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Enigma By Clive Cussler Roberta Rambelli,

  • Title: Enigma
  • Author: Clive Cussler Roberta Rambelli
  • ISBN: 9788878197664
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sulla tranquilla isola greca di Taso si trova la sonnolenta base militare di Brady Field Ma un giorno la vita monotona e pigra che vi si svolge turbata da un improvvisa quanto disorientante incursione aerea un caccia del tipo usato nella seconda guerra mondiale si materializza nel cielo e investe Brady Field con un torrente di fuoco L obiettivo dell incursione apparSulla tranquilla isola greca di Taso si trova la sonnolenta base militare di Brady Field Ma un giorno la vita monotona e pigra che vi si svolge turbata da un improvvisa quanto disorientante incursione aerea un caccia del tipo usato nella seconda guerra mondiale si materializza nel cielo e investe Brady Field con un torrente di fuoco L obiettivo dell incursione appare a poco a poco evidente impedire le ricerche sul misterioso pesce Enigma, straordinario esempio di fossile vivente Chi meglio di Dirk Pitt potrebbe gettare luce sulla vicenda
    Enigma Sulla tranquilla isola greca di Taso si trova la sonnolenta base militare di Brady Field Ma un giorno la vita monotona e pigra che vi si svolge turbata da un improvvisa quanto disorientante incursione

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    1. Fuck this book with a spiked baseball bat soaked in concentrated lime juice.Our hero Dirk Pitt slaps a crying woman because she s still sad over the death of her husband He then proceeds to tell this thirty year old woman that someone should have bent her over their knee and spanked the grief out of her long ago And then they have sex To recap the order of events Slaps her Says she deserves to be treated like a child Fucks her.All this within six minutes of meeting this woman.34 pages in and I m [...]

    2. This was my first foray into this adventure kind of novel At least I think that s what it was It was ok, but pretty mindless entertainment I feel like I just ate an entire bag of chips or something completely empty of nutritional value It had its exciting, action filled moments, but the characters I had some problems with their lack of depth and the outright sexism really bothered me I suppose I ve been lucky not to read anything before that this blatantly objectifies females, and even lucky no [...]

    3. Un librito de aventuras que se ha dejado leer, pero no me ha entusiasmado El h roe de la novela, el mayor Dirk Pitt, resulta plano, unidimensional un macho de otros tiempos que lo tiene f cil para seducir a las hero nas y que sale triunfante de sus dif ciles peripecias De los libros de Clive Cussler que he le do, me resultaron m s entretenidas otras dos lecturas Sahara y Muerte blanca.Peligro en el Mediterr neo fue uno de los primeros de la serie de Dirk Pitt, que se puede leer de forma independ [...]

    4. A flashy, invigorating and imaginative thriller, The Mediterranean Caper is an incredible, vivid story with great characters and a totally unique plot.

    5. A cover blurb on another Dirk Pitt novel compares the hero of Clive Cussler s novels to James Bond The comparison is an apt one, especially when it comes to the first two novels in the series The The Mediterranean Caper Dirk Pitt 2 and Iceberg Dirk Pitt 3.In the same way that Fleming used Bond as a way to comment on the ways in which masculinity could and should be defined, Cussler defines what is masculine through the opinions, actions and attitudes of one Dirk Pitt For example, in Caper, Pitt [...]

    6. I don t mind some objectionable items but mistreatment of women is one thing I can t abide Thankfully there was only a small amount of this at the beginning I am at a loss as to why authors feel that a misogynistic attitude is a must in action books Dirk Pitt is a dick This shows in his cavalier and demeaning attitude toward women and in his over the top arrogance The book was long on action and short on believable plot Needless to say, Dirk Pitt rises up and saves the day I am not sure I will r [...]

    7. I was having a conversation with my dad the other day about the first serious book I read You know, that moment when you graduate from The Famous Five into adult fiction I racked my brains and came to the conclusion that it was Mr Cussler that first welcomed me, at the tender age of eleven, into the wonderful, and often mystical, world of adult fiction So coming back to this book is sentimental for me I have a lot of fond memories of the Dirk Pitt novels, not in the least because they got me th [...]

