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L'uccello del sole By Wilbur Smith,

  • Title: L'uccello del sole
  • Author: Wilbur Smith
  • ISBN: 9788878193475
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • L archeologo Ben Kazin vicino alla scoperta della sua vita ha trovato nel Botswana una debole traccia di Opet, la mitica Citt della Luna , centro di una grande civilt africana scomparsa nel nulla Tra scavi e inseguimenti, dirottamenti e cacce grosse, la traccia a mano a mano prende corpo, bench tutto sia stato predisposto affinch di Opet ne venisse cancellato persL archeologo Ben Kazin vicino alla scoperta della sua vita ha trovato nel Botswana una debole traccia di Opet, la mitica Citt della Luna , centro di una grande civilt africana scomparsa nel nulla Tra scavi e inseguimenti, dirottamenti e cacce grosse, la traccia a mano a mano prende corpo, bench tutto sia stato predisposto affinch di Opet ne venisse cancellato persino il ricordo Quale segreto si nasconde sotto i resti della Citt della Luna Quale legame ci pu essere tra Ben, che i boscimani chiamano Piccolo uccello del Sole , e il sacerdote Huy Ben Amon, il Grande uccello del Sole
    L uccello del sole L archeologo Ben Kazin vicino alla scoperta della sua vita ha trovato nel Botswana una debole traccia di Opet la mitica Citt della Luna centro di una grande civilt africana scomparsa nel nulla Tra

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    1. The first half is an interesting archeological boy s own romp and on its own would have been a 3 5 However it s the second half that raises this book to greatness Ben Huy Amon is a fantastic creation and the secret history of an empire that unfolds is do vivid detailed and ultimately heart breaking that it made this book a classic in my eyes It s themes mirror real life the invasion of the White man and enslavement of the African indigenous tribes, but the twist in the tail and revenge that foll [...]

    2. Easily one of the best books I have ever read Smith weaves a masterful tale of love, betrayal and adventure in this stand alone novel This was the second of his books I tried after River God I admit I was apprehensive, believing that nothing could surpass that amazing book but, while I wouldn t say this is better, I would say its on par Oh, I ll also add that I have read this book three times I don t normally go back and re read so let that tell you something if nothing else does.One of the elem [...]

    3. Had I stopped at Part 1 I probably would have rated this one star The story in Part 2 was much compelling to me, and the characters and their motivations were much interestingI enjoyed understanding how what was found by the archaeologists in Part 1 came to be I did not enjoy the prolonged hunting scenes and love scenes Just a lot of overwrought bad writing there and I don t enjoy hunting Everything in Part 1 made sense in light of Part 2 except the actions of the Sally Tanith character Sally [...]

    4. A hazy aerial photograph and a sinister curse known only to the Africans and Dr Benjamin Kazin stumbles on the archaeological discovery of a lifetimeFor nearly two thousand years, a brilliant and unknown ancient civilisation has remained buried in southern Africa Now at last the red cliffs ofBotswana seem about to yield their secret.Under the lavish patronage of his old friend and mentor Lauren Sturvesant, head of one of the richest companies in the world, Ben and his green eyed assistant Sally [...]

    5. Although it starts off rather slow, there are enough hints along the way that tease you to follow along and if you do you re in for a great read First off, the character death in part one was most unexpected At that point I thought of giving up on the book entirely Wilbur Smith weaves a tale of life and love and betrayal that takes you along on a journey back in time The part II was such a gripping tale too every bit as entertaining as the first Some elements of the books i could not come to ter [...]

    6. Not my favorite Wilbur Monsoon but still plenty of action, adventure, and faraway places I d very likely have given it a full five if Wretched Sally had died some sort of spectacular African death.

    7. I ve been reading Wilbur Smith s novels in chronological order, and I ve now reached the mid 1970s THE SUNBIRD marks the author s first attempt to do something different this is actually two novels in one, linked via parallel themes and characters.The first part of the book sees the author in familiar territory his hero is a hunchbacked archaeologist and the story is his search for a lost Phoenician kingdom in the deserts of southern Africa This part of the book is superb it makes archaeology se [...]

    8. Eccezion fatta per la saga egiziana di Taita, la prima volta che leggo un qualche libro di Wilbur Smith e devo ammettere che questo davvero fantastico e letteralmente diviso in due parti e il bello e che ciascuna di esse, pur essendo met lavoro, intrecciata con l altra ma pu essere letta indipendentemente Tanto per farvi capire un po , nella prima parte faccio un riepilogo veloce in modo da non rovinarvi la lettura ed il finale un famoso archeologo nano e storpio parte, nonostante il parere cont [...]

