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Monsone By Wilbur Smith,

  • Title: Monsone
  • Author: Wilbur Smith
  • ISBN: 9788830415225
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tom e Dorian, due dei quattro figli di Sir Hal Courteney, salgono a bordo dell East Indiaman, il galeone affidato al comando del padre incaricato dalla Compagnia delle Indie di domare il sanguinario pirata arabo Jangiri, il cui regno si estende dal capo di Buonasperanza al Madagascar Tom si trover cos a dover affrontare, prima con il padre e poi con Sarah, la donna chTom e Dorian, due dei quattro figli di Sir Hal Courteney, salgono a bordo dell East Indiaman, il galeone affidato al comando del padre incaricato dalla Compagnia delle Indie di domare il sanguinario pirata arabo Jangiri, il cui regno si estende dal capo di Buonasperanza al Madagascar Tom si trover cos a dover affrontare, prima con il padre e poi con Sarah, la donna che ha scelto di stare al suo fianco, gli innumerevoli enigmi di un continente che esercita il suo invisibile potere su uomini e animali, mentre Dorian, costretto a una nuova esistenza e a una nuova fede, far del coraggio la sua arma e scoprir l a.
    Monsone Tom e Dorian due dei quattro figli di Sir Hal Courteney salgono a bordo dell East Indiaman il galeone affidato al comando del padre incaricato dalla Compagnia delle Indie di domare il sanguinario p

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    1. I seldom read the type of book referred to as a guilty pleasure It s not because I m some beret wearing, croissant eating, Proust reading snob The fact that I wear berets and eat croissants is coincidental To the contrary, I m as comfortable as the next person wallowing in the gutter drinking Yellow Tail chardonnay and reading Ken Follett It s just that the books I use to escape are conceptually different When I ve had a long day at work, I like to read big fat histories on World War I or the Ci [...]

    2. Rating 4 of fiveThe Book Report Second chronologically in the Courtney family saga, Monsoon covers Hal Courtney and his sons efforts to end the scourge of piracy plaguing the East India Company, and their inexorable, inevitable removal from an England too small and too meager to hold the family s talents, abilities, and personalities, to a colonial future in the Cape Colony.The multipolar world of southern and eastern Africa, its long established power dynamics, and the astounding riches of Indi [...]

    3. That was one hell of a novel I just finished reading I read at quite a good pace of 100 150 pages daily It was like the longest movie I had ever seen Now I have a really fresh vocabulary related to ship, pirates and voyage I felt like I am too voyaging with them while reading word to word which was so eloquently presented It was enchanting to read how it started, how they fought, killed, died and finally united And also wonderful description of love intermittently throughout the novel made it c [...]

    4. Action packed, continous flow Hal Courtney and his close family are at it again Real life drama with a twist Just as I thought, this is the best Wilbur Smith novel by far He knows how to keep you in suspense while the plot unfolds I would have love to live my life as Tom Courtney, it must have been amazing This book keeps you in suspense till the last page Well deserved 5 stars

    5. Smith continues the final collection of Courtney novels, developing some of the early ancestry of the family he has made famous in nine previous novels The novel opens with an adult Hal Courtney, who has taken up a life as a farmer in rural England Courtney has four sons from a few marriages William, twins Tom and Guy, as well as Dorian These boys have their own quirky characteristics, which are exemplified throughout the novel When the English summon Hal to take up a nautical voyage to contest [...]

    6. I did not realise this was a sequel to Birds of Prey, but none the less it was an excellent read Could hardly put this book down Fortunately there were enough pages for it not to be a weekend book The plot was brilliant and as a book seriously well researched and written Even just on its own this book is worth reading even if you haven t read Birds of Prey yet.Wilbur Smith is one of my favourite writers in general, despite his books always having Africa and history as the central themes and me n [...]

    7. I feel like I should be recommending an author insted of a book Would save time Anything Wilbur writes is factastic Much fun If you like far off places, much adventure, hero s and beautiful damsels, he is your author Even in these times, some things don t change.

    8. Another epic tale from Smith This is the followup novel to Birds of Prey which I read a couple of years ago It is also the second chronologically in the Courtney s of Africa saga by Smith I really enjoyed this swashbuckling story of Hal Courtney, the hero of Birds of Prey, and his progeny This novel takes place in the 1690 sabout thirty years after the end of Prey Hal Courtney is called by the king to rid the African east coast of a deadly Arab pirate who has captured several English ships His s [...]

    9. What a phenomenal book Absolutely loved the story and at 800 plus pages I was hoping it could keep going I think men would prefer the book ships, fighting, pirates, women, huntingl that fun stuff Of course the Muslims were the bad guys still a great story I ve read quite a few books by Smith, this must be my favorite not even giving away my copyhaha

    10. So this book was recommended by a friend and I judged the book by its cover.did mot think I d like it Holly golf balls I loved it I needed a 20 minute reflection after this as it was an emotion journey.