    8. I am openly admitting that I am violating some rule by reviewing this book because I did not finish it I read 150 pages of this nonsense before giving up I purchased it because Clive Cussler is on every bookshelf of every book retailer in the country and I guess I was curious Here s a few reasons why I could not stand this drivel This book contains a recurring character in Cussler s work named Dirk Pitt, which is a name so contrived I can t believe a human being let it escape his thought bank an [...]

    9. NUMA undertakes an expedition in Mediterranean sea in search for a fish which could link to the evolution of mammals and also believed to be an extinct species 200 hundred millions year ago The expedition was sabotaged, our hero Dirk Pitt is sent to investigate A World War I biplane attacks the nearby Brady airfield, Pitt cleverly completes the puzzle thrown by his adversary through his wit and dare devilry.A lot of unexpected twist in the story, three characters one is Bruno von Till who is bel [...]

    10. I did not read this entire book I wanted to like it because I love the concept of Dirk Pitt, but I can t get past his view of women As early as page 27 of the book, Dirk gets angry because a woman has had the audacity to still be in mourning over a husband that died 9 years previously For this crime, he slaps her When she asks him why he hit her, he responds with the following Because you needed it, needed it badly, he snapped That torch you carry around is as worn out as an overcoat I m surpris [...]

    11. Clive Cussler s The Mediterranean Caper starts out just as Major Dirk Pitt arrives on an island near Greece to investigate a series of mishaps on a science vessel looking for a rare fish The arrival coincides with the attack of an old World War I war plane attacking an US Air Force air field Dirk Pitt can drive the old war plane off with his own non combat plane, but is now drawn into a strange fight seemingly about fish.The second book in the Dirk Pitt series keeps up the story of the James Bon [...]

    12. This was my 2nd Dirk Pitt book Dragon was my first that I picked up after realizing that the BF owned enough of the series that I could read it in some semblance of order Though I know it doesn t make a huge deal of difference with these novels, I still did find it enjoyable to start at least close to the beginning.These are a mix of what I like to call my Guilty Pleasures and something substantial, as even though they are easy reads, they have enough accurate and new information that I do act [...]

    13. 2 stars Not for me, but it might be good for teen boys and adults in that kind of moodORY BRIEF A group of scientists are looking for a fish that may exist in the Mediterranean Sea They thought it was extinct Someone is sabotaging things Dirk Pitt is assigned to help them Some bad guys are nearby doing bad thingsVIEWER S OPINION I enjoyed the Lee Child books about Jack Reacher, and I thought this author might be similar Although I ve compared Jack to a comic book hero, I find Dirk is much of a [...]

    14. Don t waste your time reading this one The plot is fine, typical beach reading, but There s fine line between machismo and misogynistic kak, and this particular book crosses it It s the difference between a dog pissing to mark his territory, and a dog pissing on you to mark his territory I like Cussler s stuff, but if I d started with this one I would have developed a permanent sour opinion for him Thank God it dawned on him that women can read too, and changed a few things later in the series.

    15. Second Dirk Pitt and same old story Baddie with underwater secret hideaway and a hero who slaps women and thinks that is cool I am told that the early books lead to a great series Not convinced yet.

    16. The first six Dirk Pitt books filled some lonely hours for me between the ages of 14 and 16, when I was in a Christian boarding school and bored out of my mind for long stretches at a time They were fast, fun and forgettable, well suited to whiling away long nights and eternal weekends I picked them up again for the first time in nearly 30 years, wondering if they still held up for me The answer is no, but is that because my reading tastes have evolved in my mid forties, or is it because Clive C [...]

    17. Clive Cussler books fall into the category I like to call Brain Candy completely entertaining and teaches me something completely new If you ve seen the movie Sahara, then you re already familiar with these characters I LOVE that movie and was happily surprised to realize it was a book in a very extensive series.Dirk Pitt and Al Giardino work for the National Underwater Marine Agency and have been sidekicks since their much younger days The interplay and banter between the two is entertaining an [...]

    18. Damn I just love Dirk Pitt He s not a hottie, heck according to Cussler, he s not even handsome regardless, he always gets the girl He s just like MacGiver, from that old TV show Give him a toothpick and a high heeled shoe and he can get out of any death defying scrape imaginable Dirk is quick on his feet and even though he always gets caught, his unconventional tactics will amaze you This time he and Al Gordino are sent in to Greece to help one of NUMA s research vessels that have been sabotage [...]