    9. This seems like a dry run for what Smith later did with the Egyptian historical novel River God and the contemporary African archaeological thriller The Seventh Scroll , but the unexplored conceit of two stories in the same place with a similar dramatis personnae separated by 1800 years is clumsy to say the least It s not helped by the fact that I found all the key characters to be highly unappealing, casual sexism and racism pervades the book which may have fitted the historical context of the [...]

    10. For book number 400 I had to make it a Wilbur It s told from two different perspectives from the point of view of those who once lived at the ancient site and those who discovered the site centuries later I think I was interested in Part II of the book than in the beginning Although, there were moments in the beginning I loved It s a typical Wilbur book, but it s set up like The Angels Weep with the time difference between the two sections BTWe end and Sally Grrrr That s all I m going to say.

    11. This was the second Wilbur Smith novel I read and still in my view his best The two parallel stories thousands of year s apart work perfectly The characters are so well drawn you live with them well after finishing the novel Dr Ben Kazin was for the time this book was written such an unusual and striking character you willed him on for success in love and as an archaeologist, the same goes for his parallel character Huy in the second half of the novel.With rereading I ve worn out my hardcopy ove [...]

    12. You re right, Emily, the cover on the version of this book you lent me is totally stupid has nothing to do with the bookbut, it was a great book I was totally stumped halfway through when Ben and Louren got to the vault and the twist the book took was totally unexpected so interesting Thanks

    13. Read almost every Wilbur Smith book and this one is my favorite, after monsoon and birds of prey and the Egypt series and

    14. There are very few books that leave me wanting to quit midway, to scream and amazed and also push me into the depth of depression because its over The Sunbird, suggested by my best friend years ago, is one of those very few books I have no idea why it remained lost on my shelf for so long.The first half is an interesting story of the archaeological discovery made in Africa An ancient city All the drama and the adventure involved till the ancient, once prosperous city is unearthed We are left to [...]

    15. I absolutely loved this book first of all because it dealt with the idea of reincarnation which is a concept I find very thought provoking and history archaeology always interesting themes for a story The novel I think, deviates tremendously in some ways from other themes of this author in his other books, however an engaging writing style that kept me captivated from beginning to end I think readers familiar with other books by this writer will be pleasantly surprised with this one.

    16. Loved it I used to read a lot of Wilbur Smith in my teens, and I thought I knew all his early work, so finding this which was apparently one of his favorites was a complete surprise The influence of Rider Haggard is clear, and it showcases his ability to write modern adventures as well as historical ones.

    17. Careful with that Axe ,Eugene.An Archaeological mystery adventure plays out in two very different time periods, in present day 1960 s and in the ancient past of Africa Parallels exist between past and present

    18. Set in Wilbur Smith s usual haunts of southern Africa and full of great detail this has characters mapping across two time periods but I felt it just didn t have me hooked as pretty much every other Wilbur Smith book I have read has done.

    19. Just finished.A fine read Well plotted and written I have this book in paperback, but like the kindle edition, will probably read again.

    20. I really enjoyed how this was written, it was really cool The past presentness the curse of repeating historyry interesting.

    21. A little bit of this and that Boring to begin with, the whole Benjamin Sally Louren Hillary tangle gets a bit longwinded A bit fun and up beat when the time changes, and we re introduced to Huy, Tanit and Lannon instead However, this is not as good as the Taita books.

    22. This is the very first novel i read.It is a classic book which describes about love, friendship and much .

    23. I ve read this book many times, and surely will read it again However, I have had to drop a star It could be the world that s changed, or me, or both.So, the story starts in 1970 s Southern Africa, present day at the time of writing, and covers the discovery of a lost civilisation of, you ve guessed it, white settlers who whopped the natives for hundreds of years before disappearing The second act takes the reader back in time to that civilisation, where the present day characters are super impo [...]

    24. This book took me 5 days to read It s probably the longest a book has ever taken me and it was only 538 pages long Although the book was imaginative, well written and had me wanting for , I just couldn t get into it Around 100 pages in I managed to find things that hooked me, but then the descriptions of others left me wanting This book has made me view society with a cynical eye, however it also has reawakened the passion I have for archeology It had a few typos and grammatical mistakes Nothin [...]

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