    11. The book opens at the end of the 17th century with teenage Tom Courtney up to mischief, sneaking into the chapel of his father s great estate with his twin brother Guy to meet with a serving girl for sex, making his half brother Dorian look out Dorian sounds the alarm as their older brother, the brutal William, approaches and they all flee Tom and Dorian are caught by William and Dorian is only saved from being strangled by his father Hal, a powerful man who has built up his massive estate throu [...]

    12. I love Wilbur Smith s adventure stories It s like watching an Errol Flynn movie and 960 pages just fly on by The Courtney family saga hooks you in Unfortunately, the first book I read was a later one in the series, so now I must backtrack I ordered the old ones so stay tuned for reviews of them later.Like my own family, there is enmity between the Courtney brothers One brother is kidnapped and raised as a Muslim We learn some of the s and attitudes of Muslim behavior Two favorite characters leav [...]

    13. Wilbur Smith fascinates me His knowledge of the African continent and affinity with the sea help bring his stories to life He s graphic in his descriptions so if you have a faint heart, you might not want to read the often gory and brutal details that often accompany his tales On the other hand, his explicit renderings of pillaging, raping, and mutilating that unfold in the majority of his books are filled with details and insights that make his imagery captivating.He also weaves a full tale of [...]

    14. This book continues the tale begun in Birds Of Prey Smith is the greatest adventure writer ever He takes you to a world that is totally believable and has a talent for putting his characters in cliffhanging situations without making them seem contrived The hero overcomes all obstacles and gets the girl in the end, but you know that as soon as you pick the book up Who cares This is another of those books where you want to go hang out with the characters for a while and the only disappointment is [...]

    15. Wilbur Smith returns to form with this novel, the second one of the seafaring Courtney series The usual sweeping story, taking the diverse and conflicting cultures of the times Excellent escapist adventures, plus the odd beautiful woman along the way Great stuff.

    16. Musonul m a speriat ini ial cu ntinderea sa pe sute de pagini ca n final s vreau mai mult Wilbur Smith i poart pa ii n aventuri de neuitat, al turi de personaje magnifice de care s te ndr goste ti i c rora s le urm re ti fiecare mi care n tot vacarmul de evenimente i aventuri aten ia mi a fost ndreptat constant spre Dorian Am sim it c a fost singurul membru al familiei Courtney care i a p strat identitatea i integritatea moral n ciuda faptului c s a aflat printre str ini a p strat din inocen a a [...]

    17. This was a throughly enjoyable read It continues the story started in Birds of Prey And now we have the transition from one generation to another, from Henry Courtney to his sons William, Tom, Guy and Dorian It is mostly about how the sons grow up and make their way in the world Some turn out well, others, less so There is plenty of sailing and pirate action to accompany this So hold onto your hats if you decide to read it.

    18. Pirates and privateers What s not to love A little long and Smith is prone to clich s and descriptions that don t always make sense Plus talk about a book full of caricatures Everyone is perfectly flawless and the best at whatever they do, from the stone mason to the heroes Even the bad guys were all perfectly awful in their badness, with no redeeming characteristics whatsoever It got a little tiresome and oddly predictable in places.

    19. There is a review on the back of this book that simply reads, let yourself be blown away by the hurricane of storytelling that is monsoon.A fantastic reading experience.It says it all.An outstanding novel from a writer at the top of his game.

    20. Magnificent as everNo words needed or competent to praise this book and yhis author For authentic adventure just click your buy button

    21. At the dusk of the Seventeenth Century, England and Holland were both vying for position in the east The English East Indian Trading Company and the Dutch United East Indian Company Vereenigde Oost Indische Compagnie or VOC , were stiff, protective, and bitter competitors Since Prince Willem II took over the English throne, making him the Stadhouder of Holland, Prince of Orange, and King William III, King of England and Ireland, the two trading interests found a way to coexist in this new and al [...]

    22. I did not enjoy this book It is a lengthy good that spans a huge stretch of the world but the characters are narrow and flat This is the first book in this series that I have read I think it stands on its own just fine The author goes to some lengths to highlight the connections between previous novels I will say that it is pretty obvious where future books will build from The novel primarily focuses on the eastern shores of Africa in the 17th century The main characters are Englishmen participa [...]

    23. I recently read that ABC has purchased the rights to three of Wilbur Smiths books to make a mini series The three books were Birds of Prey , Monsoon , and Blue Horizon I had read and enjoyed Birds of Prey several years ago, so I figured I should go ahead and read the other two.I was surprised to see how much I enjoyed Monsoon In fact, to save time, I m recommending my brother skip the first book, Birds of Prey , and go right to Monsoon any necessary background is given at the appropriate time an [...]

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