    19. Den h r boken vacklar mellan att vara s d lig att det r underh llande och att bara vara medioker.Fr n det verf r lskade s ttet f rfattaren gillar att beskriva huvudpersonens manlighet, till att beskriva all typ av milit r h rdvara med samma f rtjusning och till det rent skrattretande s ttet som kvinnor portr tteras s finns det bara en beskrivning som passar in gubbporrn den var lite intressant i slutet.Otroligt f nig.Men stundtals underh llande.0 10, Helt okej bok.

    20. I originally read The Mediterranean Caper under the title Mayday and to be honest the word Caper should not be used in anything but a spoof, of course many would say the adventures of Dirk Pitt are firmly tongue in cheek In this novel Dirk and Al come to the rescue of a US Airforce base under attack from what looks like a WW1 biplane, after fending off the attack with their own PBY they find themselves knee deep in a smuggling operation that has been ongoing for decades Caught between the US Fed [...]

    21. Somehow, Cussler s idea that we should have a nautical American James Bond is so crazy that it just works.

    22. I really enjoyed Deep Fathom, but this book I found so boring I thought the way that Teri is written in and how he acts towards her in the start is pretty funny, but the storyline just couldn t keep me interested.

    23. Questo libro ha seriamente rischiato di beccarsi due stelline, o addirittura una, ma riuscito a scamparla salvandosi verso la fine, diciamo dalla met in poi del libro Avendo cominciato a leggere le avventure di Dirk Pitt partendo da uno dei libri a met nella serie per la precisione con Alta marea e buttandomi solo pi tardi nella lettura delle prime pubblicazioni, ho avuto modo di apprezzare particolarmente l evoluzione sia della trama che dei personaggi nel passare degli anni All autore una nota [...]

    24. A perfect book for those who love adventures, in a dangerous way And the ones who love about ocean and the machines running on water should read this book A good climax The book is somewhat predictable at some points, but it does not have a great effect overall.

    25. The one that started it alle first published second written adventure of Dirk Pitt and the National Underwater and Marine Agency NUMA is well worth picking up as the story contains all the hallmarks Cussler established and has used for Pitt and his crew ever since including a great plot and subplots , characters you love and hate, and high quality action that keeps you turning pages.As a note, this Pitt story does not begin with an historical prologue that later ties into Pitt s adventure Howeve [...]

    26. It s hard to believe, but Clive Cussler has been active for over forty years, writing about Dirk Pitt, Al Giordino, Admiral Sandecker and others for the most part.It has been described elsewhere that Dirk Pitt is part James Bond and part Jacques Cousteau, and I think that is an apt analysis like Bond he invariably is able to escape scrapes that a thousand lesser men would be unable to do, is slightly on the naughty side and for the most part doesn t age Like Cousteau he has an undying love for a [...]

    27. This is another series that I haven t read in order but I am now making an effort to go back and fill in some holes Some say this is the 1st Dirk Pitt novel, and I believe it was the first one published 1973 while others say it s the second Regardless, it is an early version of Dirk Pitt that is quite a bit rougher around the edges than the one I know better from later books in the series There was even one early scene where Dirk s actions rather turned me off even given the time period when it [...]

    28. Es el Cussler m s cl sico quienquiera lo reconocer a en una cata literaria a ciegas.Replica en esta entrega de Dirk Pitt su f rmula vencedora el joven arist crata adicto a la adrenalina que va por el mundo sacando las casta as del fuego a las fuerzas armadas americanas, seduciendo alguna que otra modelo entre tanto Una incre ble perspicacia, una pericia con las armas tambi n fuera de lo com n y, marca Pitt, un sex appeal aturdidor le ayudan a cumplir con su cometido Como ya dicho en otras rese a [...]

    29. I read the first ten Fleming Bond books last year, and it seems to me Cussler was trying here to emulate Fleming Bond The result is disastrous Dirk Pitt is a sexist, racist jerk and the plot is just lame Comparatively, James Bond is a gentleman and a fine humanitarian I ve read a number of Clive Cussler s books Sahara and Treasure are very good imo and thought I d go back to this one, his first published work Apparently the first book he actually wrote was Pacific Vortex , but my guess is it was [...]

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