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Diari By Keith Haring David Hockney Robert Farris Thompson Giovanna Amadasi Giuliana Picco,

  • Title: Diari
  • Author: Keith Haring David Hockney Robert Farris Thompson Giovanna Amadasi Giuliana Picco
  • ISBN: 9788804491200
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
  • La sua arte spontanea stata apprezzata dalla critica internazionale Le sue creazioni, dagli uomini radianti ai cani che abbaiano , sono entrate nell immaginario collettivo e si ritrovano ovunque, dalle tazzine da caff alla pubblicit Ma Keith Haring non solo un ingenuo graffitista, e lo dimostrano i suoi diari, scritti dall adolescenza fino a un mese prima che l La sua arte spontanea stata apprezzata dalla critica internazionale Le sue creazioni, dagli uomini radianti ai cani che abbaiano , sono entrate nell immaginario collettivo e si ritrovano ovunque, dalle tazzine da caff alla pubblicit Ma Keith Haring non solo un ingenuo graffitista, e lo dimostrano i suoi diari, scritti dall adolescenza fino a un mese prima che l AIDS lo stroncasse, nel 1990 Corredate da numerosi disegni, queste pagine raccontano con toccante spontaneit l evoluzione artistica e personale di Haring, dalle prime esposizioni fino alla definitiva consacrazione nei musei pi importanti del mondo, regalandoci un vibrante affresco del clima culturale dell East Village degli anni Ottanta.
    Diari La sua arte spontanea stata apprezzata dalla critica internazionale Le sue creazioni dagli uomini radianti ai cani che abbaiano sono entrate nell immaginario collettivo e si ritrovano ovunque dall

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    1. This was depressing than anything It starts out the story of a guy who is totally committed to coming up with neat interesting artistic concepts, he starts out with his art school ideals writing in such a lovely way about how he does his work and you really watch Haring begin to grow as an artist across each page The first part of the books is awesome.I would recommend skipping the second half entirely though It jumps abruptly from Harings neat musings on art and aesthetics and his current show [...]

    2. Keith Haring s images are some of the earliest I remember I can still see his drawings in my mind, animated, accompanied by the goofiest songs on Sesame Street The I learn about his life the and respect I gain for him His pieces, like himself, are at once reserved and saturated with emotion a king of permanent Interrobang Introspection, and his journal is perhaps all of that in a raw form.A journal is what it is In some places this book leaves a little to be desired, I find myself skimming a [...]

    3. etla jsem v ukraden ch chvilk ch, dlouhodob , na t st u den k to tolik nevad a u toho Haringova asi je t m n Je to soubor my lenek, postoj , k tomu cestov n po sv t , setk v n se se zn m mi i zn m j mi , popisy tvorby jeho d l Jsou to kousky jeho ivota kter byl ale tak kr tk M m r da tvorbu Keitha Haringa a jeho den ky byly k n zaj mav m dopl kem Byl mnohdy nad asov mysl c a i kdy s m tu il, e zem e mlad a to je t d v, ne onemocn l AIDS , nebylo by v bec patn , kdyby tu pobyl d le A v c toho nap [...]

    4. It took me over a year to read this book It may have been due in part to the fact that I knew that Haring would inevitably die an early heart breaking death I first found this book in Ara G ler s caf in Istanbul back in 2008 I sat at the small table pouring over the journals and knew I had to order it when I got back to the states These journals start in 1977 when Haring is a teenager living in Pennsylvania hitch hiking and busing around the country attending Grateful Dead shows, visiting Disney [...]

    5. This was really a really interesting memoir diary in that it covered such a large period of time over a person s life, from when he was in University right up until his death Not only do you learn a lot about Haring himself, but about the time period that he lived in through his political and social engagements There is a lot in the book about the politics of art, particularly of Pop Art and how it is viewed by the rest of the art community Towards the latter half of the book it goes into the AI [...]

    6. Keith Haring s Journals give a good account of the events in his life and his reactions to the world around him This is a close look at 1980 s and the art scene of the times His point of view on Warhol s work is enlightening as well as his point of view on street and museum art He reviews the art and party scene of NYC, questions the validity of his own work, his place in history, the business of the Art world, AIDS, his mortality, his legacy, etc, etcKH was a Peter Pan who could write about a v [...]

    7. A heartbreaking work of genius What a gifted artist and better at words then one would expect The early parts where he s working out his artistic philosophy gives you great insight into his process and deeper understanding of where he saw his art in the spectrum of history Then his drive to create despite his looming death is riviting and leaves you to wonder what he would have done with a full lifetime Might he have surpassed Picasso or Warhol I guess we must be happy he was able to create the [...]

    8. I love him so reading his journals was a must Oh boy, I loved it even than I was expecting A must read book for art lovers in general, not just Keith Haring fans I love his reflections on life and art and the view of NY society in 1980 90, specially in LGBT and AIDS awareness The part where it ends out of nowhere and then you read he dies no spoilers there, right it s chilling Always freaks me out to read such stuff.

