of reading when characters did not need to be fleshed out and adventures just keep happening on the seas All I wanted was excitement then and apparently needed a dose of now Back and forth across the seas around Africa, fighting both those on the Queen s side and those that are Dutch, loving and marrying twice, hiding booty and grabbing it up again, repairing ships, sailing them It s all there I didn t ask for , not consistency, not plausibility, just an engagin [...]

    21. My first Wilbur Smith book,Absolutely loved it, the adventure the epic scope as well as the sincere emotion in which the reader is dragged through from overwhelming and desolate sadness to gloriously profound victory which is beset upon a wicked and harsh set of odds I love the sea and anything involving pirates however this is the first book that s really captivated me as a reader into fully believing this story from back to front, I cannot wait until I get into the next one.

    22. 37 BIRDS OF PREY by Wilbur Smith Durfee s top 50 novels countdown I ve read all 40 of Wilbur Smith s African Adventure novels Warning If you like animals DO NOT read a Wilbur Smith novel Much bloody slaughter of African beasts in a Wilbur Smith I also highly recommend RIVERGOD, MONSOON, and A FALCON FLIES.

    23. Wilbur Smith is a great novel writter, does great reasearch and you cannot let go of the book once started to read Birds of Prey is one ov the Courtney saga, but can be read as a stand a lone One of my favourites.


    25. Questo libro temo sar il mio primo e ultimo tentativo con Wilbur Smith.Partivo con le migliori speranze, perch la trama mi attirava e l ambientazione pure E non che queste speranze siano state disattese lo stile di base ottimo e la ttimo e la narrazione scorre fluida e avventurosa Capisco le persone a cui il romanzo piaciuto, gli ingredienti ce li ha tutti e li vedo tranquillamente.Il che non mi ha impedito, per , di trovare il libro noiosissimo, tant che l ho letto a fatica e saltando anche alc [...]

    26. This is not my type of book even though I ve seen all instalments of the Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates, ahoy, arrrrhhhh Or rather British and Dutch noblesse fighting beyond across below the Line Loads of things happen in these 700 pages, so if you re into it, please be ready for the hell of a ride We have here a bit of clich characters a wise father and a wise exotic meaning, ex slave mentor, a young pup who learns everything the hard way but is of an angelic beauty, a worthy enemy, and a Sco [...]

    27. Written with extraordinary magnificence Birds of Prey wheels fast through time and space covering adventures encountered by Francis Courtney and his light and pride, his son Hal Courtney Filling each page with fast moving events Wilbur Smith has delivered a well researched experience to the eyes and hearts of readers You could smell the gun powder and hear the deafening blasts of cannons You could taste the rusty smell of blood in the air and feel the tight silky skin of the young women as the b [...]

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