    9. Conosco e inseguo da tempo le opere di KH, ma non conoscevo pressoch nulla della sua vita Sono i suoi diari, come li ha scritti lui, con salti, dimenticanze, momenti intensissimi, di vita privata che non ha nulla a che vedere con l arte, in mezzo a spiegazioni a se stesso del perch dei suoi dipinti bookcrossing journal 1292528

    10. I enjoyed reading the Keith Haring Journals, I remember seeing his drawings in the subway in NYC back in the early 80s and wondering about them, then he hit the big time and everyone knew who he was It was a great read to bring me back to my NYC days, to read about his mentoring connection with Andy Warhol and his grief at such a big loss, to the days when people were dying of AIDS, and to read his process commentary on his artwork He lived a short intense life and was a passionate artist, that [...]

    11. Keith Haring shares himself with his audience in such a beautiful way His writing makes feel like I knew him myself, then sad because I never will His language is not the most flowery, but his words are deeply profound This book means the world to me His art will never be the same for me again.

    12. p22 November 12, 1978 Drawing pictures in the snow is the most perfect example of my attempts to create a perfect form Inevitably the snow is in constant change There is no way to control its permanency or its form Drawing in the snow is like trying to paint a picture that will record specific thoughts at a specific time You draw fast and you are always aware that you are creating something very temporary, very auto destructive, very instant It goes quickly and there is not time to worry about i [...]

    13. Incredible, fun, and at times quite saddening Learning about Haring is learning what a fully realized life looks like, even if efficiently lived.

    14. 3.5 stars Keith Haring is an artist I really respect I loved reading about his life and his vision of art and the world

    15. Thoughtful, full of insight, and at the end, poignant I have always loved the art and now I have a deeper understanding of the man who created it.

    16. Following in the footsteps of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring along with Basquiat and others was part of the new wave of pop artists in the 80 s that blossomed and died in the very same decade His unique trademark of artwork made him internationally famous and his style became nearly ubiquitous in the late 80s and early 90 s I think everyone s parents had a copy of the A Very Special Christmas CD with his baby artwork on it He tragically lost his life when he was only 32 as a victim of the AIDS epidem [...]

    17. mi ha coinvolto profondamente per diversi motivi.I diari sono abbastanza discontinui negli anni dalla fine degli anni 70 al 90 ma danno una visione del processo creativo dell artista, della sua ricerca iniziale, della sua determinazione e anche della sua onest nonch dei dubbi che l enorme popolarit raggiunta gli procurava questo in particolare pu sembrare contaddittorio il segno di haring come un marchio di fabbrica, un segno ripetuto quasi sempre uguale a se stesso, diventato distintivo, maglie [...]

    18. A nice chunk of the book is devoted to his student years The only frustrating thing is that the years of his leap to fame are not there He is not famous, then he is There is some reflection on the phenomenon, but not much His ideas on art uniting people and issues of high and low culture are best from him and no one else Artists generally know best A nice surprise was his interest in Robert Henri, who I also adored while in art school Anyone who is a student majoring in the fine arts needs to re [...]

    19. Both heartbreaking and incredibly fascinating It was wonderful to have a peek inside the mind of such a brilliant artist and watch his creative process happen Keith Haring was a remarkably astute artist and was at such a peak in his career when he died As others have said about this book, you know it is going to happen, which makes the lead up to his final years so hard to watch That said, his outlook on life, survival and art made this a great read.

    20. I loved this It gives a fascinating insight into the work process and artistic goals of KH, one of the most important artists and cultural icons of my lifetime The reader gets a real sense of Haring as a man and an artist Somehow, seeing how much he packed into his tragically short life made me feel less devastated that he is no longer with us The world is far, far richer for even the scant three decades we had him for RIP KH.

    21. I ve always loved Keith Haring art to the point I did a hallowe en costume based on his art this year.It was really nice to be able to see the world the way he did.I also read Keith Haring The Authorized Biography by John Gruen this month, and I really think it was a good pairing I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn about Keith s life to read both books.

    22. It s hard to critique a book like this because it is the man s journal Who am I to judge While it can be interesting at times to see where Haring s art is taking him in the world and what his general life is like, for those of you interested in learning about the man and his life , a strict biography would be a better reference.

    23. I would have liked to meet Keith Haring in person I strongly believe that you can t understand his work until you read his journals He was unbelievably talented, passionate and sensitive This book talks about life, war, technology, sex, in a language everyone understands which is very similar to his paintings.

    24. After finishing the book today I can really tell I miss Keith already Reading his journals was like spending with him every day for a month and getting to know him during that time Like a friend Although I didn t like his work before, the journals helped me to find my way to it because hey, a person who is that nice and wonders about art like he did simply cannot create something bad, right

    25. I m really picky about the books I take on airplanes They need to keep me engaged all day, even when I m tired and there are a million distracting things going on around me I bought this book in Iowa to take with me on the plane to San Francisco I m really enjoying it I love his art.

    26. Keith Haring was a brilliant artist working in the public sector, who believed art belonged in the public sector, not in private galleries and museums His journals chronicle his evolving philosophy of what it means to be an artist and the role of art in the world.

    27. You ve seen this man s work everywhere And lucky for him he hails from Allentown, PA A not so well written chronicle of his travels to and fro America via Europe and the people he meets i.e Andy Warhol and co , the drugs he takes, and the boys he falls in love with.

    28. Great look at Keith Haring s graffiti art and his psyche through his drawings and doodlings and notes Like the Edie book, a splice of New York city too, this time, the early 80s and AIDS emergence Many great photos and prints included.

    29. What an inspiring read There was writing about art process than I expected, and it really motivated and inspired me as an artist This book had me sketching every time I read it Can t recommend enough.

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